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Part 29: Wrap up time - once more, with feeling!

Chapter 25:Wrap up time - once more, with feeling!

(Kidd) Let's get to that tower we just heard about! But first, let's check on something...

(Valtiel) Well - this world is flat. Odd. It'll be round, later.
(Kidd) Later?
(Valtiel) In the future. A few generations from now.
(Bella) ... How?
(Valtiel) No idea. Probably just a change in design at some point.

(Kidd) Ho hum, just an ordinary monster-filled tower.

(Bella) Sweet! We have that!

(Kidd) These panels change our orientation...
(Lance) OooooOOOooooooOOOOOoooooooooh!?! Really?
(Kidd) Not that kind of orientation! It changes the way we move somehow. The ones that point left switch us so that, if someone were controlling us, "up" would be "left", "left" would be "down" and so on. They will frequently drop you off the tower so you have to do it all again!

(Kidd) #68 - in a chest in the Tower of Rubiss.
(Bella) Rubiss Tower, not Tower of Rubiss.
(Kidd) How would you know?

(Kidd) ...Well played.

(Kidd) Medal #69 - on floor 3 of Rubiss tower. And just a little to the right of that...

(Kidd) You're supposed to fall down here to progress, so pay attention.

(Bella) Hey! I stole this weird, magical hat from a Magiwyvern, which are odd flying creatures that use decently poweful magic - anyone want it?
(Valtiel) ME! It reduces the MP cost of spells when you wear it, even if it's not the best defensive item around.

(Kidd) Who knows how to play the flute?
(Valtiel) Not something I know... yet.
(Bella) Are you kidding? I sell instruments, I don't play them!
(Lance) I'll do it! I'm great at... blowing things.

(Rubiss) I am Rubiss, creator of Alefgard. To show my gratitude, I'll give you the Sacred Talisman. Please use that item to reach and defeat Zoma! I will be eternally grateful when peace is restored to our lands.
(Kidd) That leaves just the Stones of Sunlight left, so we should go and grab those. Back to Ludatorm Castle!

(Kidd) I bet they're down here! Hidden passages on the outside of castles are always great places for treasure.

(Kidd) Crap!
But it's odd... I had a dream that someone gave me such a stone when the darkness faded.
(Kidd) Let's keep checking around the castle, then.

(Bella) There's something back here...

(Kidd) Now, there's one last major area to check.

Zoma can't be defeated without the Light Orb! But sadly, the orb can't be found anywhere in Alefgard.
(Kidd) That's not true - we've got it right here! It wasn't on Alefgard until we brought it here.
Poor Ortega! He didn't know how to get across to the island and ended up drowning in the ocean!
(Kidd) That doesn't sound like my old man...

(Kidd) Well, crap. I need to go back and get that, then. But first...

(Kidd) #70 - in some old dude's house in Rimuldar.

(Kidd) It was here on the 4th floor of Rubiss Tower.

(Bella) Hey! There's a Zen book in her dresser, if you want to make anyone else a Sage.

When drops of liquid light up the darkness... A rainbow bridge will appear at the western end of this island! You can use it to reach Zoma's Castle...
There's a secret behind the Archfiend's throne. But nobody believes me.
That prisoner is a liar who is constantly deceiving everyone.

(Kidd) Let's go look for this guy, then.

By the way, she's late, isn't she?

(Kidd) Medal #71 - in an old man's home in the NW of Rimuldar.

(Bella) I have an idea, old man - I'll let you use my Magic Key to make copies, but we'll go into business together. Sound good?
I'm interested...
(Bella) I'll be back later, then.
(Kidd) There's just one more little island we can reach...

(Bella) GOLD! Those Gold Men are worth more than a thousand gold a piece!
(Lance) Those BombCrags, on the other hand, just charge up then go off, much like...
(Kidd) I don't want to know what you think they're like, Lance.
(Lance) Awwwwwww.

Now it's time for the sunshine and rain to come together.

(Kidd) Off to kill Zoma and end his reign of terror!

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# of In-Game Days:130
# of Small Medals:71
(I picked up another one somewhere without noting it again - it's a mystery, really)