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Part 106: The Blutsporn Edition

Chapter 80 – The Blutsporn Edition

All the Afterworld’s a Stage
Playhouse Basement

With Tom and Anne reunited, and still short on leads to the give clues, the Dragon Knight turned and eye to the abandoned Playhouse. Rumoured to be haunted by spirits, could a clue lurk among the dusty props and moth-eaten costumes?

Video: All the Afterworld’s a Stage

I’ve swapped out so much gear that the remnants of the Scorpion Set were basically worthless. I returned it all back to the Battle Tower, and I bought new gauntlets and upgraded them (I don’t know why I did that – they aren’t going to last one update) and new leggings.

I also bought a +3 Summon Demon Bracelet and a +1 Summon Demon amulet. I can use that to summon a Demon, then pause and put on my regular gear.

(Tamara) Dear Desdemona, I found the spell in the deepest recesses of Castle Wolfstone’s crypts!
(Kathy) These are good tidings indeed, dearest Camilla! I shall gather the Sisters of Sin and prepare for the rite with haste!
(Tamara) How I long for the moment when I will find myself in the embrace of Assohoth -

(Alfred) It’s Astaroth, damn it! Get off the stage, just get off the stage! How in the name of the devil’s arse am I supposed to put this play in production with nothing but amateurs and dilettantes on the scene? Kathy, you can stay, but Tamara, you’re out! We’ll just have to find a new Camilla. And until one magically shoots out of the ground, I’ll be backstage.

(Tamara) How dare Alfred command me off stage! I’m frankly too famous to be treated like this! First thing in the morning he’ll be hearing from my agent!
(Kathy) Alfred may be difficult, but at least he knows quality when he sees it. And Tamara, well let’s just say she couldn’t portray a convincing pig if you painted her pink and gave her a curly tail.

For no explained reason, the dressing room is magically barricaded until we help the performing ghosts.

(Alfred) As I live and breathe no more, a mortal! It has been long since one has deemed out theatre worthy of a visit!
Having seen the performance I don’t think you’re ready anyway!
Bah! We’ll do just fine if I can find someone to replace Tamara. Now here’s a thought: why don’t you step in? We’re playing ‘Chambers of Blood’. I’m sure you’re familiar with the text.
I haven’t read it, actually.
Really? Well, I find that very hard to believe! In any case, I lost my copy long ago and you’re still welcome to try. We’ll concentrate on the scene in which Desdemona and Camilla summon Astaroth, and you’ll be playing the part of Camilla.
Tell me something more about ‘Chambers of Blood’.
It is an ancient, anonymous play that has always been rather popular because of its controversial and hot-blooded theme and content. Combine Demons, passionate women, an unquenchable appetite for power and lust for the sake of lust, and you have a smash hit on your hands every time. Unfortunately that dumbbell of a Tamara used the Blutsporn edition of the play, which substitutes a fake incarnation with a real one. During opening night the Demon Astaroth was really summoned and soon we all fell beneath his talons!
Why are there a bunch of ghosts here playing this drama over and over again anyway?
What else are spectral thespians supposed to do? Rattle chains and yell ‘booo’ at frightened passers-by like household apparitions? The fates have deemed it fit to let us haunt our stage and so we will perform until the end of time!
Where could I find a copy of the script?
Er… I’d check the cellar. Bound to be some copy lying around in there.
(-15000 XP) Perhaps I left that script in the secret part of the cellar. Well, secret… anyone can push the button by the desk.
Good day!
May the muses follow you always!

Wow, I didn't realize this until re-reading my Divine Divinity LP, but "The Blutsporn edition" is probably a reference to Zenfar Blutsporn, an evil wizard who was a member of the Black Ring 600 years before the events of Divine Divinity, back when they were called the Damned.

All the After World’s a Stage
This quest is notable in that you can’t do it as a male player – you need to see an illusionist and change your gender to a female before Alfred will let you perform.

We need to complete this quest in order to finish the quest to retrieve the earrings. HOW we finish this doesn’t matter. There are four endings. There is a right line, a right-sounding-yet-wrong line, and a clearly-wrong joke line. I’m going to omit the mediocre mistake and “I shit on the art of theatre” endings from the voting.

If we want the other two endings, though, we’ll need to locate a copy of the script. Let’s check out the basement…

Video: Playhouse Basement

… right after I raise the skill cap so I can actually use bonus points.

There we go.

There’s a script here…

Chambers of Blood Script

I also saw that button.

What’s this? A charcoaled manuscript.

The Blutsporn Edition

Hmmm… what’s in the chest?

Our fourth piece of the set. When combined with the other three, this gives +15 to Strength. I also added +100 Health and +100 Mana enchantments.


Increased from Rank 0 to Rank 5

Mana Cost: N/A -> 30
Kills Enemies under: 0% -> 22% Health

(Alfred) Ready for everlasting fame on the stage?
I think I’m ready to perform!
Excellent! Let’s get this show on the road then!

(Kathy) We shall now proceed, my sisters one in purpose and one-to-be in blood, to summon Astaroth who shall engender our might.

(Kathy) Answer now the three queries that will bring his majesty forth. Tell this Duke of Hell why we seek his favour.
We ask him to honour us with the conception of his offspring.
Tell this Prince of Night how our loins will sport him sovereignty.
His many-fanged children will find no mortal they cannot conquer.
Show this King of Brimstone we have knowledge of the incantation that may draw him from the Pit.
Ummm… ummmm…

All the Afterworld’s a Stage
Playhouse Basement


Order of the Viper Set Bonuses
Order of the Viper Helmet: +15 -> +20 Ranged Armour Rating
Order of the Viper Cuirass: +10 -> +15 Vitality
Order of the Viper Bracers (NEW!): +15 Strength
Order of the Viper Belt: +15 -> +20 Magic Armour Rating

Reader Participation:



a) Undying Astaroth the Mighty Horned One, we hereby command thee to come forth and bless us! (The proper line from the play. Creates happy ghosts.)
b) Astaroth Dux magnus et fortis, prodiens angelica specie turpissima, insidensque in dracone inferanli, et viperam portans manu dextra. (What do you think? It actually summons Astaroth! Amusing, but a dick move. Creates unhappy and hostile ghosts.)

I don’t care what you pick. They’re both identical reward-wise.