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Part 63: Where Dragons Dare

Chapter 47 – Where Dragons Dare

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Yara’s Current Auras

Video: Loose Ends

(Crabbe) So – did you show them imps who’s boss?
(Yara) The mine is free of imps and their leader has been eliminated.
Well done! Well done, I say! I’ll convince the guild to reopen the mine as soon as possible. May take a while still, but I’m not one to give up! Now I hate to put you on the spot like this again – but could you do me a second favour? I was supposed to be picked up by a zeppelin, but it is nowhere to be seen! If you’re at Champion Harbour, ask Zeppelin Master Page to send someone for me, would you?
It’ll still be a while before your ride will be here.
Oh, well. I’m a patient man. I’ll wait.
“Red Ore Alert” complete! Quest Reward: 4500 XP, 800 Gold. Bonus Chosen: 2250 XP

Yara took the Grand Knight teleporter shrine to the Red Hammer village.

(Gwyn) I’m here, human! The Red Hammer Cave! Gwyn is finally here!
What are you doing lingering by the door?
Groth is waiting for the human. Don’t keep the great Groth waiting! Totems forbid!

(Groth) Have you found a human who speaks our language?
I found the very man you are looking for. Gwyn here is as goblinoid as a human can be.
Then you have my gratitude and that of the Red Hammer Clan. If there is anything left of it.
(Talana) Now humans, too, will be able to read the heart-warming tales of goblin conquest. A classic in the making.
“Much Ado About Goblins” complete! Quest Reward: 4500 XP, 800 Gold Bonus Chosen: 2250 XP

No time, I must write down many stories!
I am content human. Our tribe’s legacy will live on.

Groth’s cave is full of great stuff. Earth Root, Venom Stone Ore, a Skill Book and a Dragon Skill book, and TWO keys. I was mistaken when I earlier said that siding with Svadilfari was the only way to get one of them open. It still might get one or both open, but the key is in here, and one of the chests has a special item.

We’ve got a lot of the set pieces already. We’ll need to venture into the Flying Fortresses to get some parts for the rest though.

(Zeppelin Master Page) The courageous mountaineer! Found any zeppelin components?
Not yet, sadly. A mine prospector called Crabbe asked for a zeppelin to pick him up. He’s by the Grand Knight.
I know he’s still out there, but I can’t do anything about that until at least one of my sweethearts is in the air again!
Catch you later!

(Brutus) So, did you find Quintus? Are the trolls taken care of?
I met Quintus. He asked me to take care of some mage, but I have yet to do that.
He’s still alive, then! Good! Do what he wants you to do. The reward still stands.

(Sejanus) Any luck tracking down those wanted criminals?
I killed Alutiiq. Here is his mask.
Splendid! You certainly earned this gold. And that clears the board. Well done! Perhaps this comes a bit late, now that you have hunted down the Orobas Fjords’ most wanted criminals, but here: have this bow. It used to belong to Tiberius, the Champions’ finest archer. Lost a battle with a wyvern mother, poor man, but we still honour him and now so can you.
Damian’s end is so close we can taste it and still you roam these fjords in search of petty criminals to bring to justice!
“Alutiiq” complete! Quest Reward: 4500 XP, 800 Gold. Bonus Chosen: 2240 XP.
“A Hunting We Shall Go Again” complete! Quest Reward: 8500 XP, 1200 Gold Bonuses Chosen: 4250 Gold, Major Damage Charm. Level Up!

Level 26! That’s the minimum level of the enemies in the easiest Flying Fortress, so that’s my next stop.

(Simeon) The gem-seeker returns. I bid you welcome.
I found two malachite gems. You may have them freely.
Lord of Chaos be damned, you found real malachite! Now for the spell. Gemmae lucem dent oculis meis!

Yes! I… I see again! To see the sky! To see the rocks! After all this time! My mind opens up, more than it ever has. Come, let me tell you of the philosophical progress I have made over the centuries!

Simeon talks to you for hours at a time, throughout the day and night, until a while day has passed. His insights are indeed tremendous and you leave the peerless thinker more elated and enlightened than you ever were before.
Never have I witnessed such erudition. He is a great sage indeed, for as another philosopher said: “The one single sign of profound knowledge is the power of teaching.” However, Dragon Knight, that talk consumed an entire day, and in case you have forgotten, our time is not unlimited. Zandalor requires our aid in Aleroth soon or else the city shall fall.
You’re right. I’d better start trying to take out the Flying Fortresses.

“Sight for Sore Eyes” complete! Quest Reward: 6000 XP, 1000 Gold, 2 Skill Points. Bonuses Chosen: 3000 XP, 500 Gold.

For restoring Simeon’s eyesight, those two Malachite gems are transformed into two skill points for us. I think it’s well worth it.

Video: The Next Step

(Wesson) Esteemed Dragon Knight! What can I do for you?
I have with me that shipment you spoke of. Lister didn’t make it, though.
Oh – the young fool travelled without escort, didn’t he? I warned him so? Didn’t I, Ginny? I warned him so!
(Ginny) He always had the brains of a mutton cop, dear.
Don’t speak ill of the dead, Ginny. It’s not a proper thing to do. But I’ll not dwell on his passing now. Thank you for bringing me these materials. While you were gone I took the time to write down what new enchantments will be available to you. Here they are. If you want to start working with them, just say the word, kind benefactor! But talk to Sassan about it first.
“Short Supply” complete! Quest Reward: 4500 XP, 800 Gold, Skil Book Bonus Chosen: 2250 XP.

