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Part 46: What’s in a Name?

Chapter 32 – What’s in a Name?

The Contract

Yara’s Current Auras

Music: Ominous Surroundings

Video: Morgue

Sassan ran up.

(Sassan) We are in! Good word, Dragon Knight! It wasn’t very subtle, but good work nonetheless.
(Yara) She’s worried about me being subtle? I didn’t see her coming up with any ideas. And it’s not like Laiken didn’t know we were here already.
I know you haven’t been here before, but is there something useful you know about this place?
Not about the tower itself, no, but plenty about Laiken. Did you ever wonder how Laiken is able to live such an unnaturally long life?
Deal with the Damned One?
It is because he has been Soul Forged with an immortal Demon. This spell ties their souls together and ensures Laiken dies only when the ever-living Demon does. But the reverse is also true. So if we can summon the Demon and defeat it, Laiken will fall dead without ever having known what hit him.
You make it sound so easy.
I never said it would be so easy. But as far as I can see, it’s the only way. There is but one small snag. To be able to summon a particular Demon, you need to know its name. The only one present at the Soul Forge ritual was Erlking, Laiken’s goblin lackey. Unfortunately Laken cut his vocal cords to prevent his telling anyine the Demon’s name.
What I’m getting from all this is ‘Laiken’s a dick’.
See if you can find clues that may reveal it. Once we have the name, our plan can be set in motion.
(-700 XP) I wonder if Erlking still keeps his writings around. There was some interesting magic to be found in them.

This update will be all about tracking down the name.

After this point, mindread Sassan whenever you get the chance, it’s always worth it. In this case, it spawns a book in the tower library which gives you two attribute points.

We’re now in the tower itself. We’ll use this elevator to go up and down. Down first.

Basement Level. The Morgue. It’s full of bones and corpses.

That Abomination master drops a key we’ll need.

And one last teleporter shrine. This will be handy because it’s the last time we can go back.

(Grimm) Oh, a visitor! And I didn’t clean. Look at this place, it’s a mess!
And who are you, my good man?
Why, I’m the undertaker. I take care of the bodies Master Laiken no longer needs.
Where do his loyalties lie, I wonder?
He won’t be Master Laiken much longer.
Ah, you seek to overthrow him, then? That’s good. He’s a nasty old brute. Tell you what: once my dear master has been dealt with, I’ll move up to the necromancer platform, yes? I offer many exclusive limbs that will be very useful if you should perform the dark arts.
So you’re – for lack of a better word – a limb peddler?
It’s just a little enterprise on the side, but yes. Necromancers love to create all kinds of bizarre creatures. But often it’s a nuisance to hunt for the parts you need. That’s where I step in.

Grimm will become a merchant who sells creature parts on the tower. He will possibly be useful once or twice. I still haven’t found a Dragon Elf head to make my creature a full-fledged spellcaster. Unfortunately, the reason that Grimm will ultimately be less than useful is because there is no variation in creature parts, there are no random modifiers on parts that would make swapping parts around useful, so once I have all the parts I need, that’s it.

How long have you been the tower’s undertaker?
About twenty years I should say. I was dragged in by the thugs when our ship crashed on this island. Laiken spared me because of my knowledge of anatomy and embalming, but I haven’t seen the sky since.
(-200 XP) To be home again… I don’t think it will ever happen.
Where did you learn about anatomy and embalming?
My father was an undertaker and his father before him. And my mother was a surgeon and her mother before her. They performed their jobs like no other, but having a surgery and mortuary under the same room didn’t exactly improve their reputation.
Which ship were you on when you arrived here?
I can’t remember the name of the boat – nor who was on it, really. I admit I was a stowaway trying to evade some debts. The one thing I do recall vividly is the incident itself. We were out on the sea, nothing but water in sight, and the next thing we knew we were stuck in a huge tree! My arms are still blue from the pinches I gave myself, but sadly I wasn’t dreaming!
I’ll go make sure you’ll be up on the platform in no time.
You do that! Defeating Laiken won’t be easy, but I wish you good luck!

Yara took the elevator up to the floor above the barracks passage.

Video: Library

Reading this gives me +2 Attribute points, both of which I put into Vitality. (Spoiler Alert: There’s a boss fight coming soon.)

The goblin stares at you without fear, anger or any other emotion. His whole countenance gives testimony of complete indifference.
I know you can’t speak, but could you write down the name of the Demon that Laiken is Soul Forged with?
A quick guttural growl escapes from Erkling’s throat. You interpret it as ‘no’.
I’d ask you if the cat got your tongue, but you might consider that to be somewhat rude.
An angry hiss confirms your suspicion. Erlking would indeed consider that to be ‘somewhat rude’.
(Erlking) (-700 XP) I think I’ll read some more of Gothe’s ballads tonight.
Hmmm… nothing. I’ll look around some more.

Yara took the elevator up another floor.

I hate it when they do that.

This guy also drops a mandatory key. This is also the point where my inventory filled up, so I had to go back to Broken Valley for the last time to sell crap, learn new enchantments, brew potions, and upgrade my enchantments on my gear.

To clear out as much inventory space as I can, I also put on one of my low-quality Melee Damage enchantments onto a ring. It won’t last long, but it’s not a great charm, really. I also used a +3 Spirit charm on some earrings I’ll also be replacing soon.

Video: The Contract

This book contains research notes on necromancy, jotted down by Laiken himself.
(Laiken) It is highly interesting to note that healthy subjects exposed to intense physical pain, still reflect that anguish after the transformation into an undead entity. When the forearms are removed for instance, and replaced by blades – an intense process of sawing, jamming and stitching – I find that subjects who undergo this procedure alive and conscious make for fiercer and more merciless undead warriors. Needless to say, it is a process I shall regularly practice – perhaps even exclusively should other experiments secure the same rate of success.

