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Part 8: Episode 8 - Meeting your inner monkey

I think the BP limit in this game is pretty high relative to the BP of enemy bosses. There is no easy way to train in this game, so I never bother to test it out. But from the rate the characters level up, you can see who has higher limits.

Before we fight Nappa, here are their BP and level:
Piccolo lvl 9, 3657BP
Gohan lvl 11, 3110BP
Krillin lvl 12, 3167BP
Yamcha lvl 13, 3156BP
Ten lvl 12, 3204BP
Chaozu lvl 13, 3086BP
Goku lvl 13, 9810BP
Assuming they all have the same maximum level, Goku and Piccolo will have much higher BP than the others.

Last time we defeated Vegeta, but we haven't seen everything yet!

Do you remember we have a moon card and a tail card? It is now time to use it!

The moon will come out at a random point during battle. And the next time Gohan attacks, he will transform.

The transformation will add 10000BP to Gohan's current BP, making him stronger than Goku.


(My emulator has a bug that sometimes the left side of the character is missing)

Yes, this is Vegeta's missing special attack. He only uses it when Gohan is Oozaru form.

And Vegeta has one more secret:

Vegeta will do this if he has less than 300HP and has used Garlic Cannon. The transformation boosts his BP to 70000.

And we can do this too:

The Yajirobe card works too! But what is the fun in that? Let's fight him head on!

We trade special attacks!

(Between the two attacks, someone managed to deal 1 damage to Vegeta)

Yes! This is the reason why this game is better than all the other Dragon Ball games on the NES! This is also the title of this LP! Giant space monkey VS giant space monkey!

And let's see how Goku fares against him:

Oh dear, 4? REALLY?!

Ok point taken, but Vegeta doesn't have much HP left!


Too bad we still need to use all 5 cards and this game does not have a minimum damage. So they can't just sit back and relax and they can't do much to help either.

Once again, the honor goes to Goku.

Now that we have beaten the game, let's have a look at the Tourney mode.

We can use the passwords given in the ending or in the status screen to enroll characters

We put in three characters and let the computer fill in the empty slot. Those will be controlled by the computer.

The game will start the fights:

We can't see the deck of cards in this mode. We can use item cards but since I used the passwords we get right at the beginning of the game, Goku has no item cards, and so that option is not available.

Otherwise it plays out as normal.

The second fight:

Piccolo is the same...

But Krillin can use cards! Using cards in this mode can make a huge difference. In this case, Krillin uses a scouter card...

He scans himself instead of the enemy and he can now see his cards! So if the other character is controlled by the computer, then it impossible to see his BP and HP. But if both sides are controlled by the computer then the game will show the BP and HP of both.

Krillin doesn't use other cards so he loses eventually.

And Piccolo wins the last one too! Yay!

Ok, enough of that, there is a reason why I put those characters in those position. According to GameFAQs, this should unlock Chi-Chi, but somehow I can't get it to work.

But no worry! According to one of the FAQs, I can hack Chi-Chi into the normal game.

All we need to do is changing the first memory location of the seventh character to $1f:

Good bye, Goku! Let's see Chi-Chi in a fight:

Since I replaced Goku with her, she has his BP, but her status screens and special attacks are erroneous. Putting her in other slots causes other errors too.

Ok so this is the end of this LP, thank you for reading! And I hope to see you again in my next LP!