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Part 56: Roadblock

Chapter 40 – Roadblock

Zeppelin Dock

Yara’s Current Auras

Music: Champion Harbour

Video: Zeppelin Dock

(Talana) Come, Dragon Knight, let us travel to Aleroth on a zeppelin.
(Yara) A zeppelin? Why? Don’t I have wings for a reason?
Yes, but a zeppelin can make the flight to Aleroth in perhaps 12 hours. It would take you at least twice that – and that’s not taking into account that you’ll need to rest your wings.
I suppose you have a point. I’ll take the lift up to the dock, then.

(Zeppelin Grandmaster Page) Hell and damnation!
(Dragon Knight Yara) Who are you: the concise priest?
That was no sermon, merely an utterance of pent-up frustration! It’s the zeppelins, see. They’re not arriving anymore!
Maybe they’re stuck in traffic. Rush hour on the airways?
We haven’t seen jams since they widened Rivertown gorge! No, this is something different. Them cursed goblins, may Damian torture their souls, they shot down one of our zeppelins. But that’s not the worst part: a Dragon destroyed another three.
Your doing, I take it?
At the time, I wasn’t expecting to be killed by Dragon Slayers.

After all these years, a Dragon is on the loose again! Where are the Slayers when you need them? Now only three zeppelins are still left: the Red Duke, the Hindberg and the Spirit of Aleroth. But they’re too heavily damaged to be of use.
How come the goblins were able to overtake your zeppelins?
The attack came as a complete surprise. Blasted goblins leave us alone usually, and we them. Just talk to Captain Aurelius about it. He’s mad as hell!
(-255 XP) I should just move to a safer place, away from all these wyverns and goblins. Broken Valley, perhaps?
Is there anything I can do to help you get these zeppelins airborne again?
They are missing some key elements without which they cannot fly. These are: magic compasses, rudder components and hover crystals. The goblins must have known about the soft spots, because their boarding parties went for these vitals right away.
And you have no spares?
No, they only have such scarce materials in the assembly harbour in Rivertown. But the zeppelins that actually went down were never boarded, so their crystals and such should still be there. Unfortunately, the wrecks will have been picked clean by wyverns. Those pests are regular magpies. If something reflects the sun, it’s in their nests moments later.
Getting those back shouldn’t be a problem.
Oh really? So you can climb the fjords and shoot the wyverns at the same time? I don’t think so! But I appreciate your willingness to help. And should you pull it off after all, I, on behalf of the Champions, will pay you very well!
Catch you later!
Sure. And if you see a goblin, make sure it’s his last day, eh!

On the Road Again
There are 9 components (I think there might actually be a 10th one as well) scattered in wyvern nests all over. You need to return one of each to Page to get the Aleroth zeppelin going. That will eventually necessary to advance the main plot, but this act is far more free-form than the first two acts were.

References: The Red Baron, the Hindenburg, and Spirit of St. Louis.

By the boarding ramp was a familiar face.

(Sepp) Hey, Slayer! I haven’t seen you since we left Farglow!
Is this your usual place of work?
No, I take care of transport in Rivertown normally. But I haven’t been able to get back there since we flew to Broken Valley.
See you, Sepp.
G’day to you!

You can mind-read Sepp to get some experience, but the mind-read costs more than you get! You need at least seven points into Mind-read to make a profit. Not really worth it. I did remember to have Hermosa train my Mind-read up to Rank 10 just in case, though.

I upgraded my creature again with more limbs from Grimm.

Magic Missile

Magic Blast

That’s a pretty substantial damage upgrade for just a 2-level increase in head power. It might be even more if…

… the increased limb damage stacks with the skill damage.

It’s a slight downgrade of 181 health, but it nearly doubles the damage. At the moment, I think it’s worth the switch, even if the upgraded damage is still only 30. Magic-using creatures are less likely to die as often, especially since I’ll be the one in melee range most often.

The increased damage for my magic skills is good since enemies now have several hundred health.

