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Part 11: Post 10: Spelunking

Post 10: Spelunking

While we still have a quest to complete, there is an optional cave to go to, containing some nice treasures. It's located south of Garinham.

Just for once you'd think one of these places wouldn't be dark.

The cave is pretty straight forward. The monster encounters are also nothing new.

There is a locked door here, but we don't actually have to use it as there is another path. But we go through it anyways!

The Iron Shield is much better than the Leather Shield we've been using since day one. We swap them out.

The War Ring is another equippable, not unlike the D-Scale. It makes you stronger I believe, as it doesn't truly show how it works on you.

Meanwhile, when slaughtering our way through the enemies we learn Return at level thirteen. It allows us to warp back to Tantegel Castle, eliminating the need for Warp Wings!

We immediately gobble down the various nuts and seeds.

And then, we finally make use of Outside!

It puts us, well, outside the cave. Atleast we didn't have to walk back out!

Then we fire up Return and warp back to Tantegel Castle!

Thus ending our little side quest. We scored some more gold, a shiny new ring, and got a new spell!