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Part 25: More adventuring!

Chapter 22:More adventuring!

Finally, we thought peace had finally been restored in our world... This must be kept secret. No one can find out about...
(Kidd) Oh yeah, because that worked soooo well last time. Everyone knew the "secret name" of Baramos, it seemed.
(Bella) Just let us handle this. You did a piss-poor job last time.
Kidd... You must go and defeat Zoma! So go now, without hesitation!
(Max) And I need some time off as well. You interrupted my vacation, dammit!
(Kidd) Oh, all right. Let's see who's available.

(Ruida) Oh, it's you guys again. Good job saving the world and whatnot.
(Kidd) Yeah, about that - we still have some adventuring to do. Is Sophia back here?
(Ruida) She mentioned something about "another goddamn sister" or something - sounds like she'll be out for a while.
(Kidd) I'd like to leave a message for her, then. Who is here?
(Ruida) Well, I have good news, and I have bad news.
(Kidd) Good news first, please.
(Ruida) Valtiel's back up and about, mumbling something about 'attaining cosmic knowledge' or something.
(Valtiel) Enough talk! Let's adventure!
(Ruida) But the bad news...
(Lance) It's me! Lance!
(Kidd) I thought we left you in Zipangu!
(Lance) They just kept yelling "SUKEBE" at slashing at me with those weird swords of theirs. I found this suit...
(Kidd) And I thought I had gotten rid of that some time ago as well.
(Lance) At any rate, I found this suit and wore it to throw them off my trail. It's sooooooo comfy... and can easily accommodate two...
(Kidd) STOP. Nobody else, Ruida?
(Ruida) Nope. Now get him the hell out of my bar - I can't make any money with him around.
(Kidd) *sigh* All right... Step one, let's check out that last castle we couldn't reach earlier.

This is the closest you'll get to heaven. Unless you're the hero! The hero can reach heaven from here.
(Kidd) Hero? That's me! I'm a hero.
I'm worried about our queen. Laying an egg while she's so weak...
The queen is ill. But she's going to lay an egg before she dies.

You are the ones courageous enough to defeat Zoma... With this Light Orb, I hope you'll be able to restore peace. It's time for me to leave this world now... And give life to a new queen!

(Kidd) #53 - under a stained glass window in the Dragon Queen's castle. But with this Orb of Light, we will beat back the darkness! There's on last place to check.

An earthquake has split the earth! And my partner fell into the hole!
(Kidd) After him!

(Kidd) This seems less like a hole and more like a home.
(Valtiel) The walls, plants, and door are the giveaway. But it's abnormally dark down here.

Welcome to Alefgard, the world of darkness.

My papa says that you can use our ship.

(Kidd) Small Medal 54 - on the pier near where you first enter the dark world of Alefgard.

(Kidd) What manner of abominations are these?
(Bella) I've never seen such a thing! *Red* slimes? They're just about as tough as normal slimes, but are worth a little more XP and Gold.

(Bella) Why is this town so close to such an evil looking castle?
(Kidd) Why does this place give me such a sense of deja vu?

Zoma loves despair, hatred and sadness. The humans in Alefgard are ants compared to Zoma...
Alefgard is a land of darkness, sealed off from the rest of the world. Here, there is only despair.
North of here, lies a bottomless pit. These are the remains of the Archfiend, from when he first came into this world.

I'm not bad anymore, but I can't escape this world either! I want to help you out as well, so listen to this. The Sun Stone is hidden somewhere inside of Ludatorm Castle.
(Kidd) I wonder if that will actually come in handy at some point. Welp, time to leave you rotting in this cell. Ta!
I'm studying the removal of curses. That way I can help anyone who becomes cursed.
So, Baramos is really dead? But he was merely an underling of Zoma...
Our ancestors came to this land through Gaia's Navel.

Zoma stole and hid the weapons and armor from this castle.
If you look across the sea from this castle, you can see the castle of Zoma off in the distance.
I believe that someday, we will finally see the light again!
I've heard that Rubiss created this country. However, Zoma apparently has sealed Rubiss away with a curse.

(Kidd) #55 - in a barrel within Ludatorm castle.
The thought of even defeating Zoma seems unreal. But, if you obtained the King's Sword, Armor of Light, and the Hero's Shield... You might actually have a shot... They all used to be located in this castle...

You came from the world above? I'm this country's king, King Lars. You might have already heard about me. Unfortunately, I can't rid my country of this current state of despair... Is there anything that you can do to help us?
(Kidd) Hi! We're Kidd and the World Savers. We kill monstrous overlords for fun.
(Bella) And profit!
The village of Kol is to the east of here. If you have a ship, then you'd better use the western sea and go around the continent via the southern route.
Rumor has it that the Fairies' Flute is in the village of Kol.
I'm the one who cared for Ortega. He had terrible burns and collapsed outside of the castle. He continually had trouble remembering things until, finally, he could recollect only his name.
(Kidd) So, my crazy old dad's still alive down here, eh? Then it's time to show him how great of a hero I've become!

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# of In-Game Days:120
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