Here’s the ring I bought from Sassan, upgraded with a Spontaneous Combustion aura.

I also put this +4 Strength Charm into my Annihilator bracelet. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be using the complete Annihilator set, but this should prolong the life of this piece – maybe.

This teleporter has ‘Camp Harbour’ written on it. Its destination is ‘Camp Tiberius’. The control panel has been destroyed.

Music: Majesty of the Fjords

Video: Simeon

Camp Tiberius was looking towards Sentinel Island, but what caught Yara’s attention was the man sitting on a pillar. As she got closer, it became apparent that he was blind.

(Simeon) I see you not, yet I know you are there. Who approaches Simeon the Philosopher?

2. A Dragon Knight seeks you out.
3. Who I am is immaterial.

Someone who is curious why anyone would linger here.
Linger? I do not linger here. I assure you, Dragon Knight. Yes, I know what you are. A human imbued by the might of the Great Old Minds… Never before have I felt a degree of intellectual jealousy.
I never thought anyone would speak those words about YOU, Dragon Knight.
I certainly have to agree with that!

1. What is it you do here?
2. Tell me about this little balance act you have going on.

But I’m pretty sure those have less content than the other option.

Why should you be jealous?
Because I seek to know All, and a mind exposed to Dragon magic has a considerable advantage. I am here to contemplate life and death, and I have done so for more than eight centuries. Philosophy has always been my greatest passion, and after having discovered the key to a thousand-year life, I came here to dedicate my existence to thought. Alas, around my four-hundredth year, I lost my eyesight. My body still aged it seemed, faster than I thought.
Tell me: why does a man who seeks abstract truth need his eyes? They might distract him.
You have a touch of the philosopher, don’t you? I do dwell among abstract concepts, yes, but I am also convinced good philosophy must have practical use. My blindness has in a sense removed me from the material world and I fear it may have caused me to literally lose perspective. Sometimes this can influence my thoughts in an unfavourable way, and impede my search for the ultimate answers.
(-210 XP) And when I can see once more, no longer will I have to behold in awe of my inner self alone, but, again, the dome of stars above me.
Is there anything I can do to restore your eyesight?
A generous offer! To be able to see again, it would be a precious gift indeed. As precious as the only known cure in fact. But if you should bring me two malachite gems, I know of an incantation that would transform them into new eyes. These gems are extremely rare indeed and worth much gold. Still, should you give them to me freely, your reward would not be insubstantial.
Eyesight is priceless, but adventuring is not. I’m not sure yet.
The decision is yours, Dragon Knight. I shall be here, that is all.
Can you give me an indication of where to look for Malachite?
The Orobas Fjords contains many a mine and cave. But no, I can’t point you in the right direction. One encounters these gems so infrequently, the goblins call them Star Stones and believe they contain the souls of dead gods.
What kind of reward would you offer in exchange for the stones?
The reward would not be material, but spiritual. In value, I think it would be greater than any other reward. But that is for you to say.
I must take my leave of you now.
Goodbye. May you find what you seek.

Sight for Sore Eyes
Give up two Malachite Gems in hopes for a spiritual reward. Hmmm… We already have 3 from Broken Valley, and  we can get another 5 more in Orobas Fjords, guaranteed – not counting the randomly-acquired ones from Malachite Ore veins.  I’m also not likely to use any Malachite Gems until the next act anyway.

Simeon is of course a reference to Simeon the Stylite (who actually spent 37 years atop a pillar until his death).


I don’t feel like spending an entire day looking for parts at the bottom of some wyvern nest. I’ll take my chances and fly there. I’ll probably be just as fast.

That’s a lot of catapults, but I don’t care to deal with the goblins at this time.

In Ego Draconis, it was a bit more complicated. There was a tower which generated an impassable barrier preventing you from flying into the wyvern area. That tower was protected by an impenetrable shield of its own, which you had to blow up a specific tower in the Goblin village to disable. And there was another barrier separating the two halves of the goblin village so you needed to disable a second generator as well. That’s all gone in DKS.

