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Part 8: Tunnels that Veer to the Left

Tunnels that Veer to the Left

Get on up, Dizzy. We have potential caverns to explore today!

bobvonunheil posted:

Man, so much stuff to do! As the current vote is which trapdoor to open, I'm going to go for the one on the left, as it's where more of our items are.

Grilox posted:

Let's open the westmost trapdoor.

Ah, finally. Considering it was right next to where I started, I was starting to feel like a living part in some giant Rube Goldberg machine. It was frustrating to not be able to get there until now!

I'm in a chilly corridor above the lake in the mines below. I can still hear the chains rattling in the breeze from here, it's rather unnerving... The rainwater is still trickling through the cavern roof too, so I'll get my coat.

It seems like I can't go past the underground lake after all... it's a just a dead end. All that's down here is a spare ovum and Clove of Garlic. Not the best of smells to discover in a sealed cave, I assure you.
Well, that's better than nothing. Progress is progress! Looks like you're still in the Rube Goldberg machine after all. Nevertheless, we have a somewhat scarier sounding route to explore!

FredMSloniker posted:

Again, I state the obvious: put the gem in the idol's eye.

I don't quite like the look of that statue... but I shall give it a try.

I can see a hidden passageway down there! I can only wonder what mysteries lie ahead!


Well. I suppose that can be considered a mystery.
It's completely empty... nothing but the rocky underground here. If only I had a way to go further... Has anything else been suggested? *ahem.*
Ah, as it happens, yes!

bobvonunheil posted:

I have a feeling that the point of the empty bottle is to store the potion we're going to make in the cauldron (which is the eventual goal of the game), and nothing else.

I'm guessing this is correct. That's why we're here, after all! Happy now, Dizzy?
Very much so. You didn't tell them about my reluctance to constantly crack my head open trying to get some water before though, did you?
Not at all. Don't worry, your secret is still safe.

As always, it's over to you guys!

We now have access to:
- Free Acme Bird Seed (For any birds we may come across!)
- A Plastic Raincoat (For any rain we may come across!)
- Can of Insecticide (For any spiders we may come across!)
- Empty Potion Bottle
- Vampire Dux Feather
- Rusty Bolt Cutters
- A Bottle of Dry Ice
- A Clove of Garlic

Any suggestions or ideas on how to progress? Do tell!