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Original Thread: Modded to Hell and Back - Let's Play Doom, Again and Again




(Opening/Foreword by Dominic White)
Like a room full of those goddamned Archviles, the Doom community refuses to just lay down and die. Despite the game originally launching 15 years ago, it still remains a cult favourite. And it's a very productive cult, too. The Doom engine has been upgraded, recoded, given proper netplay, full 3D graphics, colored lighting, mouselook and every other convenience we take for granted in our modern FPS's.

But at the end of the day, Doom is Doom, and it's still a great game. Getting better with each passing day, in fact - in addition to rewriting the underlying code, the fanbase has regularly spat out some genuinely impressive mods that make the original game look basic by comparison. Full total conversions, levels, weapons, music, gameplay mechanics and more.

And that's what this thread is about. The multitude of Doom universes are going to be showcased here by a variety of players. We'll be starting with the best of singleplayer mods on offer, but hope to get some more goons on board to rock the casbah with some co-op, or maybe even unwind with some of the better competitive multiplayer mods.

If you've got a favorite Doom mod you want to show to the world, then speak up. We've got the bandwidth and the technology to show your 2.5d skills to the world.

And if you want to play along, well, you'll be wanting the game, won't you?

Buy Doom 2 on Steam for $10, strip out the "DOOM2.WAD" file (You will find in the Steam\steamapps\common\doom 2\base folder) and slap it into the latest build of the ZDoom engine, which is required for most of the more advanced mods. You can also get the OpenGL version of ZDoom, called GZDoom, here. If you've got a halfway-modern PC, this is the version you want. More graphical features all over, and it's a requirement of some mods.

Want more shooting from this classic era? Try this thread - it's like an all-you-can-eat murder buffet! Update : New thread here!

And so we begin.


- Zen Dynamics -
Developed by Xaser
Played by Dominic White - Sockerbagarn

One of the first mods to really show off everything that GZDoom could do. Complex environments, improved graphics, an actual story with an intro and cutscenes, a full set of unique weapons with altfires, and a whole mess of new demons to kill. The plot is essentially a sequel to Doom 2. The demons are back, and you (playing as a recently revived cyborg supersoldier) have to kick them back to hell. With guns.

It's not Shakespeare, but it's fun.

Videos :

Introduction - YouTube
Note: Feel free to skip this intro video. It is horribly over-long, and is largely just walls of text. Also, some blue-on-black text is rendered very hard to read by the encoder we're using. All you really need to know is this: Doom 2 happened. Demons got kicked off Earth. Demons are back now because some scientists are stupid dicks, and only YOU - Mr Cyborg ShootyMan - can save the day.

The plot in-game is much more palatable. A couple of brief bits of dialogue and notes found on corpses.

Dominic White :
Stage 01 - Laboratory - YouTube
Stage 02 - Urban Doom - YouTube
Secret Stage 1 - Core Zero Part A - YouTube

Sockerbagarn :
Secret Stage 1 - Core Zero - YouTube
Stage 03 - Refinery - YouTube
Stage 04 - City of Dis - YouTube
Secret Stage 2 - Lost Station - YouTube
Stage 05 - Shadowrun - YouTube
Stage 06 - The Malebolge (More like male bulge am I right?) - YouTube
Stage 07 - Death Sentence - YouTube
Secret Ending - YouTube

The Stars of the show (Weapon List)

- The Ultimate Torment and Torture -
Developed by Tormentor667
Played by Vaos - Guest Sockerbagarn

The Ultimate Torment & Torture is a collection of singleplayer wads done by Tormentor667. It feature 4 enhanced wads, and a bonus one.
This is some high quality content. Detailed levels, new monsters, weapons, environmental effects, gore, voice acting (you will see about that), good coop compatibility, easter eggs and mainly, fun gameplay. Very brown overall, it make me thinks of Quake somehow. But the scenery will surprise you in later levels.
This mod is an awesome experience, and I have a very good time playing it. I'll try to share that to you.

