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Distant Worlds - Legends

by Grey Hunter

Part 11: Session 6b - 2764-2766 - A Most successful war.

The No Securan Left Behind has been passed!

Retrofit fleet with new armor
Attempt Free Trade Agreement with the Republic
Recruit 4th Fleet
Retrofit small/medium space ports to large space ports
Ensure all colonies have troops and defensive bases
Create as many resort bases as possible close to home
Ensure the creation of all types of research bases on all colonies
Research Holographic Entertainment System

I have much to work on here. Upgrading all the the ships with the new armour over doubles the amount of protection each ship has. I order refits of the fleets one by one, so as not to take all our ships off the line at the same time.
I then spend all out money on space ports.

The Tyrant Lizards start a war on their half of the galaxy with a race we do not know yet.

Things are quiet, waiting for the treasury to refill and colony ships to be completed and cross the void, we do complete the weapons battery over Fuzzyville in the Yitagun system.

We soon colonise Huggistan.

Two other things of interest occurs, firstly the massed construction project spikes demand or the raw materials.

secondly the bonus income from spaceports shoots through the roof!

This jump in income allows me to finish the star base and defence construction and begin construction of new ships to rebuild 1st fleet.

We improve our scanners, but cannot research holographic technology, as apparently it is beyond our race, and only open to creatures with larger brains.

We add another world to the Paradise.

Soon after, the Goons decide that they are now willing to trade with us, we now have two empires trading with us.

Watching the Republic, they are losing ground to the Guild. There are down three worlds from their high point before they declared war upon us. This is good for us, as it means that we are in no danger of being attacked at this time.

They still refuse to sign a mutual defence pact however.

The Rt. Hon. Simplefish is improving as a colony governor.

Across the rest of the empire, the civilians trade and ship materials to all of our construction projects. Things are good in the Paradise. Every dot is a ship doing its own thing, seeking pleasure in their own way.

The massed construction projects are hard on the supplies, and we mine the last of the silicon from Fecundus.

At least our neighbours like us.

The Placens begin work on a new shipyard, and have to tell everyone.

As the empire expands, so does my ability to run it.

We finish work on the improved ship blaster. I then set to improving the bunkers on our worlds, as this seems fitting with the current act.

Pirates rear their hidiously ugly heads again.

I trade with the Tyrant Lizards, I sell them our galaxy map for theirs and 150,000 credits. This then shows us a busy section of the galaxy with two new empires.

The Darkscale Dominion is another Naxxilian empire, while the Deep Ones are some form of horrendous spider creatures. Thank god their on the opposite side of the galaxy, where our people need not come in contact with them!

We improve our ships command centres, and get to work on improving docking control.

Finally, to fill the requirements of law, I order the creation of 4th fleet, we are still waiting on the upgrades to the starbases to complete, but we should be able to build these ships quickly now.

The session ends, and its time to look at how the last two peaceful years have treated us.

Our population has increased 700 million in two years, our military strength has near doubled, and most other stats have increased a small amount.

The massed construction has cost us though, income has crashed, and we are now losing money – the construction projects will have to be put on hold until our colonies can provide more income. The number of civilian ships has increased by 130, nearly doubling in two years of peace.

We are doing well in most aspects however.

Barberella maintains its top spot, and we now know much more about the galaxy.

Well, the northern part of the galaxy anyway, the south east is a complete mystery to us.

We still have four colonies planned, and demand for resources is high.

Most of our money comes from the capital, but some of the other colonies are making money now, and all are happy. Fuchsia continues to be a drain on our economy however.

The eighth session is now open!