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Part 30: The circles completes!

Chapter 26:The circles completes!

(Kidd) On to Zoma's Castle!

(Kidd) I wonder how this Rainbow Drop thingy works?
(Lance) Here... hand it to me.


(Kidd) Wow. I'm impressed.
(Lance) And on that note, I'm leaving. There's a huge, untapped world that doesn't know a thing about me, and I intend to live my life as if the world might end tomorrow. Since, you know, it may well do so.
(Bella) I, on the other hand, assume your victory, even without me. So I'm going off to explore some new business opportunities in this untapped world that doesn't know a thing about me.
(Valtiel) I'm going to be working on a ritual to bind Zoma once you defeat him. I'll be around.
(Kidd) Oooookay. Well. Erm. I'll just go and get some other party members, then.

(Ruida) Wha... Where'd they all go?
(Kidd) Just wandered off... who's in the back this time?
(Ruida) Magal is still missing, but Sophia, JOKEBOT, and Max are here.
(Kidd) Send 'em out! It's time to save the world!
(Sophia) I need to get out of the house! There are too many sisters! Now that the trust fund I got Bella to set up has kicked in, I can get the hell out of there!
(Max) YEEAAAAAAHHH! LET'S DO THIS! But I need something better than these crappy Golden Claws.
(Sophia) Oh, you mean like the Dragon Claws?
(Max) Those would be nice - but where could we get 'em?
(Kidd) Then let's see what we can scrounge up, shall we?

(Max) Wow! These are nifty - they increase your luck a massive amount and let you get XP just for walking around! I'm putting these on right now!

(Kidd) Wow! #72 - hidden between the trees and wall in Ludatorm.

(Kidd) #73 - in the one part of the well in Domdora we forgot to check.

(Kidd) We never went in this cave - let's check it out!

(Kidd) #74 - at the end of the Marsh Tunnel south of Kol.

(Kidd) #75 - in the prison of Rimuldar.

(Kidd) #76 - next to the left cross in the Holy Shrine.

(Kidd) #77 - hidden at the bottom of Ramia's temple.

(Kidd) #78 - behind the throne of the hobbit that used to hang out with dad.

(Kidd) #79 - The graveyard at Samanosa. Because nothing is sacred.
(Max) Not pictured - an agility seed and pachisi ticket from nearby graves.

(Kidd) And the last one we need is on the western wall outside of Samanosa castle.

(Medal King) Here, have this Justice Abacus, Gale Bandana, and Dragon Claws.
(Kidd) The Justice Abacus is the ultimate Dealer weapon. The Gale Bandana gives you a nice agility boost and changes your personality to "Hyper", like Max. The Dragon Claws are the best of the claw weapons for fighters - they also do bonus damage to Dragons. But back to business - ON TO ZOMA!

An Ominous Voice posted:

We're Zoma's guardians! You'll have to go through us first!

(Kidd) Just GrandTitans - we've dealt with them before. We have to walk back and forth until they're all dead - 6 of 'em, two at a time. Then...

(Kidd) Lots of unhealthy stuff. But in front of the throne...

(Kidd) Medal 81. But behind...



(Max) Well, crap.

(Sophia) We've seen lesser versions of all of these before.
(Kidd) We need to move carefully through these. Only one real path, until...

(Sophia) Wait... is that...
(Kidd) Dad?

The battle! posted:

Author's note - Ortega is shown smacking this guy around a little using standard battle animations - nothing special.

Ortega attacks! 99 damage!
King Hydra attacks! Miss! Ortega isn't harmed!
Ortega casts Aerocross! 106 damage!
King Hydra breathes out a flaming breath! Ortega takes 90 points of damage!!
Ortega casts Healmore! Ortega recovers a bit!
King Hydra attacks! Miss! Ortega isn't harmed!
Ortega chants the spell of Lightning! King Hydra takes 78 points of damage!
King Hydra attacks! Miss! Ortega isn't harmed!
King Hydra breathes out a flaming breath! Ortega takes 120 damage!
Ortega casts Healmore! There is not enough MP!
King Hydra breathes out a flaming breath! Ortega takes 80 points of damage!!
King Hydra breathes out a flaming breath! Ortega takes 70 points of damage!!

(Ortega) Everything's getting blurry... I can't hear anything... Is someone here? Please, I need you to deliver a message for me. I am Ortega of Aliahan! If... you happen to... go to Aliahan someday... Please tell my child, Kidd, what has become of me. My only regret... is never being there for... (Ortega expires...)

(Kidd) ...
(Sophia) Kidd... are you...
(Kidd) ... We're going. We're doing this *now*.
(Max) Are you sur...
(Kidd) NOW. If we hadn't taken so long...
(Sophia) How could we have known? We were constantly told he was dead - how could we have expected him to be here now?
(Kidd) It doesn't matter. This ends now - no more delays between us and Zoma.

(Zoma) It is I, Zoma, who will bring about the destruction of the world! All life shall perish as the world sinks into a state of despair! And you'll be my sacrifice! Come, my servants! Make them suffer!!