Videos :

Episode One - Opening Abyss - YouTube
Episode Two - Armory of Pain YouTube
Episode Three - Damnation Keep - YouTube
Episode Four - Havok : Part One - YouTube
Episode Four - Havok : Part Two - YouTube
Episode Four - The Beginning and the End - YouTube
Episode Four - The Beginning and the End Director's Cut - YouTube
Credits (I want a screensaver like that!) - YouTube

Lost Episode - Fury of Fire (Part 1) - YouTube
Lost Episode - Fury of Fire (Part 2) - YouTube

Episode One : -fast version - YouTube
PyroCannon Demo - YouTube

Enemy Bestiary and Weapons

- Titan -
Developed by Jesper Krag Rasmussen (Ixnatifual)
Played by Ahmrikhan

I will be doing a playthrough of both Titan.wad and Titan2.wad. They are a small mapsets created by Jesper Krag Rasmussen otherwise known as Ixnatifual. Titan was released on September 23rd, 2004. Titan was his first ever wad, but it didn't show as it contained many ZDoom features, and impressive architecture. This wad contains 9 maps of all different types of level design.

Videos :

Map One - Mineral Storage - YouTube
Map Two - Top Floor - YouTube
Map Three - Warp Point - YouTube

Skulltag Session :
Map Four - Experimental Labs - YouTube
Map Five - Substructure : Part 1 - YouTube
Map Five - Substructure : Part 2 - YouTube
Map Six - Healer's Pass - YouTube

Skulltag Session 2 (Including Failure) :
Map Seven - Theatre of Pain - YouTube
Map Eight - Bloodthirst - YouTube
Map Nine - The Nexus - YouTube

Behold: A.R.S.E. (Ahmrikhan Random Shit Episode xx)
Played by Ahmrikhan

This is a very simple series I'm putting together. I explain it all in the first video, but I do so terribly at explaining it (the nature of this series) that I decided to explain it here in depth.

Things to expect:
-Blind playthroughs of 1-level PWADs (for the most part. At one point in time in my life I have played these wads. Sometimes levels may be more than one level).
-No scripting (in terms of commentary)
-Live Commentary
-Play until I die, until I want to stop, or until I win the level.
-Low quality in terms of commentary. Mostly me speaking out of my ass.
-Low quality .wads. Mostly 1994 wads, shitwads, and the occasional gem in a cavern of unholy shit.
-When updated, 2 or more videos at once.

Things to not expect:
-Quality (video quality is the only quality)

Videos :

Ahmrikhan's Random Shit Episode 1 - AGAIN.WAD - YouTube
Ahmrikhan's Random Shit Episode 2 - heh2.wad - YouTube
Ahmrikhan's Random Shit Episode 3 - bosco1.wad - YouTube
Ahmrikhan's Random Shit Episode 4 - IROQUOIS.WAD - YouTube
Ahmrikhan's Random Shit Episode 5 - shootg.wad - YouTube
Ahmrikhan's Random Shit Episode 8 - ANADREAM.WAD - YouTube
Ahmrikhan's Random Shit Episode 9 - FIREWRKS.WAD and ARMAS19.WAD - YouTube

Ahmrikhan's Random Shit Special Episode 1 - TWILIGHT.WAD - YouTube

- Demons of Problematique 1 & 2 -
Developed by Dennis "Exl" Meuwissen
Played by Vaos

Demons of Problematique 1 & 2 are some pretty nice single player wads, having some pretty good mapping, use of zdoom/gzdoom features, solid vanilla gameplay, and aren't too long like most megawads are. Also, you never have to find keycards in order to progress.
The first DoP looks more like a classic wad, with good map design and some little nice features. The second one has awesome architecture, while mostly using Doom stock textures. DoP2 however, only works on gzdoom because of the usage of 3D floors(!).
Demons of Problematique 1 was a runner up in the 14th Cacowards, and Demons of Problematique 2 won a Cacoward at the 16th Cacowards.

Like I said, these are kinda short, since they don't have more than a few maps. It's nice to play this after the lagfest/insta-death pits fest that is Utnt.

