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Dragon Ball Z (NES)

by mkwong98

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Original Thread: Giant space monkey VS giant space monkey! Let's play Dragon Ball Z (NES)



Dragon Ball Z: Assault of the Saiyans is the first game being made for the popular Dragon Ball Z anime series. It is a RPG and is simple enough to figure out how to play to the end without using a translation patch. The game does not play like a standard JRPG and is modeled as a card game.

This is a SSLP and I'll play the game with a translation patch using an emulator. I'll also use save state to speed things up and to show more game contents.

This game covers of Vegeta Saga of the series and having knowledge of the plot is recommanded. As for spoilers, please don't talk about things that only happen in the game and not yet shown in the LP. In the other hand, spoilers for the anime series are fine but please limit it to Vegeta Saga only.

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