A teleporter shrine – that could be useful. It’s the first one I’ve seen since the Grand Knight.

Now into Rivertown Gorge, next stop Aleroth. I hope.

Music: Fortress of Kali

What the – they destroyed the pass through the gorge!

Another set of islands. Fine, I’ll just fly around.
Be sensible, Dragon Knight. You have no idea what’s ahead. Sooner or later – probably sooner, you’ll need to stop and rest. Every mile of the gorge ahead could be carpeted with more Flying Fortresses for all you know. They will send out fliers to look for you, and if they catch you helpless on the ground…
*sigh* Yes, I see you’re right. I’m already starting to get tired from flying. I’ll have to remove these fortresses from my way. I see all those troops. I’ll need more power. Damn…

Zeppelin Dock

Fortress of Kali

This update is shorter than usual because there was no real way to include both this and the next update in one chapter.

In the far corner, past Morgan is Sejanus’s stash. It had a couple of Legendary-quality weapons in it. And almost 500 gold.

Yara’s Current Auras

I also did some gem farming between updates, so I bought the Darling ring, replacing the one with +Spirit, and I

(Simeon) I see you not, yet I know you are there. Who approaches Simeon the Philosopher?

Who I am is immaterial.
But what you are is not. Or did you think I do not know when a Dragon Knight nears? A human imbued by the might of the Great Old Minds… Never before have I felt a degree of intellectual jealousy.
What is it you do here?
I sit and think. No more, no less. I am here to contemplate life and death, and I have done so for more than eight centuries.

(Simeon) I see you not, yet I know you are there. Who approaches Simeon the Philosopher?
A Dragon Knight seeks you out.
I thought as much, but I thank you for being honest. A human imbued by the might of the Great Old Minds… Never before have I felt a degree of intellectual jealousy.
Tell me about this little balance act you have going on.
The only thing I balance between is truth and untruth. I am here to contemplate life and death, and I have done so for more than eight centuries.

There’s someone I didn’t talk to in Champion Harbour – a merchant called Leon who can be found near Morgan. He doesn’t even sell any uniques.

(Morgan) You reckon they’ll save Aleroth?
(Leon) No idea! What with that Zandalor type around and all that.
Where’s there’s wizards there’s trouble, is what I say.

Aleroth’s lucky it has a man like General Augustus at its command.
Though technically Lord Leodatus is the leader of the city.
Bah! Another wizard. I’ll bet he’s behind all the trouble in the first place.

Best deals outside of Aleroth, Slayer! Come, have a look at what I sell!
Business must be slow, I imagine.
Oh, ain’t that the truth. And a sad truth it is.
(-1200 XP) I just can’t get rid of that damned smell of fish!
But I shouldn’t complain! At least I’m not in Aleroth, dodging ghosts and otherworldly monsters. If the Champions can’t nip the attack in the bud, I think the city will be lost forever.

Reader Participation

1. We’ve still got some choices. Where to?

a) Walk to High Hall = 1 Vote
b) Investigate the Red Ore Mine for Crabbe.
f) Check out the Goblin Camp. = 2 Votes.
g) Investigate that Castle in the Fjords. = 3 Votes.
h) Look for more treasure hunters and parts of the seal. = 2 Votes.

Please vote for first, second, and third choices in order. More, if you’re enthusiastic.

2. Should we give up 2 of our 3 current Malachite Gems to restore Simeon’s eyesight. Malachite is rare, but I’m only really going to use it to enchant my final final gear a couple dozen updates from now.

a) Yes. (Reward:  2 Skill Points ) (Default) = 1 Vote.
b) No, our Malachite is precious.

3. A New Order soldier and a Champion are having a dispute about who should yield and let the other pass on the road.

a) Stop acting like children! (Default) = 1 Vote.
b) I’m a Dragon Slayer, therefore I’m the best, you pussies!