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Distant Worlds - Legends

by Grey Hunter

Part 21: Session 16 - 2784-2786

Deeper & Harder

Finish taking the Romance cluster
Take secondary objectives (Longing cluster) as soon as sufficient ground forces are available
Fleet commanders are recommended to leave a token force above new holdings in Romance cluster to prevent a counter-invasion.

We are continuing to spread our culture across the galaxy.

Soon after, 1st fleet arrives over Otau. While this is in the Snuggles cluster, not the Longing cluster, it is closer to our worlds, and I had already sent a fleet into action.

We engage the 12th fleet in orbit, and land a large number of troops under the command of General Skanky Burns.

The heavy fighting brings Admiral Farecole to the fore.

The fighting on Otau is short and one sided.

unfortunately, the men at Dathumir Prime 5 have been overwhelmed by conscripted forces.

Agent Veloxyll gets is the enemies operation maps, showing the position of all their ships. Say hello to a stupidly complex screenshot!

Arnea becomes the next target for 1st fleet.

Capskye is not idle either, and a valuable mining station is eliminated.

The bitter fighting on the planet brings General Egenstate to promotion, some worry about the loyalty of an Ikkarian, but he has proved himself. We also tell the guardians that the Bugs are attacking them, in a effort to get the machines to attack them.

We Take Arnea, and an abandoned starbase at the same time. These things seem to like occurring in twos.

The Deeps One's seem to take offence to our successes.

The Deep Ones resume trading, and I scramble to find troops to take Dathumir Prime 5. The area is to far from our core worlds.

Extended operations have used all of 2nd fleet fuel. I decide that three worlds is a good addition, and take executive action to end the war.
The Republic leap at the chance, and I order ships to repair and reload.

The Bugs are getting uppity.

I order the construction of 5th and 6th fleets.

This costs half a million credits, but as you can see, it does not hurt our funds. We also improve our medical centres and hyperdrives.

We also bring the Goons into the Triempire Alliance.


The next couple of months are a string of messages about completed ships. The bugs rethink their lack of trade.

All this ship construction means we have to promote another Admiral - Uberjew.

We add another world to the Paradise, and further hem in the Republic.

We also learn that the Bugs are building the media complex at Rinassean Minor 1.

This worrying news ends the session.

Seven and a half billion people join the Paradise, some are born, some migrate, some are liberated from the tyrannical masters.
The economy continues to do well, even with the massive expansion of the fleet.

Every world is happy and productive. Except for Fuchsia and now Hedonism.

The war has put the Republic in last place, and us in second firmly.

Their homeworld is no longer one of the top ten planets.

The Galaxy is continuously changing.

The Guild, the Goons and Our own forces form a large block of power in the north west, the bugs are strong in the centre, with the League to the south. The Deep ones are expanding to our east, but we have not come into conflict yet.

I hope council is not upset with me ending the war, but I felt that we had reached the high point, and needed time to recover.