(Kidd) Behold the King Hydra that killed my father! RAAAAARGH!

(Max) He... he died from Kidd just yelling at him really loud.
(Sophia) I'm pretty impressed.

(Max) It could be worse...
(Sophia) It could be Broseidon, lord of the brocean. But this is just another mid-level minion of Zoma.

(Max) It's an advanced undead dragon!
(Sophia) This is taking forever...
(Kidd) Now isn't the time for jokes!
(Max) What time is it, then?

(Zoma) Your death in inevitable! And I shall see that your demise comes now! Destruction to all is my greatest joy!

(Kidd) You've taken my father and desire to destroy my world - for the safety of what we hold dear, you must BE DESTROYED!
(Sophia) For my family!
(Max) For... I dunno... adventure? Let's go with that. ADVENTURE!
(Zoma) You can't defeat me! You don't have the one thing necessary to defeat a being such as I!
(Kidd) You mean... this?

(Zoma) But it's futile... now struggle and suffer in my arms.
(Kidd) Zoma's incredibly tough. But not because he gets two actions a round. Not because he uses the most powerful magic in existance. Not even because of his ungodly number of hit points. But because he can emit a freezing pulse that removes all buffs from the party. Increase, Barrier, BiKill, all gone. But our courage and wit have served us well!

(Zoma) Heed my words! Light will never exist without creating shadows and darkness... More will follow in my steps, you have my word... But when that time comes, you'll be dead and long gone!
(Kidd) What a coincidence! SO WILL YOU!
(Zoma) Wahahaha... Ugggghhh!!

(Kidd) Time to leave!
(Max) Then let's do some old-school skedaddling!

(Kidd) Hey! We're at the cave we got this neato shield from. KEEP RUNNING!

(Kidd) Well, no going back that way.

(Kidd) Well, that's not a problem.

(Kidd) That is. Crap!
(Sophia) How dreadful - trapped on a world without light...

(Sophia) Oh! It's nice out, now. I suppose I can vacation here for a while.
(Kidd) Let's go talk to the King of Ludatorm, shall we?

Kidd! Word of your victory finally reached me! I've anxiously awaited your return! You've defeated Zoma and returned safely! You have my deepest gratitude! Due to your efforts, the light has returned to our world! However, when Zoma died, the hole that connected to the world above seems to have closed. This is now our world... and we will cherish it forever! It's all thanks to you, Kidd! You're a true hero! I shall now bestow upon you the title befitting a true hero... The title of Loto, bravest hero in all of Alefgard!
(Kidd) Erdrick, not Loto.
My mistake! Kidd, you've become a true legend! We shall never forget your name!


(Sophia) Sophia, stuck on the world of Alefgard, decided to make the best of things. She went to Domdora and opened a shop that only sold monster repellent, citing "Seriously - I'm sick of monsters." She left behind a swarm of sisters and one pet slime.

(Max) Max, on the other hand, was unhappy on the tiny world of Alefgard. So, he trained his body until he could leap straight up to the world of his birth. He made the jump, but realized he couldn't dig very effectively through it. Today, he's training mole monsters.

(Lance) Lance went to Kol, where he remains intensely creepy.

(Bella) Bella revolutionized the door industry - instead of three different kinds of door, she reduced it to one starndardized magic door, which could only be opened by her disposable "Magic Keys". She cashed in on her "hero" status to make these intensely popular, and when the inevitable rash of thefts occurrred, she formed a security company. Now, she owns Rimuldar, but likes to march back and forth along the street and say the same things over and over like any member of the populace.

(Valtiel) Valtiel, after completing the ritual to seal away Zoma, took to living in Zoma's castle. He started befriending the dragons that lied within. Hopefully, nothing bad will come of this...

(Jokebot) Jokebot, purpose fulfilled, retired to Domdora as well. When their golem project fizzled out, Jokebot took up the mantle as the city's defender. Entirely undefeatable, he occasionally rests when someone uses a fairy flute near him.

(Magal) Magal was stuck back on the world of his birth. But fear not - he retook Edinbear castle and has initiated a reign of terror that would make even the most hardened soldier quake in his boots.

(Kidd) Kidd just retired to Ludatorm. He eventually married, had a child, then left, claiming " I have to get out of the way so that my son can have a chance to stand on his own." He then spent the rest of his days taking the various treasures he picked up through his long career and giving them to old men or stuffing them into chests which he then put in monster-filled caves and swamps for his son to pick up later. His son is a story for another person, though...

Next time, on Let's Play Dragon Quest 3:Post-plot content! Hurrah!

Postscript: So, one last dungeon to seal the deal - who do you want to bring for this last bit of canon breaking (oh, there will be such canon breaking!)

Postpostscript: I forgot to put in an actual save since the first time I visited Ludatorm! Fuck, we're missing some items and levels for the bonus dungeon. Next post will be delayed until Tuesday rather than the usual Sunday. Sorry!

# of In-Game Days:134
# of Small Medals:81