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Distant Worlds - Legends

by Grey Hunter

Part 27: Session 22 - 2796-2798 - Finish Them Off!

Finish Them Off

Take all of the Republic's worlds

Work to establish additional fueling infrastructure near the base of the Phantom Scourge to facilitate a second strike that can be planned once the Republic is no more. Because someone is bound to ask us to hunt them down again later.

Build more resorts in scenic locations.

I order all fleets to load troops, except for 7th Fleet, which I send south to take the two Republic fringe worlds.

The Republic begin to beg for peace.

As our forces form up, we learn that General Eigenstate is getting better. Just what we need before a major invasion.

The Goons have sent ships to protect their crippled construction ship.

Suddenly Goon ships fire upon ours, and our ships are forced to return fire.

Two of the three enemy vessels are destroyed in the engagement, but relations with Goontopia remain strong.

Our 7th Fleet approaches the two remaining Republic colonies. Farecole improves his jump abilities.

Capskye continues his wholesale raiding of the Republic's data banks.

7th Fleet is supported by the 24th Goon fleet, which is most likley trying to retake the birthworld of the Haakonesh.

We land troops on Haako 1, while the Bugs begin work on the Danuta Engineering Center.

We get the technology of Genetic Rewiring, and the Kaloros Medical Academy is begun on Barberella.

The Goons take Haako 1, but we take the more populous Ebatoot in the same system.

This leads to a interesting pattern of territory claims in the area.

Over near their homeworld, I notice the Goons are already attacking, so send in three fleets – over a hundred ships and 160 divisions of troops – to invade.

That One Place is colonized.

We impress the Bugs with our acting abilities.

Meanwhile, we impress the Republic by landing thousands of our people on the world, lead by General Skanky Burns.

Even in the last days, the Republic fight us, and Agent Sad Queen Billy is lost to summery execution.

We take the Republics homeworld, and the 15 million people who live there, the back of the Republic is broken, and we have but to take one of their worlds.

7th Fleet soon arrives over that world.

Kygonos 10 turns out to the be better defended than the homeworld! I will need more forces to reduce this target.

All this invading helps our scientists to figure out what it wrong with our current troop transport modules.

The Danuta Engineering Centre is finished.

Our scientists continue to improve our hyperdrive technology.

As the session comes to a close, we complete the Medical Academy. This is a fantastic way to herald the birth of a new century.

As well as this, we have seen the Paradise grow by 34 Million over the last two years.

The ongoing war and the accompanying war wiriness is crippling our economy. The only reason that last world has not fallen is solely because it is so far away from our other fleets!

Erotica becomes our first unhappy planet ever.

We are now firmly second in the galaxy.

We see the Bugs begin to dominate the top worlds list.

Look upon the map, and guide us!