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Part 40: Battle at Heaven's Gate- The Eternal Rival Returns!

Chapter 35: Battle at Heaven's Gate- The Eternal Rival Returns!

Last time on Disgaea the gang decided to accompany Flonne on her trip to see the Seraph. Today, we travel to Celestia!

Map 1: Field of Virtue

Field of Virtue

That's why it can only be opened by the residents of Celestia.
Hmph! That's not fair.
Okay, I'm going to open the gate. Is everybody ready?

Weren't you saying earlier that only Celestians can open this gate?
Oh... Uh... That's strange.
*chuckle* It has been thousands of years since a demon other than moi passed through this gate.
Aha! It's all clear to me now! You're an evil henchman who's been hired by the Seraph!
Bzzzt! Wrong.
I know! You're an angel in disguise!
Bzzzt! Another wrong answer.
You all have very active imaginations. But I, the Dark Adonis, just happened to be passing by... Nothing more.
Hmph... So, Dark Adonis, why is it that you're in Celestia?
I am here to test your resolve.
From this point on, you will face challenges unlike anything you have experienced before.
Whether or not you can emerge victorious... I would like to see with my own eyes.
But, what does that have to do with you? Why do you care!? Answer me!
Hmhmhm... We have talked long enough.
Show me what you are capable of!

Here it is, the final showdown with Mid-Boss! He's gotten stronger since last time, but so have we. The entire map is covered in Exp +100% panels, and there's also 3 level 65 vampires on here. Mid-Boss is replaced by a level 70 vampire in later plays through the map. This is the best leveling map in the main game, bar none. Thanks to my new level 204 statistician (+204% experience gain) Laharl gained 7 levels from that Mid-Boss killing blow in the video.

By the way, Laharl's actually taking him seriously if you noticed, he even called him "Dark Adonis".

Demons, angels, humans... Rather than learn about each other, they use words such as "good" and "evil" to differentiate themselves.
...That is the sad truth.
(Wait... That reminds me of something Master Lamington once said to me...)
However, through our battle, you have proved to me...
...that regardless of our differences, all creatures can become one in spirit.
As long as you bear that in mind, I am sure you can overcome any ordeal.
Uh, Prince... Something's definitely wrong. Mid-Boss is acting all serious!
Y, Yeah! This must be a trap of some sort!
Who are you, really!?
Hmhmhm... As I said, I am the Dark Adonis.
Farewell! Haaahahahaha!!
So... What was that all about?
Beats me...
I think Mr. Mid-Boss was trying to encourage us in his own way.
He is a true rival, indeed.
Oh, the beauty of the friendship between rivals...!
...Were we all listening to the same conversation?

That traitor Flonne has begun her invasion of Celestia, leading a battalion of demons!!
...The day has finally come.
We are prepared to intercept the demons! I will lead the troops myself. With your permission, of course...
...Very well, I shall leave the matter to you.
But, I want them captured unharmed. Do you understand?
Yes, sir!
Nonsense! I will kill them amidst the confusion!
It is only a matter of time before I become a god!
And that is when I, Vulcanus, shall establish absolute peace in the universe!)

Next time on Let's Play Disgaea: The trek to the Seraphic Sanctuary continues!

Oh, and I might well get the capability to have much better character icons very soon, since they were on sale I ordered the digital media disk for Disgaea from Rosenqueens, should be here any day now.