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Part 42: Nice Knowing You

Chapter 29 – Nice Knowing You

Elfrith, Jonah, and Catherine
Goodbye to Allan and Jonelath
Goodbye to Kenneth and Radcliff

Yara’s Current Auras

Music: The Island (Unused Track)

Music: Sentinel Island

Video: Elfrith, Jonah, and Catherine

(Yara) Wesson or Radcliff… Igor or Jonelath… Allan or Barbatos… Hermosa or Kenneth. … Maybe a good workout will help clear my mind.
(Talana) Haha! I quite enjoy watching you ponder these poor prospects!

Ulfmar’s ship, allegedly, but there’s no way I can climb that thing.

What’s that over there?

(Elfrith) Back! Back off I say! I’m not tasty, monsters! Find someone else to… Oh, you there! Please help me!
You must be Elfrith. Captain Hermosa sent me to find you.
Bless her heart and yours! Hurry, kind stranger, they’ll get to me soon!

Never have I seen such ferocious beasts, nor such fighting skills either!
What were you doing here?
These ruins looked inviting, I wanted to explore them. I stumbled over what I thought was a small rock, but it turned out to be an old book. Then I heard a grown. Instinctively I jumped up and scurried up that broken column.
(-700 XP) I can see something shiny over on that whale’s skull! There’s no way I’m venturing far from the camp again, though!
The good Captain did well to inform me about your adventurous spirit!
She’s a wonderful woman, lady Hermosa. I’ll return to the Starbound immediately. Here, take the book I found. It’s the least I can do. Thank you friend, thank you!
A strange book found in the sand… That might be interesting.
I doubt it.

Yara stuffed the book in her pack.

Found in the sand… that reminds me of the amulet Catherine found. I should see Jonah about it.

The chest Elfrith spotted is on this skull. Random loot. Oh, and since all the enemies are dead, I’m wearing my +Wisdom gear to maximise my quest experience, which is why I have a bow on.

(Eleanor) Hmmm, needs more salt, Henry!
(Henry) More… How dare you criticise my cooking! Sacrebleu, my own wife no less!
For goodness’ sake, Henry! I suggested some more salt, not a divorce. Though that is looking more and more likely…

Stranded, no way to get home… What must our sons think?
Pfeh! Richard most probably already took control of the tavern.
He’s ambitious, not heartless, Henry! A lion’s heart, that’s what he has!

(Hermosa) Oh, it’s the Dragon Knight! Welcome back.
I see Elfrith made it.
Indeed he did! The silly man was luck you were around! Thank you for rescuing him. I am very grateful.
I must go, Captain.
Goodbye, er… your grace!
“Man Overboard” complete! Quest Rewards: 1800 XP, 500 Gold. Bonus Chosen: 800 XP.

If you choose Kenneth at the totem before this point, the quest fails and you miss out on the reward, even though you can still rescue Elfrith. I think you also miss the reward if you rescue Elfrith before getting the quest to do so, but I’m not sure.

(Jonah) What can Jonah do for you?
Does this amulet mean anything to you?
My… This is it! Where did you find this?
A woman named Catherine found it among the skeletal remains of an enormous whale.
He is dead then, the brute! His passing pleases me, even though revenge was never on my mind. I was made a widower before I sailed the seas, lost my wife to illness. That amulet was all I had to remember her by. Finally I have it back and all because of you! Take my journal, perhaps it will prove to be of interest. Be blessed, adventurer, and farewell!
“The Old Ghost and the Sea” complete! Quest Rewards: 1200 XP, 400 Gold Bonus Chosen: 600 XP.

A lot of information on the whales in here. Not of interest to me, but…

(Catherine) Hello again, dear!
I came across this book and somehow I immediately thought of you.
That sounds awfully intriguing. Let’s have a look then.

My word! This is a treasure trove of information! This is just wonderful! Priceless! Oh, you are the greatest dear I have ever met! Please accept this little token of thanks! I found it near the amulet. Thank you, precious. Thanks a million!
“The Writing on the Whale” complete! Quest Rewards: 1800 XP, 500 Gold Bonus Chosen: 800 XP.
While I’m here, I may as well talk to Allan again. It’s time to start making my choices.

