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by Feinne

Part 41: Raising a Fist to Celestia.

Chapter 36: Raising a Fist to Celestia.

Last time on Disgaea we faced Mid-Boss on the very threshold of Celestia. Today, we march in for the first time the gang meets the one behind all their problems!

Map 2: Paradise


Hmph... Are these your fellow Celestians?
Yes, but they are full-fledged angels.
I don't think they're here to give you a warm welcome back, though.
Angel Trainee Flonne. By order of Archangel Vulcanus, you are to be executed for treason.
Wait, please! I haven't committed treason! It's all a misunderstanding! Master Vulcanus is mistaken!
Your objections are meaningless. You are a traitor and must be executed.
Please let me see the Seraph! I know he will straighten everything out!
Request denied. We were given no such orders.
Our orders are to execute Angel Trainee Flonne and all that assist her.
I beg you! Listen to me...!

But, I... I can't fight...
What happened to all that determination of yours?
If you're just gonna give up, then why did you bother to come?
Harlie... You're being too harsh on her...
Jennifer's right! As a defender, I cannot tolerate such treatment of a lady...
...It's okay. Laharl is right.
I thought I had made up my mind...
But, once I faced the reality of the situation, I...
...No, I can't be like this!
I'm sorry, I'm alright now!
Thank you, Laharl.
Just don't waste my time with any more talk of giving up, or else I'm outta here.
I understand.
Hmph... Then, let's hurry up and kick some angel butt!

Yes... We have made them come all this way, without the slightest explanation...
We will surely be punished for our actions.
*chuckle* I have already received my punishment.
But, it is for that reason that the future is now in their hands. I should be thankful.
...Will they prevail?
I don't know... It is all up to them.

Hey, remember the map with the Prism Ranger? Well, this is the same map, only with two Warp symbols and Angels instead of the chumps in that place. Easily one of the most annoying Celestia maps, especially if you don't anticipate the angels being as dangerous as they are. I kind of hosed it up, honestly, but I managed to scrape through in the end.

Map 3: Angelic Choir

Angelic Choir

WHAT!? Don't tell me HE'S and angel!
You've got to be kidding! No matter how you look at it, that's the face of a villain!
True. You look so evil, it's a pity that you're an angel.
Silence! How dare you look at my glorious face and call me a villain!
Angel Trainee Flonne! To conspire with demons to wage war on Celestia is an unspeakable sin!
Not only that, but you've harmed innocent angels! You deserve nothing short of death!
I, the Archangel Vulcanus, shall carry out your sentence!
Please, Master Vulcanus! I'm only here with a question for the Seraph!
Quiet, traitor! It disgusts me to even speak to you!!
Master Vulcanus! Why? Why am I a traitor!?
Stop pretending to be innocent! We all know that you are conspiring with demons so that you can take over Celestia!
And on top of that, you tricked that stupid Defender of Earth into fighting for your cause! How despicable!

Hey! Who the hell do you think you are!?
Wait... Please, let me handle this.
Master Vulcanus, I pity you.
W, What?
You believe that demons are evil, that humans are helpless... and that you alone are right.
But, I know that demons can show kindness... and humans can be brave...!
Without seeking proof, you have allowed your judgment to be colored by prejudice.
Isn't the evil which you speak of in your own heart, Master Vulcanus!?
W, W, W, WHAT!?
Well said, Flonne.
Yeah! You hit it right on the nose!
Right on!
I see that the defender spirit has awakened within you, too! From this day forward, you shall be known as a Defender of Earth!
Y, You...! Evil in my heart...?
Never! I am only doing what is right!

This map has several red panels with Defense +50% and Recovery 20% on them. It's just a simple matter of luring the enemy off their panels and slaughtering them. They're not really even as strong as the angels on the last map, and there's no Warp to annoy you this time.

Map 4: Coliseum


We've made it this far, but still haven't seen any sign of the Seraph...
That's true.
If the Seraph is not involved in any of this, then why hasn't he come out and saved Flonne?
So, you're saying the fact that he hasn't shown up can only mean...
...I understand your point.
But, I'll believe in Master Lamington until the very end...!
...Geez, you're stubborn.
Don't tell me it's because of love again...
Yes it is, absolutely! To have faith in someone you respect... That's love!
*sigh* What a Love Freak.
Well, I don't trust the Seraph myself, but I guess I can tag along.
I'll help you, Flonne. I believe in you.
Me too! I trust in your love.
Miss Jennifer... Mr. Gordon... Mr. Thursday...
This is ridiculous. You guys are so naïve.

I'll go on, even if it's by myself!
(Everybody, thank you so much...
I'm glad that I met all of you.
I have harmed my own kind...
No matter how this journey ends, I will receive severe punishment...
But, I have no regrets... I was able to meet such wonderful companions.)

So, this is another real bastard of a map. There's a 'maze' of No Entry panels to weave through while Angels and Archers pew-pew away with their bows and spells. Fight back with your own magic while you run the gauntlet to the No Entry symbol, at which point the rest of your army can run wild on the relatively low level enemies. Just be careful, the Giga spells from the Angels really, really hurt, as the video should well show.

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