Videos :

Demons of Problematique :
Part One - YouTube
Part Two - YouTube

Demons of Problematique 2 :
Hell Above Water - YouTube
Oubliette - YouTube
Something Dark is Coming - YouTube
It Ends - YouTube

Bad Ending - YouTube

- S.T.R.A.I.N -
Developed by The Alpha Dog Alliance
Played by Vaos & Jade Star

Here is S.T.R.A.I.N, done in coop by Jade & Myself. Do not except a skilled playthrough, informative commentary and stuff like finding all secrets. Instead, there will be swearing, bad playing, and us getting lost a lot. Goddamn I remember why I never finished this megawad before. While it's pretty good (levels looks nice, new enemies are ok, music is good, new weapons are redundant but powerful), it's mazy as fuck, and it's so hard to navigate properly it gets really

Videos :

Map 01-03 - We start to get lost already - YouTube
Map 04-07 - "Oh man, this is like raving techno shit" - YouTube
Map 08-09 - Cheats are required to continue - YouTube
Map 10-11 - More dickery, and evil maps - YouTube
Map 12-14 - Still a long way to go - YouTube
Map 15-31-32-16 - Telefragging is fun - YouTube
Map 17-18 - In America - YouTube
Map 19-22 - More Terrible maps - YouTube
Map 23-24 - Fuck mazes - YouTube
Map 25-28 - Whatever - YouTube
Map 29-30 - The best worst Icon of Sin fight - YouTube

- Action Doom 1 & 2 -
Developed by Scuba Steeve
Played by Vaos - Guests Sockerbagarn & ScotchDK

Action Doom 1 & 2 are two awesome wads pretty different from your usual Doom wad, as they take gameplay elements from different games : Action Doom 1 takes from 2D scrolling shooter games (Metal Slug, Contra), and Action Doom 2 from beat them up games (Streets of Rage).
Both have their distinct visual style, music and gameplay, which make them very cool. Plenty of secrets and jokes are also to be found in both of them, and they also include multiple paths (and endings for Action Doom 2).
Action Doom 1 had some promotion before it came out, both Action 1&2 also had promotional contests for them.
You might want to check the websites for both of them (including soundtracks), and the Doom wiki pages.

"Commentary" is done by Sockerbagarn, ScotchDK, and me.

Videos :

Action Doom 1 :
Part One - Contra Resurgence - YouTube
Part Two - 3 Ways to the research lab - YouTube
Part Three - Research Lab, and the end - YouTube

Action Doom 2 :
Intro (Watch this if you want to know what's going on) - YouTube

Main Course Part 1 - YouTube
Main Course Part 2 - YouTube
Secondary Course 1 - The Bridge - YouTube
Secondary Course 2 - The Spooky Farm - YouTube
Bonus Stuff - YouTube

- Equinox - with - Psychic -
Developped by B.P.R.D - Xaser&Co
Played by Vaos - Guests Sockerbagarn & UncleKitchener

This time will be a double showcase, of both a 13 levels wad and a gameplay mod.

Equinox is a pretty fun and well made wad, featuring well done maps, new sounds/textures, and overall a pretty good setting. The maps are linear, but it feels you are running on a hub system, without the inconvenience of having horrible puzzles to solve between maps.
Psychic is a weapon centric mod where you get to use awesome weapons and psychic powers. You can get money from killing enemies, and you can use that to buy new powers, upgrade them or your weapons, and buy powerups. It takes some inspiration from Devil May Cry (and some sounds).

Both combined give a pretty good experience.

Videos :

Beginning & Genome Labs Youtube
Clearing the Genome Labs Youtube
Looting the Storage Facility Youtube
Destroying the Storage Facility Youtube
Murder in the Hanger & UFO Youtube
"That fucking map I hate" & Finale Youtube

Kszchroink is a Doom pro
Ahmrikhan does acheron.wad - YouTube
Ahmrikhan does uac_dead.wad - YouTube
10dɐɯ - ʎɐʍʎɹʇuə - YouTube
Doom 2 Map 10 UV Tyson in 11:21 by Sockerbagarn - YouTube
Sapphire - Orbital Research - YouTube
longdays.wad, it's like nuts.wad again - YouTube
nuts.wad by Habermann
Aeons of Death : Showcase with Scythe, Map01-06 - YouTube
Aeons of Death : Showcase with Scythe, Map07-13 - YouTube

DoomHack - Anime, Memes, and other horrible things - YouTube

Urban Slaughter :
Urban Slaughter - Intro - YouTube
Urban Slaughter - Coop (With ScotchDK) - YouTube

Doom Tower Defense (With Sockerbagarn) - YouTube
shsdhjdhas.wad (With Sockerbagarn) - YouTube

eblige Stuff:
heaps.wad : your own random nuts.wad (With Ahmrikhan) - YouTube
JGBeagle.wad (With Sockerbagarn) - YouTube
CoarsestGrate.wad (With Unclekitchener) - YouTube
Oblige : 69420.wad -fast Part One - YouTube
Oblige : 69420.wad -fast Part Two - YouTube

michel parameter plays Doomguy2k most polished work

A shitty joke wad:
Total Madness: It Always Gets Better Worse (with Sockerbagarn and Unclekitchener) - YouTube

