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Part 26: Dungeon busting and pre-destroyed towns!

Chapter 23:Dungeon busting and pre-destroyed towns!

(Kidd) Yeah, that's us.
You're not from around here, are you?
(Kidd) Mmmmnope.
Then surely you will get lost here. So allow me to help you! Here, please take this! It's a map to help keep you from getting lost!
(Kidd) Sweet! A handy world map!

(Bella) It seems much smaller...
(Valtiel) I'm not sure what the deal is... is this the inside of the world we just left? Or did the hole take us to another world entirely? Magic works properly, so we can Return to Aliahan and such. This will have to be studied carefully.
(Lance) Let's look around... there must be something... *fun* to do on Alefgard.

(Kidd) Be careful! Magic doesn't work in here!

(Bella) All of these guys breathe fire. The Salamanders breathe Scorching Flames, which does an insane 60-80 damage per party member, while the Hydra just has Blazing Breath, which does about 20-40, but can do it twice. So be careful! They don't drop enough money to be worth it.

(Kidd) At the bottom of the dungeon is a bizarre gash in the world and a Small Medal (#56), as well as... The Hero Shield! This is obviously for me. And such a conveniently short dungeon! Let's look around a bit more then, shall we!

(Bella) The Goopis are nothing much, even in large groups...
(Valtiel) Espcially in large groups, really...
(Bella) But they can call GrandTitans as well as more Goopis. And GrandTitans have crazy defense, hit points, and attacks like a freight train. They're also worth very little XP or Gold, so just kill all of the easy Goopis as quickly as possible.

My son, Garin, causes me a lot of heartache. Ever since the day he left on his journey, I haven't seen him once.

(Kidd) Another small medal can be found by rifling through the dressers at Garin's house. Now let's check the basement!

(Kidd) Bah!
(Bella) *snniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiffff* Hold it. Check to the right a bit

(Kidd) I wonder what it's for?
(Bella) *For*? It's made of silver! It doesn't need to be for anything!
(Kidd) On to another cave!

(Kidd) It's another underground maze!

(Kidd) And some Devil's Armor! These would be great, but if they weren't so cursed.

(Bella) The Marauder we've seen before, but the Hologhost and Darth Bear are new. The Hologhost is a bit of a glass canon, but a hardcore one - they can cast Defeat, which attempts to kill every member of the party. The... Darth Bear? He's just an even more advanced bear, who does even more damage, has more hit points, etc.

(Kidd) Oddly, the most important thing down here is the small medal. Let's see what else is around here!

(Kidd) Huh? This place feels like more of a Hauksness to me...
(Bella) Oooh! A desert merchant town!
It just keeps getting colder out here without the sun...

(Kidd) #59 - in a pot in the southern part of Domdora.
There's another world above us where the Light Orb exists. Would it be possible to bring the Light Orb down here?
(Kidd) Hrm... let me check - Lance! Do we still have that Light Orb?
(Lance) OoooOoo yes! It's casts such an interesting glow...
(Kidd) Then yes, we can.
If you go out of town, go south, cross a bridge, and go east, you'll be at the town of Mercado. The town should be surrounded by a castle wall, so you can't miss it.
Unless the Master Archfiend, Zoma, is defeated, day shall never visit this land again.

But we might even be invaded and destroyed before there's even time for that to occur.
(Kidd) Nah... we're on top of all of these monsters. There's no possible way for anything to happen to this town other than simple drought and death.
(Valtiel) Well, if we save Alefgard and return the sun, this place will dry up in a snap...
(Kidd) So you all might want to leave.

(Lance) We didn't need to know that... We examine the area around bathrooms *very closely*.

What about Samson? No that's not a great name...

(Kidd) #60 is in a horse stall...

(Kidd) And some odd ore lying in the horse pen.

I was once a popular dancer in Ashalam. I ran away because those disgusting guests kept touching me.
(Lance) OoooOOOOoohhhh! You remembered me!
I wonder if the troupe's okay. If you meet the leader, say hello to him for me.
(Kidd) Well, that's enough for today! Next time... MORE ADVENTURE!

Next time, on Let's Play Dragon Quest 3:Didn't you just read it? MORE ADVENTURE!
# of In-Game Days:120
# of Small Medals:60