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Part 28: Chapter C: Jesterrific Adventure!

Chapter C:Jesterrific Adventure!

(Pinky) Pyramid time!

(Blinky) And now to Portoga!

(Inky) Then let's visit a dwarf!

(Clyde) Yes!

(Pinky) Then let's go rescue her!

(Blinky) Of course you can't! We're the protagonists!

(Inky) Now, off to find orbs for some reason!

(Clyde) Green!

(Pinky) Red!

(Blinky) Blue!

(Inky) Purple!

(Clyde) Yellow!

(Pinky) Silver! And I think I'll take Baramos down solo!

Edit: So, after looking up a couple of things and grinding a tiny amount, Baramos became easy. The secret is that the Orochi sword casts Defense (which lowers the target's defense).