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Original Thread: Let's Play Dragon Warrior 3! Those quests aren't going to fetch themselves.



Dragon Warrior 3 posted:

With the blessing of the King of Aliahan, you will now start on a journey that your father could not finish. You are Ortega's 16 year old son, you are of the same blood of a great and noble hero, you are the only one who can save the world from the evil wrath of the Archfiend Baramos. Your mission is to lead an army into the Archfiend's domain and destroy everything in sight. It will take a certain kind of hero to complete this quest, it will take a true chosen warrior to conquer Baramos and his minions, it will take a true Dragon Warrior...

So Let's Play Dragon Warrior 3!

Okay, Dragon Quest 3. Same difference.

So, what is Dragon Quest 3?

Dragon Quest 3 is a JRPG, the third in a fairly lucrative series by Square. It was originally released on the Famicom in '88, then translated and re-released in America in '92. It was fully redone for the Super Famicom in '96, and a Game Boy Color re-release was issued in 2000/2001. We will be going with the Super version, since it looks the nicest and has the most features.

Why did you call it Dragon Warrior at first?
Due to odd copyright issues, it was released in the states as Dragon Warrior rather than Dragon Quest. The copyright was taken care of not too long ago, which is why the most recent game was released as Dragon Quest 8. But I'll be using them interchangably, for the most part.

What makes this game interesting?
It was one of the first JRPGs to feature a job system where you can change your class as you go, and it has a fairly nice story as well. Nothing too epic, but something worth looking into.

So what makes this a Let's Play?
One of the other things that sets this apart from any other game in the series is that you can have a party of four characters at any given time, but only one of them is defined by plot. So, in addition to the usual standby of naming the main character, I'll need you to submit characters of your own!

Character Creation Guidelines:

At any given time, we can bring three characters along in addition to the main character. I'll try and keep mixing them up as best I can, though. What I need are one member of each of the game's classes:

Warrior: Good at stabbing things and being stabbed. Warriors have great hit points and defense, fairly good strength, and can use most of the weapons in the game. They don't have any special abilities, and are probably the most expensive class to support.
We have: Sophia, a Ladylike female Warrior.

Fighter: Fighters have great speed and strength, as well as fairly good hit points, and get more critical attacks as well. Unfortunately, they have a very restrictive equipment list (about four weapons), and learn no other special abilities.
We have: Max, a Hyper male Fighter.

Cleric: The Cleric has okay attack, defense, and hit points, and doesn't get great equipment, either. But they learn the very important support spells, like Heal, HealMore, and HealAll.
We have: Lance, a Lecherous Cleric.

Mage: The Mage has awful attack and defense abilities, but doesn't care. The Mage can set things on fire. Mages get most of the game's attack spells, like Blaze, BlazeMore, and BlazeMost. They are also nearly the only source of things that attack more than one enemy with spells like FireBane and IceSpears.
We have: Magal, a Tough Guy Mage.

Thief: The Thief is an okay attacker with high agility and good equipment use. They randomly loot enemies after battle, and get some odd abilities like knowing what's in a treasure chest before you open it, finding out how much treasure remains in an area, getting the party to sneak around and attract less monsters, etc.
We have: Vatiel the Bright Rogue

Dealer: The Dealer is basically a merchant. He has average stats and good equipment use, but gets some abilities you don't often see. He can appraise items, which lets you know what they can do and what abilities they have, they can loot more gold after a battle, and they learn to summon random shops when on the world map. This sounds less impressive than it actually is - imagine if you will, the ability to yell until an Inn appears. Good stuff.
We have: Bella, the Worldly Merchant.

Jester: The Jester is, to be perfectly frank, kind of a douche. They level up quickly, which is good, because their stats are awful. They don't get any special abilities, and sometimes ignore your orders during and just mess around instead. But we'll need one down the line.
We have: JOKEBOT, the Goof-off Machine.

There's also another special class we'll see later, but that's another worry.

By TKMobile:

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