(Sassan) Yes, my liege?
I would like to upgrade my workshop.
In what way specifically, Dragon Knight?
The machine with which one enchants jewels.
It shall be done!

This upgrade to the workshop lowers all ingredient costs by one when enchanting jewellery.

After you complete the initial tower operator quests, that opens up their second quest. It’s much harder than the first quest. Now it’s time for the second round.

Igor is ready to serve, my master. May I serve you?
I should like my necromancy platform to become even mightier, Igor.
Is that so, my master? You now your word is my command. I can unlock more powers here, oh yes, and will gladly do so if it may serve you. But I shall need something to channel those powers: a ring, a servant of darkness. It is in the possession of Stone, a Black Ring summoner who dwells in the deepest regions of his Flying Fortress. As your servant I must warn you he is very dangerous – but that ring – a more powerful servant you shall not find.
I am off, Igor.
I loyally await your return, ready to serve you once more.

Black Ring’s Ring
The Necromancer’s quest takes you to Stone’s Flying Fortress – either to kill Stone and take his ring for Igor, or for Jonelath, to  defeat the summoner Xanloch and “Isabelle”. 

Stone’s Flying fortress is generally considered to be the easiest one. But when it comes to Flying Fortresses “easy” is relative. It’s still extremely lethal.

(Barbatos) The esteemed master of the tower! How may Barbatos brighten your day?
Have we reached the limit of our potential here, or can you do more for me?
There is an… ultimate item of sorts that would enable me to improve this garden even more, but it is… difficult to get one’s hands on. The Amulet of Alchemy is quite legendary, but so is the danger associated with it. It is in the hands of Rayhun, a Black Ring wizard, alchemist, and chief resident of his own Flying Fortress. Should you be able to defeat him – and I’m sure that will be no problem – I shall put that amulet to good use here, to my benefit and yours.
See you later, Barbatos.
I’ll be experimenting ‘till you return!

An Alchemist’s Apparel
The Alchemist’s quest takes you to Broken Valley. For Barbatos it is to retrieve an amulet you aren’t interested in wearing anyway. For Allan,  it’s to a DIFFERENT general to get a Potion of Wisdom, which you have to give up to Allan.  Since Allan is dead, we can keep that for ourself.

(Hermosa) Back for more? I’m ready for another round if you are.
What’s on your mind? You seem a bit distracted somehow.
I’m sorry, I was thinking of my sister, Kali. She’s… she’s Black Ring.
Come again?
I know it is hard to believe, but alas it is the truth. My sister is… she’s a monster and I want her dead! Kali desires power, nothing else, and to get it she killed our father, who was a famed weaponsmith in the employ of the Divine Paladins. She took from him Myrthos, the sword of power. I cannot touch her, not on her Flying Fortress, but you, you are powerful enough to end her evil life and bring me the sword so that my father may be avenged! Do this for me and I will ensure the power of that great weapon will enhance the glory of our arena even more!
I must leave.
I’ll be waiting for you.

Murder for Myrthos
The Trainer’s quest takes to Rivertown Gorge, the Fortress blocking the river to Aleroth. Hermosa wants the very good one-handed sword Myrthos. However, some of the weapons in the expansion may over shadow it. Kenneth will want  the book “The Demon Wars” that Kali has.  But since we aren’t using him, we can keep it and it’s +3 Skill Points for us.

(Wesson) Esteemed Dragon Knight! What can I do for you?
What more – if anything – can I still do for you, my good man?
Well, I remember reading once about a Black Ring General named Raze who wears a uniquely enchanted cuirass. It is an item an enchanter like me can only dream about, but now that the Black Ring is openly your enemy it might be advantageous to rid their army of this powerful warlord. He lives on his private Flying Fortress, I believe: an impenetrable stronghold, they say. Unless one has Dragon Powers, of course. Should you defeat him you can take this armour for yourself, of course. But if you bring it here, I can use it to make our machines even stronger!
I’m off, you too.
May your days be long and your nights pleasant!
Ahem, yes, bye!

Raging Raze
Wesson’s quest takes you to the Fortress of Raze, in search of the head of its leader. If you had chosen Radcliff, you don’t get a second quest at all. There’s one Flying Fortress which doesn’t have any quest at all associated with it. Perhaps it was originally intended to be for Radcliff.

That looks like one of the portals Aurelius mentioned to me. Odds are good it goes to a Flying Fortress.

Well… here goes nothing…
I certainly hope not nothing, Dragon Knight.
It’s time to go where only Dragons dare…

Video: Loose Ends
Video: The Next Step

Next time: Stone’s Flying Fortress. They’re all long, but this one is considered to be one of the easier ones, despite the Anti-Dragon field and TWO bosses.

I’m not sure I’ll get a chance to record the Flying Fortress until Monday, weekends are really busy for me.

Yara’s Current Auras / Equipment Updates

Since this is an important point, here’s a refresher on my current stats and equipment:

(Click for larger version)

I’ve now got 752 HP and 624 Mana. I’ll need the extra HP, because the Flying Fortresses are notoriously hard.

I upgraded my Dragon’s Skills.

Dragon Spirit

Increased to Rank 5 (+1 bonus)

Mana Cost: 55 -> 61
Duration: 5 seconds
Cooldown: 38 seconds
HP / second: 56 -> 62
Total healed: 280 -> 310

Reader Participation

1. The Black Ring have a strange alchemy experiment which has a good reward, but I can only do it once. What should my reward be?

Please vote, because that happens in THIS flying fortress.

a) 1 Skill Point.
b) 5 Attribute Points.