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Part 24: Looting and the Assault on Castle Baramos

Chapter 21:Looting and the Assault on Castle Baramos

So, the mob has spoken! JOKEBOT, Max, and Bella will be in the party! But first we'll have to grind up Bella a bit. We'll do this in a few places, including the Necrogond, where some treasure was forgotten.

(Kidd) #39 - in a treasure chest within the cave of the Necrogond.

(Kidd) And the mighty Thunder Sword! More powerful than any sword on earth! And now, we'll try and find a few more Tiny Medals that we've missed while grinding up on monsters we've already killed.

(Kidd) This one is stuck in a corner in front of Romaly castle next to a torch.
(Max)Wow, these are almost impossible to see!
(Kidd) I wish there was an easier way to detect them.
(Kidd) That seems fair. