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Distant Worlds - Legends

by Grey Hunter

Part 20: Session 15 - 2782-2784

In The Meantime...

"Stay on course from the last Act.
"(In HighTech) Queue research in both the Medicine and Commerce research
branches, priority sequence being Medicine through to the Koloros
Medical Academy followed by Commerce through to the Trade Guild.
"Build the Academy/Guild as soon as they are ready for construction.
(In Energy) Queue research into better Hyperdrives.

I set the next few years reasearch, we are nearly done with the desert world project.

We finish our improved ship weapons, I redisgin our ships to take advantage of them.

A month later, our first ships arrive over a Rupiblic world, second fleet vanguard engages the defence platform.

The Discarded Exploit, one of our slavaged captial ships, takes the brunt of the platforms fire, but barely loses its sheilds before the platform falls.

We then land troops, its going to be a close fight, but we feel that we can take the world.

We also colonize Margmash Primaris, and our Paradise continues to grow.

As our troops fight on the ground, the Republic send two cruisers in peacemal, the Growling Storm and the Grim Terror do not last long.

There fleet arives in the same fasion, and is delt with in the same fashion.

The Republic constripts troops, and the battle for Dathumir Prime 5 begins to swing back their way.

The brutal, if one sided battle in space improves Ouroborus's skills.

We colonize another world, not even war can stop our expansion. Especially as it takes so long.

The enemy forces have grown to a point where it seems the invasion has failed, but at least we have wiped out one of the Republic fleets.

And the other target planet has a much more formidable force incoming.

The Republic order an attack, but our spies know its desitnation, their lost world of Beta Kapola 1. where 4th fleet is forming up.

I doubt this will end well for them.

Another world, this one named for my greatness, is colonized.

2nd Fleet arrives at Snar, and destroys the partially completed defensive base there.

As we move to land troops on the planet, after seeing off another small fleet, we get ready to bring the love.

This planet we should take with ease, many more troops, all lead by Jimmynav4400.

The Goons seem to think our war means profit!

The Republic's 15th fleet arrives over Beta Kapola 1. about a third of 4th fleet is ready to meet them.

Although they have the numerical advantage, our ships are better, and the large starbase is a massive force modifier. The Republic fleet is ripped to shreds.

Aparently the desert colonization project is not as useless as I thought.

Snar falls to our forces, and we break another Republic fleet.

The fighting has caused General Nav4400 to promote one of his officers to Generalship.

I load the troops back ready for the second invasion.

The Goons continue to support our war.

And to fight their own against the Republic.

The second invasion of Dathumir Prime 5 begins.

This is still rageing as the session ends. The world should fall to our troops, so council may declair the war won if they wish and plan for peace terms.

Our population has increased by four billion, a massive increase.

Income is good, but war weariness is critically high.

Although colony happyness remains high.

We are now at 100% of our racial victory requirements, and a firm second in the galaxy.

Once more, over to you!