(Allan) Have you chosen yet? Shall I be your humble servant?
I met the other alchemist. He’s called Barbatos.
Barbatos! Oh my… But he’s a charlatan! Oh, ye. Your choice is clear, friend! Barbatos… Hahaha! Oh, talk about amateurism.
Goodbye for now, Allan.
May the Divine bless you, Dragon Knight!
That’s twice now you’ve lied to me, Allan. It’s hard for me to blame you, you never asked for any of this… but the other candidates know the consequences of my choice as well, and at least they were honest with me – even the Black Ring Necromancers.

Video: Goodbye to Allan and Jonelath

(Igor) Welcome back. How can I serve?
I’m not keen on either of these choices, but Igor seems more likely to be obedient. But as long as I make sure never to eat or drink anything he gives me, I should be fine. Maybe.
About the poison plan: you must do as you see fit, Igor. I wash my hands in innocence.
Oh, but I’ll wash your hands for you master! And Jonelath’s cup in poison!
Goodbye, Igor.
And goodbye, Jonelath.
Goodbye, master.

(Alchemist Totem) In the right hands, the humblest herb can spell victory or doom. Shall Barbatos serve, or shall it be Allan?
I don’t wish for Allan to die… but I think it would be a greater loss if Barbatos’s knowledge and skill were to perish. And with so much at stake, can I really take a chance on an unskilled amateur whose potion seems more myth than reality? … No.
Barbatos, the most learned alchemist in Rivellon, shall serve.
Long may his potions be a source of triumph and supremacy.

“The Gardener” complete! Quest Rewards: 1200 XP, 400 Gold. Bonus Chosen: 5 Earth Roots.

(Wesson) Welcome back, Dragon Knight.
Radcliff, the other enchanter, has challenged his opponent to a smithing competition. He’s on the beach not far from here.
(Ginny) A competition you say? But that’s good, isn’t it? Yes! You can show how skilled you are!
It’s not a bad way to settle this matter, that’s true. And I can’t very well refuse, now can I? Yes, we’ll go to him presently.
I think I’ll stop in to see how Igor is doing.

It is done. The master’s gone and you shall take his place. Igor is ready to serve.
Serve me well and a great necromancer you may become.
I will, master! Greatness I’ll achieve in your shadow.
I hope I’m not making a mistake. He was quite eager and willing to kill his previous master. Maybe a bit too willing. Well, I’ll just have to keep an eye open.

(Necromancer Totem) Igor the obedient showed Jonelath who is master and shall now serve as your loyal necromancer. Long may he make cold blood run warm.
“Caught Undead” complete! Quest Rewards: 1200 XP, 400 Gold. Bonus Chosen: 600 XP.

Video: Goodbye to Kenneth and Radcliff

(Kenneth) You’re back. Have you found my rival?
Maybe a duel would settle who is the best trainer.
You just want to avoid having to make the decision yourself.
That’s part of it, I must admit.

I have, yes.
Excellent! Do tell me, so I can challenge him to a duel.
Your rival is the Captain of a stranded ship near your camp.
I see! Well then, no time to waste. I’ll go at once.

Here we are! Listen now: whoever is the Captain of this ship, I challenge him to a duel!

Challenge HER to a duel, you mean!
What? I… I didn’t know! No, I won’t fight a woman. It’s not honourable!
I take it you are my rival and one of us has to perish this day. I respect your decorum, but this is neither the time nor place. Prepare to fight!
No, I implore you! You were a Slayer before you were a Dragon and know the code of our Order. Please convince her to stop this brawl!

Funny, Marius didn’t seem to have a problem. Is it only permissible to kill female dragons, then?