Instant Action (with Sockerbagarn) - YouTube

Turbo Charged Arcade - YouTube
Turbo Charged Arcade - The Sequel Episode - YouTube

Deepest Evil - YouTube


First thing, to play Multiplayer Doom, you should get Skulltag, the best (in my opinion) and most used multiplayer oriented sourceport. I works pretty much the same way as (g)zdoom does, so all you need is your DOOM2.wad file. It is bundled with the server browser called Doomseeker, but I'd recommend using Ide. Both will download the necessary wads (that aren't "Iwads" like doom1.wad, doom2.wad, heretic.wad and so on) automatically for you. That's all you need!

This leads to ...

Doom Friday! Since this thread was created, every Friday is Doom Friday.
We play pretty much everything, from Invasion to CTF and some mods like All Out War 2 and others. Expect name changing games, Doomcrates, being shot in the face repeatedly, SenorSpangiel being very loud, and even more!
It happens at 9pm GMT + 1, so that should means 3pm Us-EST, Noon for Us-Pacific.

To get in, just add me to Skype at v_whatever. I'll then add you to the doom chat, where we host Skype calls and where the server info for the day is transmitted.

Invasion Party 1 : Ultimate Torment and Torture (Unedited) - YouTube

Featuring : Kszchroink, SenorSpangiel, Kliff, Rock Tumbler, X-Ray Pecs, Sockerbagarn, Wheezematic, Melonwheels, Vaos.

Invasion Party 1 - Armageddon 2v5 Part 1/4 (Unedited) Feature a giant goat head and some big ass golems. - YouTube
Invasion Party 1 - Armageddon 2v5 Part 2/4 (Unedited) Include story of "BOOM! DOCTA WATSON" name and the "Large Hell Collider." - YouTube
Invasion Party 1 - Armageddon 2v5 Part 3/4 (Unedited) In there : SPACE, Blood Cultists, and a lot of pubbies. - YouTube
Invasion Party 1 - Armageddon 2v5 Part 4/4 (Unedited) Nothing much here, just the end of the elevator level. - YouTube

Featuring : Kszchroink, SenorSpangiel, Rock Tumbler, Eddy Rasta, Smash Daisaku, Vaos, X-Ray Pecs, Kliff, and some people.

Invasion Party 2 - Alpha Invasion Part 1/3 (Unedited) - YouTube
Invasion Party 2 - Alpha Invasion Part 2/3 (Unedited) - YouTube
Invasion Party 2 - Alpha Invasion Part 3/3 (Unedited) - YouTube

Featuring : Eddy Rasta, Vaos, Maxwell Adams, BOOM! DOCTA WATSON (Rock Tumbler), Kzschroink, ScotchDK, RedContraGuy, Sockerbagarn, Terror Van, ZackHoagie.

Here are two reasons you should NEVER, and I really mean NEVER play Invuled Invasion :
Anime mansion and shitty memes - YouTube
10 millions hp boring bosses - YouTube

The maps are also mostly terrible, boring, tedious to play, and unbalanced.

Maxwell Adams & Co plays Utnt Invasion :

UTnT Invasion Level 1-1 (HD)
UTnT Invasion Level 1-2 (HD)
UTnT Invasion Level 2 (HD)
UT&T Invasion Level 3-1 (HD)
UT&T Invasion Level 3-2 (HD)
UT&T Invasion Level 3-3 (HD)
UT&T Invasion Level 4-1 (HD)
UT&T Invasion Level 4-2 (HD)

Coop Party 1 - Alien Vendetta (2 Lives) Part 1/5 (Unedited) - YouTube
Coop Party 1 - Alien Vendetta (2 Lives) Part 2/5 (Unedited) - YouTube
Coop Party 1 - Alien Vendetta (2 Lives) Part 3/5 (Unedited) - YouTube
Coop Party 1 - Alien Vendetta (2 Lives) Part 4/5 (Unedited) - YouTube
Coop Party 1 - Alien Vendetta (2 Lives) Part 5/5 (Unedited) - YouTube

Featuring : Sockerbagarn, Eddy Rasta, Vaos, RedContraGuy, ScotchDK, Terror Van, SenorSpangiel, Maxwell Adams, Kszchroink, Rock Tumbler.

