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Part 103: Something Rotten

Chapter 78 – Something Rotten

Guess who!

I’m going to suggest you watch the videos, just so you see how dangerous Nightmare mode is when facing groups, and how you can evade the danger.

Video: Guess who!

(Lucian) I had hoped not to see you back in the Hall of Echoes again, Dragon Knight.
(Bellegar) Mark me, Dragon, you’ll leave Behrlihn for dead!
Oppose me now and I will have your head!

Your quest I shall bar and your carcass I’ll mar!
Know thy worst enemy: ‘tis I, Bellegar!

Yeah, you guys called it. Bellegar is almost an example of the perfect troll – in the sense of the internet term, not the in-game troll monsters. You’ll understand what I mean by the end.

(Behrlihn) He’s trying to imprison you again! We must destroy his minions and resist his pull!

Don’t look at me! Pay attention to the monsters!

Bellegar’s Arena – Round 1
You have exactly three minutes to kill all the enemies here or you get imprisoned in the crystal again. I somehow always manage to forget about these fights until I get whisked away. They’re another reason why the waypoint shrine broke.

Three minutes is more than enough time, even on Nightmare skill. These fights will only get easier as your power and level increases. Technically, Behrlihn will help out, but he’s not really that effective, not even as a way to draw enemy fire.

There are a lot of enemies here, we don’t usually face that many at once. That glow to the left is one running away and healing. They’re all tough, do a lot of damage, and the Curse debuff lowering my damage and defence isn’t helping.


I actually managed to run away and hide while jamming potions down my throat. There’s a reason why I used the thread tag “Action”, because situations like this can be salvageable if you react fast enough and dodge.

But 40 seconds down and with little to show for it, I had to go back in. That 60 second cooldown for my creature is a problem.

Eventually I get things under control, and stop the clock with 75 seconds remaining.

Good work! The psychopath’s parasites lie dead and his powers abate. He’ll be futilely furious.

Hear me serpent: your struggle is futile, your fury in vain!
This was thy prison and it will be again!
Next time you hear my lion-like roar,
in freezing crystal I shall bind thee once more!

The familiar sensation of teleportation came over Yara again.

Annoying creature! One of my fiercest opponents and why? Not like I ever drafted a law against rhyming.

I took the time to go back to the Battle Tower and add a +5 Vitality and +10 Melee Damage charm to the Order of the Viper helmet (there’s still one more open Charm slot). I spent two more Malachite gems to give +100 Health and +100 Mana enchantments.

Video: Laeniel

I should see if Chanelle finished that perfume.

(Chanelle) There we go! It was tricky, but distillation number five is a great success! Here: smell this Divine aroma!
Amazing work, Chanelle. It is indeed a fragrance not of this world.
He was a miracle worker, my uncle. A true artist. Too bad so few people understood his passion for perfume as a science as well as an art. Anyway, I wish to thank you for helping our unfortunate acquaintance. Here – have a flask of his perfume. You never know how it might serve you.
Time to remove the last of the Demon-worshipping rot.

The quest isn’t over until we go back to Baldini. The perfume is not a quest item, so we can sell it for 1600 gold, but I don’t think it has any other use despite the hint from Chanelle.

Laeniel’s room. Oh, and Hansel’s chest.

Music: Halliwell’s Room

(Laeniel) This blood is yours, O shadow Lord! The crimson life after hellish dissolution!
Bread is not life! Only blood!
How many of you maniacs are there in this town?
I am the one to bring the many! Make way for Abraxas! Pave way for Behrlihn! Row, row, row the thick red river all the way to Hell!
(-22500 XP) I am a summoning master! Demons obey my command!
Your Summon Demon skill has increased by 1.
Yes… the knowledge fills my mind. I can summon and control Demons too. That’d be a nice change, to have one on my side for once.
Are you sure that’s a good idea, Dragon Knight. You know not what you meddle with.
Don’t listen to him. Power is all that matters! You’ll need all the power you can get if you wish to save Aleroth.

The door closed and magically locked behind Yara.

… Sorry Lucian, I’ll go with the evil wizard’s advice this time.

Mind read Laeniel for 1 point into Summon Demon. Rank 1 is a level 20 demon that will fight for 180 seconds.

One, two… nine magic missiles. That’s going to hurt.

Again, OWWWW! The Demon summoning actually just saved my life here, though. I was just triple Rush-Attacked, but instead of finishing me, the Demon is taunting them, drawing their attention away from me. I still spent several minutes bouncing around the room trying not to die.

This was a mistake. There are no “invincibility frames” in Thousand Strikes. I’m not sure this game has any at all.

Yara isn’t pictured because she’s been knocked to the ground.

As small as this room is, I need the backup more. Watch how much damage I take when frozen in place to summon my Creature. Here I’m fine…

Now I’m half-dead.

Holy crap, it’s over. It took only about a minute from start to finish, and I had to take a breather at the end.

One of Laeniel’s dol- “action figures” is holding a key to his chest. That’s important, because it contains…

What is that, four pieces now?

Blood-Stained Letter

Fair enough, but what covers the stench of decay here or in the Phoenix Inn?

The Dragon Knight returned to Healer's House to check on the unfortunate Kelton.

Music: Chamber Theme

(Kelton) Must not sleep… must not sleep…
The Demon who cursed you was called Ezaazh and I killed him. Drink his blood and it might just lift the curse.
Are you sure?
It looks… horrible. Not that I have anything left to lose. Here goes!

(Kelton) It worked! Look at me! Beautiful flesh, beautiful skin! I live! Hahaa! Thank you, Dragon Knight, thank you!

Yeah, flesh, definitely, uh-huh. Now please… go… put some pants on…
“Something Rotten” complete! Quest Reward: 6211 XP, 1300 Gold, Skill Book. Bonus Chosen: 3105 XP, 1300 Gold.

Death Blow

Increased from Rank 13 to Rank 15

Critical Chance: +21% -> + 25%

Summon Demon

Increased from Rank 1 to Rank 2

Mana Cost: 98 -> 110
Cooldown: 30 seconds.
Duration: 180 -> 200 Seconds
Demon Level: 20 -> 23

Guess who!


Order of the Viper Set Bonuses
Order of the Viper Helmet: +10 Ranged Armour Rating
Order of the Viper Cuirass: +5 Vitality

Reader Participation:

1. Someone we've met is an accomplice to murder, theft, and... improper disposal of a corpse. This person doesn't want to go to jail, but won't resist if that's what we decree.

a) Have this person arrested. (Default = 1 vote.  We get a skill book for this option .)
b) Kill this person.
c) Accept a bribe to forget about this.