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Part 1: A story begins.

Chapter 00: A story begins.

What's going on?

Voice:- It is I, the ruler of everything. Soon, kid, you will stand before me as a great hero... But before that happens, I want to find out what kind of person you are...
Voice:- Now answer me honestly. Are you ready?
Voice:- Don't think too much about the right answer. Just give me a quick, honest answer. It will make it easier for me to learn about your personality. Well then, let us proceed... Do you consider your life to be boring?
Yes! Not enough adventure!
Voice:- When you spot a cave, are you compelled to explore it?
Yes! The cave might contain monsters and treasure!
Voice:- Would you rather walk farther to a cheaper inn than stay at a more expensive inn that is close by?
No! More expensive means better!
Voice:- Do you think that you dream a lot?
More and more.
Voice:- Have you ever had a dream that somebody was chasing you?
Just some sort of scary monster. Does that count?
Voice:- Do random strangers bore you when they start talking to you?
Are you kidding? That's how I hear about adventure!
Voice:- If you repeatedly fail at a task, do you eventually give up?
Voice:- Would you consider yourself to be pretty popular?
I have enough friends, but I don't think of myself as "popular" per se.
Voice:- Do you prefer to dwell on your past, rather than live in the present?
No! I live for the future!
Voice:- Do you think there is more sorrow in the world than joy?
I think they're about even.
Voice:- Do you prefer the adult's way of life, to that of a child's?
It's my childish sense of wonder that keeps me going, really.
Voice:- If you really want something, but can't have it, does it make you want it even more?
Voice:- I think I understand your personality now. Now let's see how you do with this...

Sweet! A cave!

Okay, sign!


Stupid traps... grumble grumble.
Voice:- Kid, you're a sore loser. You always solve others' problems but hate when you're on that end of the discussion.
The hell I do!
Voice:- You really hide that emotion though and don't notice it. As soon as you can speak, you proudly tell your story. Everybody expects this from you too. Although you're a sore loser, it's not all bad. You're a hard working person because of it. This is your personality. Soon, morning will come, and you will wake from your slumber. I look forward to meeting you again someday...

Today will be the first time that you've ever been to the castle. I do believe that I've raised and prepared you as a strong young man for this very day. Now, it's time for you to get going. Come along with me, so I can see you off at the castle gates.

And don't forget your manners in front of the king! Now... Off you go!

You must have already heard this from your mother by now... But your father, Ortega, met his death after falling into a volcano... It must have happened in the heat of a big battle. I hereby request that you follow in your father's footsteps!
You want me to fall into a volcano?
You will certainly fulfill Ortega's last wish, by restoring peace to our world. You must defeat the Archfiend Baramos!
Okay, that sounds less directly lethal.
This name remains unknown in the world of men, so you must not speak it. If things remain unchanged, the world will soon be destroyed by Baramos. We must prevent this at all cost. Kid...