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Part 3: We go to one town, one dungeon, and one temple.

Chapter 02: We go to one town, one dungeon, and one temple.

(Kidd) Okay, let's talk to everyone and see what the adventure hook here is.

If you see anything, be sure to go check it out!
Burn those bastard monsters! Okay? They killed my mommy and daddy... *whimper*

(Kidd) Small medal #02 - under a large, heavy rock in Reeve.
You've traveled here from Aliahan!? Oh, you're looking for the Magic Ball too? Why is everyone looking for that darn thing anyway?
(Bella) Must... get... magic... thing.

(Kidd) No, I'm still looking for a way into that tower on an island where it is.
There's a cave in the forest south of here, which connects to Najimi Tower. Rumor has it, an old man living in the tower has the key.
(Sophia) Why did you tell us about the rumor we just told you? At least we know where to look, now.
(Bella) I don't think we're ready, yet.
(Kidd) Yeah, we'll need to raise some money for decent gear.
(Bella) I agree... we'll need to raise lots and lots of wonderful money.
(Sophia) And then spend it on things, right.
(Bella) Shhhh! Don't ruin my fantasy.

Now, some basic grinding math. The party gets an average of about 22 gold per fight in this area. For the best equipment of this area, we need 2380 gold. This amounts to be 109 fights, not counting any losses like inn use or the occasional death. On average, we complete two fights per minute. So, about an hour later...

(Kidd) Chain sickles and leather armor for everyone but Bella!
(Bella) You suck!
(Kidd) Bella gets the vastly better Turtle Armor!
(Bella) You no longer suck!
(Lance) Ooh! These chain sickles are fun. The chain is great for entangling... and binding.
(Kidd) Eeeeeeeewwww. Let's move briskly along, shall we?

(Sophia) The Trick Moths only have one trick. But it's a really annoying one: they use the spell Surround, which distracts the members of the party with illusions, reducing their accuracy.

(Lance) *drool* So... big.

(Sophia) Odd... tables and chairs aren't common features in monster-filled towers.
(Bella) *snff* I smell commerce! Down those stairs!

Welcome to the Inn! That will be 8 gold for the night. Would you like to stay the night?
(Kidd) Hrmm, maybe...
(Lance) Oooh, there are only two...small...beds.
(Kidd) Or not! Moving on!
(Bella) How many people go by here? How is this viable as a place of business?
Well, when you lose a fight, you lose half your money. The surviving monster needs to rest somewhere... why not here?
(Bella) That's... a fairly good point.

(Kidd) Which brings us to 3 in total.

(Sophia) The Babble is a less cohesive kind of slime. It's poisonous somehow, making it one of the most obnoxious enemies in the area.

(Kidd) Hey, wake up old man!
Finally Kidd, you've come. My dreams have told me that I should hand this key over to you. Will you please accept it?
(Kidd) I'm not su...
(Bella) YES. We'll take it!
By the way, Kidd, there exist books that are capable of changing your personality. If you find one, I would recommend reading it.
(Kidd) ... What are you implying?
Continue on your way, Kidd. I'm going back to sleep.

(Kidd) A girl could read this to become more masculine, if she really wanted to. But let's go back to town.

(Kidd) Behold, the final door in Reeve we hadn't been through.

I'm positive I locked the door so how did you get in here anyway?
(Kidd) What should I do?
(Bella) Fake idiocy!
(Kidd) ... Yes?
Oh my! That's the Thief Key! You're Ortega's child...
(Kidd) So very tired.
I see, so the legend continues. If that's the case, then I have something for you. Here, have this Magic Ball! Take the ball to the lake cave which is east of here. The ball will break the seal blocking the portal!
(Kidd) To the eastern cave!

(Sophia) The Healer is really unimpressive on his own. He can heal, which makes them very good support for other monsters and time-consuming when dealt with in groups.

(Lance) Oooh, it's getting dark. And while I do so enjoy... spelunking, maybe we should go into that small shrine to the south.

(Kidd) Yes, as a matter of fact, we do.
Then take it to the Cave of Enticement... You'll find the cave near the eastern spring.

(Kidd) Medal 04: In an old man's pot.
(Lance) Oooooh, so we're going to enter the cave of Enticement? Together?
(Kidd) No way in hell I'm going through there with you. We'll go back and get that other guy since I can heal now.

Next time, on Let's Play Dragon Warrior 3 - A new, less creepy character!

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