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Part 27: Plot exposition, key items, and board games!

Chapter 24:Plot exposition, key items, and board games!

(Kidd) All right, let's see if we can't finish off exploring this continent, shall we?

He'll certainly be the one to defeat Zoma!

On the day of your birth, I called to Kidd... Sorry if this sounds rude, but I've waited forever. But finally, you've arrived after all of this time! And now I want you to have this Rain Staff. Please, save this world for the sake of Rubiss as well.
(Kidd) Sounds good to me. I wonder what I can use this Rain Staff for, though... Wait! There's a medal here! Small Medal #61 - on the carpet in front of the Handmaiden of Rubiss.

(Valtiel) Remnants of dragons once alive, the Skullgons are one of the more abominable monsters. They have the breath attacks common to dragons, but the resistances of an undead.

(Valtiel) Mercado? Really? Feels more... Cantlinish, I think.
Though we are strong, we'd never withstand an attack by the Archfiend...

(Garin) I'm really good with a harp, but I left mine back home. The tone of the Shiny Harp can be a bit dangerous though...
I'm working on creating a monster by means of magic. It's going to be enormous, that way it can protect this town. I'm going to name it Golem! A Fitting name indeed!
(Kidd) There's no way such a thing could possibly go wrong!
I'll die regardless! There's no point in working hard!
I was born into such a dark world... I hate this life. *cries*
If toy want to go to Zoma's castle, you should go and visit the old man in the shrine.
The people have stopped working due to despair and their fear of the Archfiend.

There you'll find the Sun Stone, Rain Staff, and Holy Crest. These will get you to the island that Zoma's castle resides on.
(Kidd) I think you mean that I need to bring these things to the Shrine of Honor, since I've found the Rain Staff and was told that the Sun Stone was elsewhere. Let's explore the seas a bit now, shall we?
(Lance) Ooooohhh... I do so love... *sailors*.
(Kidd) Oh god, I hope I can get rid of you soon.

The owner of the item store is a highly skilled swordsmith. He often buys useless items, so he can restore them and resell them.
I heard the King's Sword was shattered into pieces by Zoma. But it took him three years to break it. That must have been one incredibly strong sword.

But we ended up falling into this world... My husband used to be an incredible swordsmith when we lived in Zipangu.
Supposedly, the King's Sword was made entirely of Orichalcum.
I'm having a dilemma! A man named Kandar tricked me into thinking this Steel Sword was actually the fabled King's Sword!

(Kidd) Hey, can you do anything with this Orichalcum?
Hold on... Orichalcum? I can forge this with the power of my mind alone... HAAAAAA!

(Kidd) You can't just give it to me?
That's not how this works.
(Kidd) I know... but I still hope.

(Kidd) Ewww... no.
You'd think the water would be a little warmer. But without the sun, it's almost impossible for the water to retain it's heat. How I long to take a bath with hot water again...
(Valtiel) That's not how hot springs are supposed to work.

(Kidd) Small Medal #62 - at the entrance of the Baths.
God is light. Zoma is darkness. The struggle between the light and darkness has been an on-going struggle for many years. But if you possessed the Light Ball, you would be able to severely weaken Zoma.

(Kidd) I wonder what this can do?
Rubiss is sealed in a tower on an island just off the western shore of this peninsula.
(Kidd) Down the well now!

(Kidd) Another medal, #63, can be found a few paces south of the entrance to the pachisi plaza...

(Kidd) And #64 can be found next to the goal of the Pachisi board. And on that note, PACHISI TIME!

(Kidd) #65 is in the first dresser on the board.

(Kidd) Another, #66, can be found in the NE pot on the second floor of the board. And now for our rewards!

(Kidd) This thing gives a nice Stamina boost and recovers your HP As you walk.

(Kidd) This... this whip is incredible! It's better than any other whip ever!

(Kidd) And by taking the other path, I can get this nice Light Dress.

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# of In-Game Days:125
# of Small Medals:66

Also, there should be another Jester Party update today.