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Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

by Feinne

Part 4: I'm a Ninja! Nin nin!

Chapter 3: I'm a Ninja! Nin nin!

Last time on Disgaea, we broke into some loser's house, robbed the place, and kicked him to the curb. We also finished Episode 1: Prince of the Netherworld. So let's move on to Episode 2. There's not much to say here for a while, the Episode begins with a lengthy cutscene.

Celestia - a world where beings known as angels live.
The Netherworld, Celestia, and the human world...
Legend has it that these worlds are connected
This is one of such nexuses, between the Netherworld and Celestia.
However, it is sealed by a gate constructed by the angels of ancient times...

*giggle* I love these flowers.
They are simple, yet so bright and lively...
I want to be like these flowers...
...Flonne, listen carefully to what I have to say.
As Seraph, I have orders for you, Angel Trainee Flonne.

And so begins Episode 2: Enter Flonne

So, we cut now to the Overlord's Castle, exterior.

Master Vulcanus would have been a much better choice...
Not only that, but an assassination... What is the Seraph thinking?

What indeed Flonne, what indeed? Meanwhile, back in Celestia...

Who cares about the birds... I have an important question!
Is it true that you sent Flonne to assassinate King Krichevskoy!?
Yes, it is true.
Wha, wha, wha!? What did you do that for!?
King Krichevskoy is the ruler of that abominable, dirty, rotten Netherworld!!
If you want him assassinated, it would make more sense to send me!
Instead, you pick that Angel Trainee...
You think too highly of her!
I am very aggravated by this!

So, now we've met all our new characters for this chapter. Angel Trainee Flonne, the unstoppable assassin from Celestia, Seraph Lamington, the coolest guy ever, and some douche named Vulcanus. It's not obvious from the text, so let me make something plain: the exclamation points in Vulcanus' speech are there for a reason. He shouts ALL THE TIME. He's also very, screamingly obviously going to be an enemy eventually, what with him hating the Netherworld and all its inhabitants.

So, let's go to Flonne now, as she begins her Solid Snake like infiltration of the Overlord's Castle.

The angels all say that demons are evil, but are they really?
It doesn't seem fair to judge somebody based on rumors alone.
Even if it's the Seraph's orders, I don't feel right assassinating somebody I don't know.
...Does that mean it's alright to assassinate somebody I DO know? That seems wrong, too. Can't kill strangers... Hmmmm, can't kill acquaintances either...
... which means... ohhhh...

Owww...! What the heck did you do that for!?
Oh, I'm sorry. You scared me, so I accidentally...
(...Huh? Is he a demon...?
There are demons this young...? I didn't know that.)
Hmph... So, who are you?
Nice to meet you. I'm an assassin.
Whoops. I wasn't supposed to say that.
...You're pretty dense, aren't you?
My! How rude, calling somebody you just met dense!
I think an assassin that tries to kill someone in his sleep is a lot ruder.
...You're right. I apologize.
(...Is she really an assassin?)
It looks like I failed this time, so I guess I'll be leaving now.
I'll be back again. Please take care.
H, hey! Wait!
Someone! Get in here, now!!

What happened to the Prinnies that were supposed to be on patrol!?
They've partied themselves to sleep.
Those idiots...!!
I'm gonna smack 'em! Wake them up, now!!
We've got an assassin to track down!!

Okay, so that's where we stand after the opening cutscene. I also need to point out the very real fact that Laharl's 'angry sprite' is friggin' awesome. Before we start the new maps, though, it's about time to start trying to unlock some classes. New classes open up as we level our current classes. We don't just get entirely new classes either, each class has itself six different versions (except for Prinnies, who only get five) that are increasingly powerful. The upgraded versions of a class are palette swaps of it. They have better base stats and weapon mastery, but will cost more mana to create.

After a wee bit of grinding, we have some new classes:

Pugilists and Battlers are the upgraded versions of Brawlers and Warriors. Later on we'll be able to upgrade our current ones to them, but at the moment we don't really have that option. Scouts are, as it says, good with guns and have Geo Change, which randomizes the Geo Panels on cleared or Item World maps. Thieves are good at stealing things. They're sort of abysmal at everything else. The only weapon they're not utter crap with is guns, so that's what our Thieves will be using. It also keeps them far the hell away from melee range, which until it's time to steal they'll want to avoid like the plague. I'll cover stealing when I have a thief high enough to steal something worthwhile.

Next time on Let's Play Disgaea: The Frozen River: More Zombies per capita than a Resident Evil game. You won't want to miss it!