Fanfiction Readings : imposs.wad - YouTube
Fanfiction Readings : Doom 2 with Hard Doom Warning, this one has Jesus in it. - YouTube

Featuring : SenorSpangiel, Eddy Rasta, Vaos, Wheezematic, Worialb, Sockerbagarn, ScotchDK.

Doom Friday Coop - Wow boss mod - YouTube

Featuring : Sockerbagarn, SenorSpangiel, Whillenn, Crunchman61, Vaos, Unclekitchener.

Capture the Flag : d2ctf - YouTube
Capture The Flag : stctfmp - YouTube

Featuring : Wheezematic, SupSuper, Vaos, SenorSpangiel, Worialb, Ahmrikhan, dukka, ScotchDK, Hex_Vulture (Skulltag Admin!)

Fanfiction Readings : CTF - YouTube
Fanfiction Readings : CTF some more - YouTube

Featuring : Sockerbagarn, Wheezematic, SenorSpangiel, Vaos, Worialb, Ahmrikhan, Shoehead.

Capture the Flag : "Which team I am on?" - YouTube
Capture the Flag : Fisting and other things - YouTube

Featuring : dukka, Vaos, SupSuper, Ahmrikhan, ScotchDK, SenorSpangiel, Worialb, Wheezematic.

Megaman Deathmatch : CTF Edition - YouTube
Megaman Deathmatch : CTF Edition Part Deux - YouTube

Fistball - Youtube

Fanfiction Readings : Deathmatch Includes Sonic fanfic crossovers, and sv_fastweapons usage. - YouTube

Featuring : SenorSpangiel, Vaos, Wheezematic, Worialb, Shoehead, Sockerbagarn

Goldeneye TC : Deathmatch - YouTube
Goldeneye TC : Deathmatch 2 : James Bond is the new Doomcrate - YouTube

Featuring : Shoehead, Terror Van, Sockerbagarn, ScotchDK, Vaos, Worialb, Wheezematic, SenorSpangiel, SupSuper.

Doom Friday - Terminator & insanweps.wad - YouTube

Featuring : BobbyBaudoin, Crunchman61, SenorSpangiel, Wheezematic, Vaos, UncleKitchener, and at least 1 person I can't figure out

Megaman Deathmatch : You're on TV! - YouTube
Megaman Deathmatch : *censored*man killed *censored*woman with his *censored* - YouTube
Megaman Deathmatch : Last Megaman Standing - YouTube

Using the roboenza mutator :
Megaman Deathmatch : Aids, Aids, Aids! - YouTube

Featuring : A bunch of racist people

- Zdoomwars -
Developed by Captain Ventris
Multiplayer Mod

Zdoomwars is a pretty fun multiplayer mod designed for Skulltag, where you fight other people to the death. Except that this time, you will use summons from the different Doom Engine games such as Doom, Heretic, Hexen, Strife, Virus, or even Chex Quest. This is pretty fun and somewhat deep for a doom mod. Deep enough to even have manuals written for it. The mod features tech trees, a decent balance, a dedicated map pack, and some other things.
Check this thread, or that thread to get the mod (and the manuals). Here is a more direct link to the files.

Finally, here is some help you can see ingame. Resumes everything pretty well.
And of course, there will be videos!

Videos :
Introduction Video - YouTube

Introduction Game : Doom vs Heretic & Hexen vs Virus - YouTube
Virus vs Strife - YouTube
With Sockerbagarn

FFA Fuckery - Chex vs Doom vs Strife - YouTube
FFA Fuckery - Strife vs Doom vs Strife vs Doom - YouTube
FFA Fuckery - Caverns - YouTube
FFA Fuckery - Lesser Crucible - YouTube
With Jade Star & Ahmrikhan

Doom Friday Edition - Crossfire - YouTube
Doom Friday Edition - Da Void - YouTube
Doom Friday Edition - Red Canyon - YouTube

Team Zdwars : Fighting on the streets - YouTube
Team Zdwars : My framerate is dying - YouTube

And here is a picture made by a lithuanian person :

Motorcycles make great guest commentators

The delicious cakeodemon.
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