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Part 28: Hole Lotta Troll

Chapter 18 – Hole Lotta Troll

Southeast Broken Valley
George Gremory

Yara’s Current Auras

Music: A New Dawn

Video: Southeast Broken Valley

Yara decided to investigate the mine using the secret entrance.

(Yara) Huh… I wonder what those strange ruins are. … Later, though. I see the goblin enclave over there.

Music: Goblin Village

(Yup’ik) Dirty monkeyspawn in my home! Kill it to please the totems!

That’s another bounty collected.

Later we’ll learn Goblins have a very intricate script, but they only ever use it to adorn the inside of their tombs. So the goblin-language message shouldn’t exist. The same also goes for the language-like markings on some trees in goblin camps, like the one in the shot below.

Oh, this must be that con artist Willy’s ill-gotten stash. I wonder how he gets to it with the goblins around. Now, where’s that entrance?

Those… ugh… It’s completely collapsed! Did those damn goblins do that?
(Talana) Worry about it later, Dragon Knight. The mysteries of the fabulous Maxos Temple demand your attention.
But there’s still so much to see and do in fabulous Broken Valley! Like this strange ruin…

Music: Bellegar’s Theme


(Bellegar) These shrines are Bellegar’s:
finest magician beneath the stars!
If the other shrines you want to see,
then slay here now these goblins three!

Now do you see what happens when you don’t listen to me, Dragon Knight?
They’re just goblins. Look, they’re dead already. I’m more interested in what’s in this chest.

On the piece of paper is written a single word in a language you do not understand: ‘Witega’. Maybe someone can decipher it for you.
Hmm… I wonder where the other shrines are, maybe there’s something of use there.
Just my luck. Of all the Slayers I had to meet, I got one who has clearly taken too many blows to the head.

(Rothman) Help! Somebody help me!
Stumbled into a big gaping hole, have we?
Don’t kid around, please! The troll who made this trap may be here any minute!
And how do you suggest I get you out of here?
Perhaps you could find some rope and tie it to the beam so I can climb out. Please hurry! I’ve no desire to end my days as a troll appetizer!
(-100 XP) Rothman is frantically praying to the Divine and promises always to attend church if he makes it out of the pit alive.
It’s your lucky day, friend! I happen to have some rope handy!
Praise the Gods! Quickly, before the troll returns!

Finally I’m out of that hell-hole!
What happened here exactly?
I was hunting for goblins. Some Champion said he’d pay me well for their hearts.
I wouldn’t count on it.
Nevermind, go on…

When I was about to return home, I spotted a Shaman and in my excitement became careless. Next thing I knew I fell and found myself trapped in this troll pit. How afraid I was. Praise the… Slayer, watch out! The troll!

Music: Battle Practice

We got it! Hahaa! We did it!
All right, all right, keep your pants on!
I’m just excited, you know; I didn’t think I’d survive the day!
Listen, this is a very good bow and I want you to have it. My hunting days are over. I’m going back to the village. Thank you, Slayer. You saved my life!
”Stuck in a Hole” complete! Quest rewards: 600 XP, 150 gold, Rothman’s Bow. Bonus Chosen: 300 XP.
Ugh, I hate trolls. Stupid stinking savages, the lot of them! The Maxos Temple will reveal its own challenges, but at least there won’t be any of those fat thugs around.

This actually is a really good bow for this part of the game, equally good for a ranger or a mage. But the REAL reason for keeping it is that it’s the only weapon in the game which has +1 Wisdom. Put the bow on before handing in quests (like I forgot to do this update), and you get a little bit of extra experience.

The Trolls in Divinity 2 look much different than those in Divine Divinity. There they looked kinda like tall people covered in fur, and they wore caveman-clothes. They also crumbled into rock-looking things when they died. These are much bigger and look much different.

Mindread Viper and you get a bunch of free gemstones in his loot bag.

(Viper) Ha! You wandered into the wrong camp, Slayer!
(-400 XP) The guard is getting hot on my heels! Time to move and take my collection of precious stones with me!
This is not the bed and breakfast I was referred to?
Not exactly, no. But we do serve eternal rest!

