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Part 2: Characters are introduced, and we finally leave town.

Chapter 01: Characters are introduced, and we finally leave town.

(Kidd) My name's not Kid, it's Kidd!
That seems to be a silly distinction. Well, then...Kidd, you must defeat Baramos! Though I fear you may suffer your father's fate if you do this task alone.You can find some very reliable companions at Ruida's tavern. God speed, Kidd. And good luck!
(Kidd) Well, let's see what we have to work with.

(Ruida) We deal with those seeking companions. Oh, you're that new adventurer the King mentioned. You can take any three people you like, but no more than three at a time. If you want different people, you'll have to switch 'em out.
(Kidd) Well, who do you have?
(Ruida) Well, we have this new mechanical golem man thing. He was just dropped off here in a ridiculous outfit, but wants to be useful... I think.
(Kidd) You think?
(Ruida) Let me bring him out and let you talk to him yourself.
(Kidd) Someone built a robot to tell jokes? Who in the name of God would want to tell such awful jokes? *shudder* Do you have anyone else?
Certainly! How would a warrior tickle your fancy?
(Kidd) Quite thoroughly! Bring him out!
(Sophia) He?
(Kidd) Or she. Aliahan does allow for female adventurers, after all.
(Sophia) Good response. I'm Sophia. I was brought up in a family of all girls, and my dad died a while back, so I had to do all the monster killing in my family. It came easy to me, so I stuck with the work to support the family.
(Kidd) This adventure will take some time, but comes with full medical and death benefits. That work for you?
(Sophia) So, you'll take me back to a priest for resurrection and whatnot?
(Kidd) Of course. Though I'll try and get a Cleric along as well. Do you have a cleric in the back, Ruida?
(Ruida) Well, yes. We do have one...
(Kidd) Is she another joke robot?
(Ruida) Well, no...
(Kidd) Then bring her out?
(Ruida) Well, if you insist... Come on out, Lance.
(Lance) OOoooooh! Aren't you handsome?
(Kidd) What.
(Ruida) No, really. He's all we have left.
(Lance) I'm Lance. And I'll be coming along in case you need my... healing hands.
(Kidd) Well, there's no need for...
(Lance) I'm coming along whether you like it or not!
(Kidd) Okay... ewww. Well, Ruida, anyone else back there?
(Ruida) Well, there's a male Thief and a female Dealer.
(Kidd) I'll go with the dealer for now - I need all of the women possible to offset Lance.
(Lance) Well, they'll have to wait in line. I'm not going to share you.
(Kidd) Speed is important here. Get her out!
(Ruida) Okay, then. Bella!
(Lance) My, your muscles are *very* nice.
(Kidd) Quickly?
(Ruida) Let's try this... Oh no! Someone dropped money all over my nice clean floor.
(Bella) Where?!?
(Ruida) This is Bella.
(Bella) And I thought I heard something about money.
(Kidd) Well, if you come with us, you'll get all of the money you'll ever need, and possibly all the money you want.
(Bella) I'm in!
(Kidd) Then let's get started. Step one: Talk to everyone in town.

If you head north from here, you'll come across the village of Reeve.
(Kidd) Wow. I've lived here all my life - why didn't I know this?
(Bella) Because you're inattentive, I suppose.
(Lance) Don't talk about him like that!
(Kidd) No, Bella's right.
Aliahan once ruled the entire world, but that after the great war.
(Sophia) Poor old Grandpa. Too senile to finish sentences anymore.
During the war, all of the traveler doors to the other countries were sealed off.

Your father was such an incredible man!
(Kidd) I am so sick of hearing about him. I know he's a great man. But now I'm following in his footsteps - any praise for me?
I'm a guard! Nothing can go wrong while I'm on duty! I wish the same luck for you during your travels!

(Kidd) No, I've pretty much stayed in my room practicing swordsmanship.
You should see it as soon as you go to the west of the castle.

If that's the case... I would really like to travel the world just once before I die.
(Bella) Well, now's a subprime time for travel in most areas, so I could give you quite the bargain. You would need to be able to kill your own monsters, though.

You can get to many different places with it.
The thief Bakota, who once wreaked havoc in our town, is now in jail.

But then Ortega passed away... No! Ortega would never have died so easily He must still be alive somewhere... I just know it!
(Kidd) So tired.

How could I let some old man steal my key? Where is he you ask? He lives in the Najimi Tower. If only I still had the Thief Key... But it still wouldn't help me get these jail doors open!

(Kidd) What a small, collectible medal! I'll get as many of these as I can.

I'm not saying it's true, but everyone else says the same thing.
(Kidd) One more place to check in town.

(Lance) How adorably cozy! A house in a well! Perfect for... two.
(Kidd) I need to learn how to heal as fast as I can.

The master is a very generous person. He'll surely reward your findings.
It's good to see you again! I collect small medals from around the world! If you collect them for me, I'll give you prizes in return!
(Kidd) Well, then I suppose you can have this one I picked up.
This brings Kidd's total medals found to 1!
(Kidd) Well that just makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
(Lance) Ooooh! Really? Are you warm? Do you need... assistance?
(Kidd) Rein it in, Lance.
(Bella) There's money to be had! On to Reeve - we'll see what we can find out about that "mysterious tunnel" there!

(Sophia) The Slimes are the most common monsters of the area. They're also the weakest and the friendliest. In some areas, they're domesticated and used as pets. The Ravens are a bit tougher, and always seem to be lurking on those skulls.

(Sophia) The Anteater is one of the stronger monsters of the area, and occasionally show up in groups like this. Still not a substantial problem for a prepared adventuring party, like us.

(Lance) I know just how you feel, you poor rabbits. You're just pent up after your years as a low level monster.

(Kidd) Let's see what new adventures lie in store for us in Reeve!

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