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Part 80: Ba’al

Chapter 60 – Ba’al

Broken Valley Mine, Part 1
Broken Valley Mine, Part 2
BOSS: Ba’al

Music: Dungeon Heat

Video: Broken Valley Mine, Part 1

Yara opened the door and entered what was once the largest mine in Broken Valley.

(Yara) The door is locked. I think it must be important.

There are two paths from the door. One is the right way, so obviously we’re taking the other one first.

The mine is a pretty tough place, which makes sense, it’s part of the main quest. The Stun + Explosive Arrow combination the Black Ring like to throw at you is nasty.

There’s another branch in this room as well. Again, we’re taking the longer way, back to the mine entrance.

I guess this was the entrance. But what’s that chest here?

I didn’t find out what this was for until this playthrough. I somehow managed to miss it the previous six times I played.

Video: Broken Valley Mine, Part 2

Back to the second branch. Following it leads to a storage room.

That bloodstain is suspicious. I’ll check for secret buttons.


The obvious button in there opens the second secret door, but closes us into the first room. We can’t have both doors open… or can we? Breaking some suspiciously stacked crates reveals a switch.

It’s just random loot, though.

The only path left.

(Amon) Up here, intruder! Brave a Black Ring Officer if you dare!
Only an officer? Bor-ring! I’ve killed a half-dozen of your generals already. How about YOU brave a Dragon Knight, if YOU dare!

Music: Tides of Battle

That’s quite a lot. I had to run away and heal at least once.

Amon drops the key we need to progress. But there’s still loot to be had!

This storage room looks even less interesting than the first… but we have a lever handle.

The secret room opened up was hinted at by mind-reading one of the mine guards back in Broken Valley!

This is it… the secret shrine the miners uncovered.

Video: Ba’al

(Ba’al) Good to see you, human! Finally I have some meat to cleave! But what is this air about you? Your eyes say you’re a Dragon Slayer, but there is… more…
(-3600 XP)
You sense the Dragon, fiend.
Yes, that’s it: the Dragon! I can see the magic in your blood, smell a hint of sulphur upon your breath.
Hmmm… maybe I should get some mints.
The Dragon tries to thwart the Damned One, but it will only find death. I have found the Sigil, it is now Damian’s. Come, little serpent, come claim it from Ba’al!

Music: From Hell

Ba’al is level 30, but he’s actually not terribly dangerous. Definitely take out the Black Ring Healer in the arena first, we don’t want her dropping a healing spell on Ba’al.

Also, don’t forget to mind-read him to get two free skill points. The game starts handing out last-minute skill points like crazy here.

Not pictured: At least two more hits – one of 608 damage, and a Critical for 1307! Enemies have a lot of health.

A Thousand Strikes, and no Ba’als.
(Talana) Never has a Dragon Knight bested a Demon of such calibre in human form! Ba’al defeated; it is a feat unmatched in the annals of conquest! Damian will never believe the mightiest of his servants has let slip the Sigil that will open the Hall of Echoes!
Let’s hope he doesn’t check in often.

“Lock and Key” complete! Quest Reward: 8500 XP, 1200 Gold. Bonus Chosen: 4250 XP, 600 Gold.
And so, my great paladin, you have gathered all we need to enter the Hall of Echoes. Let us go then; the land of the dead beckons.
Yes. I should hurry.

In Ego Draconis, the chests contained Unique or Epic quality loot, I forget which.

There are three chapters left in the act. They’re short, but I think I need to break them up for pacing, instead of dumping them all in one lump. After I have all three completely done, I’ll post three days of consecutive chapters. One is done except for the video, and the screenshots for the second are done and the transcript is half-done, so I may be able to finish all the stuff pretty quickly.

Broken Valley Mine, Part 1
Broken Valley Mine, Part 2
BOSS: Ba’al

Yara’s Current Auras / Equipment Updates

Current Scorpion Set Bonuses:
Necklace: +9 Heightened Reflexes
Ring: +68 Hitpoints
Belt: +0.48 HP Regeneration
Helmet: +4 Vitality
Cuirass: +11 Melee Armour Rating
Gauntlets: +9 Indomitable Will
Leggings: +9 Ranged Armour Rating
Bracelet: +12 Strength
Earrings: +12 Conditioned Body

EDIT: Reader Participation:

1. Should I include a failed attempt at a "boss"? It would add two minutes to a three minute "success" video.

a) It's not that long, I guess. Leave it in.
b) Cut out the bloopers, please.