Captain Hermosa, like Kenneth, I was a Dragon Slayer once. It is not bragging or bravado to say that Slayers are the elite of Rivellon’s military orders, but a widely-acknowledged fact. Kenneth is not only a Slayer, but a trainer of Slayers, including the powerful Commander Rhode – who is also a woman, Kenneth. Captain Hermosa, if you wish to decline the duel, I shall not hold it against you.
Thank you Dragon Knight, but I am not afraid and I am willing to fight to prove my skill.
Kenneth, you were perfectly willing to fight a moment ago.
Dragon Knight, please. It goes against the code.
Chivalrous your behaviour may be, Kenneth…
but perhaps not respectful.

The sentiment is gallant enough, but this duel shall be settled here and now.
I deplore that decision. But if there is no other way, so be it.
You made the decision of your own free will, Kenneth.

Captain, en garde!
May the best swordsman win!

(Sam) Slayer versus Captain! Haha! Thus must be the duel of the year!
(Radcliff) Come on! Let’s see some blood!

At first, the fight didn’t look good for Captain Hermosa. A powerful swing from Kenneth knocked her down, and he moved in for the kill with a Rush Attack. But she evaded it and got to her feet.

She finished Kenneth off with a blow slicing through the armour.

(Turgoyn) I knew it! Captain Hermosa is the best fighter you’ll ever meet!
Very impressive.

Kenneth gurgled for a moment, reaching his hand towards Yara, then he exhaled his last and his eyes focused on a point beyond the sight of the living.

I’m sorry, Kenneth.

Hermosa always wins this fight, it’s not random.

I think I have amply proven who’s the best fighter on this island, have I not?
You didn’t fight me yet, did you?
True enough, but I’ll show you every corner of that platform once we get up there!
I’m looking forward to it.
But we won’t engage in combat when you’re in Dragon form, will we? Because that would hardly be fair!
Ha ha ha! Don’t worry. … Please see… please see that Kenneth gets a proper burial, would you please?

Hermosa nodded in assent.

(Barbatos) Ah yes, the Dragon Knight. The island was kind enough to inform me about the veracity of your words.
Yes, well, I can only hope you’ll serve me and my bird-brain well.
All right, all right! I thank you for choosing me, but there’s no need to rub it in!

I take it you, sir, are the other smith?

I am. So you’re the competition, are you? Hmph, let’s get this over with then. We’ll both make the best sword we can with the paltry materials we have at our disposal. You agree?
Very well! May the best man win!
Lord, all that hammering is going to be torture.

Hahaa! Yes, a nice little sword it is! I’m still the finest weapon smith around!
I… I must admit you have beaten me.
No! No, I’m sure your sword is just as good! Better even!
I’m afraid it just isn’t, dearest. No use kidding ourselves.
But… No! Oh please, mighty Knight, choose my husband!
The Dragon Knight needs an enchanter, lady, and I have just proven I’m the best. Simple as that.
Why must this happen to us? I just wish we were back home in Aleroth, nothing more.
You certainly are the best at crafting weapons, Radcliff.
No… please…
… However, I fight only with my hands and feet.
What? So that means…
All it means is that I still need to think about my choice. If Radcliff wants to try his hand in an armour-smithing contest…

Radcliff looked slightly green, and it seemed to be from more than the hangover.

No. I’ve already proven my skill once. You’ll pick me in the end, I’m sure.

(Trainer Totem) Fair Hermosa proved her skill and shall now be your devoted trainer. Long may she guide you to perfection.
“Sparring Partner” complete! Quest Rewards: 1200 XP, 400 Gold. Bonus Chosen: 600 XP.

(Enchanter Totem) The sword is but metal; ore but raw material. Together they are power. Shall Radcliff serve, or shall it be Wesson?
I’m sure, and so is Radcliff, I bet, that Wesson is better at crafting armour. I have no need to carry steel in my hands. … And I don’t want Wesson to die right in front of his wife’s eyes.
Wesson, connoisseur of gems, shall serve.
Long may he combine nature’s potential with man’s wit.

“Enchanted, I’m sure” complete! Quest Rewards: 1200 XP, 400 Gold. Bonus Chosen: 600 XP.