This little volume is called “Amusing Anomalies” and contains anecdotes about the lighter side of necromancy.
In a frivolous mood I revived a corpse too decomposed to be of any real use. The thing staggered around a bit as it tried to speak with a rotten tongue, while its glib-eyes fell from their sockets and flesh dropped in meaty sploshes, all to a highly comical effect. Encouraged by this jocular escapade, I revived, in the company of my disciples, a fresh young man, but not before having carefully removed every piece of bone from his body, save for the skull. The sight of the helplessly quivering heap of meat, combined with the look of utter panic and horror on the callow face, proved to be too great a strain on the simulated seriousness of the assembled onlookers and all laughed uncontrollably.
Maybe I’ll see if Igor can resurrect Laiken so I can kill him again. At least once a week.
You mean, just like what Laiken would do?
… You’re right, I suppose.

There are candles on either side of the center. Light them both, and…

A hidden room opens, containing a chest of random loot.

Yara returned to Erlkings library to look around some more.

These books have less dust on them than the others.

Which book would you like to peruse?
Lord of the Goblins?
A cheap parody.
Necromancy for Toddlers?
Disturbing. Highly disturbing.
The Naughty Parchments Omnibus?
Look at that centerfold!
Black’s Anatomy?
Judging by the underlined passages, someone is extremely familiar with the urinary tract.
The Parrot and Other Poems?
“Quote the parrot, ‘Nevermore’…”
Gothe’s Ballads? Hey, that’s the one Erlking was thinking about.
You hear a click inside the wall…

The key from the abomination in the room above opened the small chest on the table.

Written in thick streaks of blood, amidst bizarre occult signs, is the Demon’s name:

Halt a moment, Dragon Knight, and let me warn you: Damian’s presence in Broken Valley is growing darker every hour. Conquering the Battle Tower will provoke his supreme wrath here and in the vale: so if you have unfinished business there, wrap it up before you front Laiken!

“Invasion! Attack! Help!”

Quincy burst through the barracks door and fell to his knees, gasping for breath.

(Captain Rodney) Quincy! What’s going on?!

“Sir! It’s… it’s an invasion, sir…” he said, gasping for air. “It’s the Black Ring! I saw them from the watchtower! They’re coming up the valley!”


He sprinted out onto the wall. Deep in the valley he could see movement, a lot of it.

“There are dozens of them! Maybe hundreds!”

“What are we going to do, sir?”

Damn… if only the Dragon Slayers were here…

He’s invading the valley!? I’ve got to get back there!
What do you propose to do,
Initiate? You would be massively outnumbered. You had difficulty enough with the handful of bandits outside.
I can’t just let him get away with it! I’ve got to get back!
Even if you COULD defeat the soldiers on the ground all by yourself, it wouldn't be enough to save the valley.
What do you mean?
Have you forgotten? Not all of Damian’s forces are ground based.

Catherine Gremory was looking apprehensively at the dark tower. A while ago fire had rained down from on high, and while it had had made a frightful noise, the tower had resumed its silent vigil once more. She resolved to keep a closer eye on it regardless.

She resumed reading the fisherman’s journals. Such detail in the habits of the whales. A shadow fell across the page. She looked up. The shadow was large, and moving fast. She turned around and looked out over the channel.

“What in the world?”

I’m sorry, Dragon Knight, but there’s nothing you can do for Broken Valley. Even a Dragon Knight has their limits. You need to learn to accept that some people will die, regardless of how you try to help them.
I think… maybe… maybe that’s what the island was trying to tell me. About choices. My choices will have consequences

One mistake… one mistake, and the Black Ring will rule all of Rivellon.

(Captain Rodney) I didn’t see any activity by the old chapel. Start rounding up the civilians and bringing them to the barracks. Maybe they can escape through the tunnel. Track down those New Order soldiers who missed their zeppelin, they can help.

“What about us, sir?”

We hold the line as long as we can – until everyone is out. Men, I can’t promise you victory. In fact, in all likelihood, none of us will survive. But I promise you this! We’ll give the Black Ring a fight that will be remembered forever! No one will forget what happens here this night! For duty!

“FOR DUTY!” chorused the guards in unison.

For honour!




The Contract

The Maps

In case it wasn't obvious, this is the point of no return for everything which happened before the bandit barracks. Once we go to summon Razakel, any quests you haven't completed yet - except for Turgoyn's - can no longer be finished. This is also your last chance to to back to Broken Valley and swap out creature parts, enchantments, or brew potions. And you may want to, there are several fights coming up.

I didn’t mention this earlier, but here’s the Hermit’s bow from his chest.

Yara’s Current Auras

I upgraded my Talisman of the North again, and removed the enchantments for Scorpion Leggings, replacing them with Life Line 6 (+25 HP) and Magic Protection (+6 Magic Armour).

We are in! Good word, Dragon Knight! It wasn’t very subtle, but good work nonetheless.
Laiken must know we’re coming, so I don’t think the outer gate was the only locked door we’ll have to force open.
Let him lock all the doors he wants! I know how to murder the brute without having to confront him.

So if we can summon the Demon and defeat it, Laiken will fall dead without ever having known what hit him.
I have dabbled with Demons before. Perhaps facing Laiken himself is a better idea.
I assure you it is not. Why take the chance? If you have really faced Demons before and lived, you can surely face another one.

(Grimm) Oh, a visitor! And I didn’t clean. Look at this place, it’s a mess!
I was told the Battle Tower has its own crèche. Might this be it?
Does it? Never heard about it. No, this is Laiken’s morgue and I’m the undertaker.
The undertaker, you say. What exactly do you do?
I get rid of the ones that have been experimented to death, hehe. But I also keep and store the good bits.