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Part 44: The Flower of Happiness.

Chapter 39: The Flower of Happiness.

Last time on Disgaea we kicked the crap out of Archangel Vulcanus. Today, we see the exciting conclusion of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness!

Final Map- Sacred Altar

Sacred Altar-Final Map

I'm all set.
I can feel my heart pounding.
Come on, let's do it.
Okay. Here we go...!

M, Master Lamington!
She is a traitor who has come to take over Celestia with her abominable troops of demons!
Stop lying. You're the one who's planning to take over the entire universe.
S, Silence, demon!!
Hmm... So, you are a demon?
Not just an ordinary demon. I am Laharl, King of the Netherworld!
You are the son of Krichevskoy... I see.
Yes, Master Lamington.
Is it true that you are here with these demons to take over Celestia?
No, I have come to ask you a question.
A question, you say?
Yes. A few days ago, the Earth Defense Force led an invasion of the Netherworld.
It was fortunate that it failed, but I discovered that angels were involved in the invasion.
Please answer me! Were you behind this, Master Lamington!?
M, Master Lamington! Do not be fooled by her words!
All that she has said is a lie!
Angels using humans to invade the Netherworld!? That is simply absurd!!
It's not a lie! I saw it with my own eyes! Without a doubt, they were angels!
You are mistaken! The demons have tricked you!!
While it is true that demons are aggressive by nature, they do not hurt others without reason!
My friends, here, have convinced me of that!
*chuckle* This is quite unusual, Flonne.
You, a Celestian, refer to demons as friends, and defend their behavior?
Master Lamington. At your request, I went to the Netherworld, and there I met Laharl and my other friends.
Demons may not be perceived as good.
As a matter of fact, they are rather selfish, rude, and cynical.
But, I have also discovered that they have love and kindness in their hearts.
Master Lamington, I remember you telling me...
...that there is no such thing as absolute evil, that even demons have love.
As I spent time in the Netherworld, I came to realize that you were right.

H, How dare you!
...Flonne, I see that you have learned many things in the Netherworld.
Master Lamington...
You are not mistaken.
Wh, What!?
It is true that Celestians have been blinded by prejudice.
Refusing to try and understand our cultural differences, they instead chose to label demons as "evil"...
They convinced themselves that they were the avatars of absolute good, and branded demons as absolute evil.
Vulcanus' choices have been the result of such misconceptions, and his concern for the future. I should have been more mindful of these things.
Master Lamington...!
Did you think that I was oblivious to your actions, Vulcanus?
I am well informed of all that has transpired.

You have helped save the Netherworld from the invasion of the Earth Defense Force, and thwarted the plans of Archangel Vulcanus.
However, the fact remains that you have harmed other angels. You are to be punished for your sin.
...I understand. I am prepared to accept any punishment.
Wait a minute!
Why does Flonne have to be punished!?
It makes no sense whatsoever! She only did what was right!
Don't you dare lay a finger on her! You'll be sorry if you do!!
It's alright... I knew there would be consequences for my actions.
Master Lamington, I have one final request.
I beg of you to forgive my companions. It is I who drew them into all of this.
This is crazy, Flonne! Why should you be punished!? You've done nothing wrong!!
...Very well. I shall pardon their sins.
I am grateful for your kindness.
Thank you, Laharl.
I knew I could trust in you.
You taught me that demons do have love in their hearts.
This doesn't make any sense to me!
We're done here, aren't we!? Let's go back to the Netherworld!
Laharl... I want you to have this pendant.
S, Stop! That's...!!

...Hey, something's wrong. It's not doing anything...
*giggle* Just as I thought.
...Whaddya mean?
The wickedness has faded from your heart, Laharl. That's why the pendant isn't punishing you anymore.
What!? That can't possibly be right!! I'm a demon! The Overlord!!
I'm so glad... I can say good-bye without any worries now.
Good-bye...? Flonne...!
Hey... Where do you think you're going?
Good-bye, Laharl. I hope you become a magnificent Overlord.
Good-bye, everyone. Thank you so much for everything.
Wait! Flonne!

Flonne... Why...!?
The existence of Angel Trainee Flonne has been erased, along with her sins...
Hey, Flonne... What are you doing...? I didn't say you could do this...!
You're going to abandon me? Like my mother did?
I didn't give you permission!
Is this what you call love!? If it is, then I'll never believe in love! Ever!!
King Laharl, do you despise me?
Despise you...!? Of course I do, you bastard!!
I'll kill you!!

And here we are, the final map of the main storyline of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. It has its own music special to the map (Disgaea, as a matter of fact). We're fighting against Seraph Lamington and level 75 Angels, one for each of the weapons Angels are good at i.e. everything but guns. They're easy to lure to the Base Panel and kill, which just leaves the Big Papa himself:

You're not reading that wrong, he's got 20k HP. He's by a long margin the most powerful enemy in the main game, and his Ultimate, Armageddon, can really wreck you if you don't have healers:

There's no tricks, no cute little ways you can beat this guy. It's all about raw power. Pound him down before he can do the same to you.

If you've gone through the game without killing an Ally, you're rewarded with the Good Ending after completing this map.

...I've had enough of this.
It's not like this will bring her back...
...Besides, if that Love Freak was here, she would have stopped me anyway...

I never knew I could shed tears...
...I leave the rest to you.
P, Prince...?
What are you planning on doing!?
You're not planning on...!?
I think I finally understand why my mother sacrificed herself to save me...
You want to exchange your life for hers!? Is that even possible...?
...Who knows. But, this is the least I can do for her now...

What do you want now? As you can see, I'm busy.
We'll call this your victory, so don't bother me.
I am glad that you have come to terms with your mother's decision.
You should thank your companions for teaching you the importance of love and friendship.
Do not throw away the life that your mother gave you.
Here... Look.

...Huh? Where am I...?
I was supposed to be punished, and...
Indeed you were. You are no longer an Angel Trainee. Now, you are a Fallen Angel.
What the...!?
Flonne, your wings...!
I'm, I'm...!?
Hmhmhm... That is the punishment she received from Seraph Lamington.
What!? Then, he wasn't going to kill her in the first place?
Of course not. She is a very important person... not only to Celestia, but to the Netherworld as well.
What is that supposed to mean?
Celestia and the Netherworld were not always in opposition. Seraph Lamington and another person of influence dreamed of reuniting them.
He sent Angel Trainee Flonne to the Netherworld, to begin bridging the gap between the two worlds.
Laharl, Flonne... You are the knot that binds the two worlds together.
We're the knot...?
Hmhmhm... I'm sure that one day you will understand.
Tell me... Who are you, really? Why do you know so much?
Hmhmhm... Have I not told you before?

And now, the credits, featuring some great pictures and The Flower of Happiness.

Credits Feat. The Flower of Happiness

And that's it for the main game of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness! I hope you've enjoyed watching it half as much as I've enjoyed playing it.

New Special Edition Content: The Legend of King Krichevskoy:
Now, the game never spells this out exactly, but by this point we've got a pretty good idea what exactly happened to the old King. The Netherworld was under attack from Baal, the Supreme Overlord. King Krichevskoy was unable to defeat Baal, but managed to seal him away. This cost him almost all of his power, leading to his seeming demise. With the help of Seraph Lamington, Krichevskoy returned as the Dark Adonis Vyers. The two of them planned to bring the Netherworld and Celestia closer together by manipulating events such that Laharl and Flonne meet. This naturally led to the events of Disgaea. Their plan seems to have been mostly successful, given what we've seen.

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