The choice is made. These decisions were yours, and therefore the proper ones.
Proper because they were mine? You make me sound like a dictator.
Your rule here must be absolute. If it is not, others like Laiken will quickly appear. Remember that.
It was a harsh game you had me play, madam.
Not harsh, no. It is the way of things. The fittest survived. Whether they were the fittest in your eyes or mine is of no consequence.

Mind-read the island for a free skill point. This is your only chance to do it.

(-1400 XP) Aren’t we hungry for my power? Good! You’ll need it in this cheerless palace and I give it to you freely. [+1 Skill Points]
Now go, Dragon Knight. May fortune be on your side when you confront the necromancer where he dwells.
“The Prophecy” complete! Quest Rewards: 3000 XP, 850 Gold. Bonuses Chosen: 1500 XP, Random amulet. Level up!

I chose the amulet not because of the base magical properties (+1 Summon Mastery, 1 charm slot), but because it had a Rank 5 Static Charge enchantment I could take from it.

Also, with all the quest solving I did here, I reached level 19. I put 3 points into Strength, and 1 into Spirit. I’m glad for levelling up now, as there’s another tough fight coming up next Chapter.

I can’t thank you enough, your grace. Me and Ginny are forever in your debt.
Don’t mention it. You two seem like an amiable couple and you’ll do fine!
We will, kind master! May the Divine bless you!
Oh, Dragon Knight, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! My husband will never fail you! You’ll see. He won’t!

(Elfrith) How are you, friend? I hope the book was of interest!
Book? Oh! That thing he found in the sand. I should look at it.
What a good idea.

What was your function on the ship?
Able seaman. Did all sorts of things really, though I spent most of my time as helmsman. We usually sailed from Rivertown to various destinations north.

Back in Divine Divinity, Neither Rivertown nor Verdistis seemed to have a port of any kind, never mind one going to the ocean. But that was 70 years ago, and the great war 50 years ago is said explicitly to have changed the geography of the world. The war literally moved mountains. That’s what happens when Demigods fight, so it might not be an error.

It’s a good life if you prefer the great open waters to land, but it’s not always the safest of careers.
What perils did you face at sea?
Storms, icebergs and pirates form the commonest of threats. But we’ve once had a close encounter of the pants-peeing kind with a kraken. And then there was the near fatal descent into the Maelstrom! I’ll tell you this: ending up on some strange magical island just isn’t as surprising as you’d think! Not for a sailor, anyway.

This is the book Elfrith gave you. It appears to be the spellbook of an unnamed mage. Most of the spells are too amateurish to be of much use, but one of them catches your attention. It would seem the mage liked to work outside, but often the wind bothered him, so he devised a spell to make it die down…
The book you gave me could come in quite handy.
Glad to hear! I hope it will serve you well.
Bye now!
See you around, friend!

Elfrith, Jonah, and Catherine
Goodbye to Allan and Jonelath
Goodbye to Kenneth and Radcliff

Next Time: The Second Coming.

There’s another wyvern pin with a random chest at the top. You need to go for a swim to get there and back.

When I play, I usually find myself gravitating to Hermosa, Wesson, Barbatos and Jonelath, which is almost the exact combination that the thread selected.

I have some thoughts on the benefits the tower servants provide, but I’ll save that for chapter 36.

I find Igor a bit creepier than Jonelath. Jonelath is psychotic, but if he wants to kill you, he’ll come at you straight. Igor poisoned his own village.

Jonelath is – was - Igor’s master, and Igor came up with a plan to poison him all on his own. Now WE are Igor’s master, and I find that a bit worrying.

I upgraded this, putting on the Rank 8 Spontaneous Combustion aura and replacing the Static Charge aura.

Yara’s Current Auras

(Barbatos) Ah yes, the Dragon Knight. The island was kind enough to inform me about the veracity of your words.
You mean that pretty little green thing?
Ah, yes. Well, I meant no offense! Ahem.

Indeed. All my decisions are the proper ones. Always.
Good. The master of the Battle Tower needs to be firm and sure of judgement – and you are.

Delacroix posted:

What the hell.

Heh. If you watch, Hermosa sometimes goes to the doorway of her tent and poses to show off her muscles.