All those auras mean a lot of chances to trigger effects when you get hit. Of course, getting hit HURTS. The fighting in this area is pretty much the toughest in Broken Valley, I’ve always found it challenging, especially when you’re only level 11 or so. It’s a bit easier now that I’m level 13.

Mindreading Viper means he has a bunch of gemstones in his inventory when he dies. The most valuable of them are the 5 Pearls, since they’re used in Life Line and Pearls can’t be harvested from any ore. Also, if you noticed the 93/100, I need to go to town and sell some crap. Luckily fast travel is right next door.

Hmmm, I wonder what that did?

I found all four levers, and a chest appeared somewhere. It would have been a great spot to put in a Set Item, but they didn’t. Instead it’s just random loot. Boo.

That’s one huge Waypoint shrine…

(Captain Rodney) What brings you to the barracks again, friend?
I killed Hallorn, Yup’ik, and Viper. Here are the ring, the staff, and the sword.
Well done! Here is your reward, Slayer. Remember, there is more gold to be earned if you manage to eliminate Jagon too.
"Hallorn", "Yup’ik", and "Viper" complete! Quest Rewards (total): 3600 XP, 900 gold. Bonuses Chosen (total): 1800 XP.

Video: George Gremory

(Brave Sir Robin) Your butting in is really starting to tick me off!
Why don’t you come down from your high boar and take a look at this.

Yara took out the demon claw from her pack.

Should be fun, let me… What? Is this…
I’ll give you a minute to let it sink in.
I… I must admit: this is a tremendous kill! Never imagined I’d be bested at the hunting game! Take these gauntlets, Slayer. You deserve them more than I now!
The hero of the Black Boar! How about you become the hero of the Maxos Temple as well?
“The Greater Hunter” complete! Quest Reward: 1200 XP, 300 Gold, Robin’s Gauntlets. Bonus Chosen: 600 XP. 108 XP gained from Wisdom.

They give +38 HP, more than the +32 from my current ones, but I have more bonuses to make up for that.

(Tim) The Black Boar’s favourite customer! What can I do you for?
So shouldn’t the inn be renamed after my hunting trophy now?
I could call it the Black Ring Demon Inn, but I fear I’d lose my clientele!
Ha ha, fair enough, Tim!

What are these ruins, I wonder.
(George Gremory) A traveller who actually stops and takes the time to look at this magnificent structure! How refreshing!
They are of no interest to most?
No, the merchants think only of gold and the soldiers only of liquor. They don’t realize that the site they so heedlessly cross, dates back to days when mankind was but in its infancy!
How come you know so much about this place?
I am an archaeologist, though I’m afraid my knowledge of these stones is more limited than I should like. The symbols carved into the slabs are of a variety too ancient to be deciphered without reference. I’m sorry to say the exact purpose of this circle will remain a mystery to me.
Perhaps I can be of help to you.
I’d love to be able to read these inscriptions, but unless you speak ancient Draconian, I don’t think you can aid me.
Uh… can I?

Though should you meet a ten-thousand-year-old who still speaks the language, you can ask him! Hahaha!
(-1200 XP) The Gremory family jewels are safe in the Orobas Fjords. They wyverns will protect them for us and who ventures into their nests anyway?
I must take my leave of you.
Safe travels!

He wants some way to translate those 10,000 year old words. Well… good luck with that, I guess.

This isn’t as urgent as most, but don’t forget to mind-read George Gremory here. This is part one of a three-part mind-read. It costs 1200 XP, but there’s no rush, as long as you do it before the halfway point of the game.

Southeast Broken Valley
George Gremory

Goblin Village

The Map

Total Bunnies Killed: Still 4.

Yara’s Current Auras

Hammer Backspace posted:

Nice editing btw, I never like scenarios in RPGs where you can dick around for hours after you've been told to rescue someone urgently.

Ah. Well, bad news then, there's a mandatory sequence like that coming up later.

Chapter 21 will be the last one in the act, definitely. Then it’s all main plot for quite a while.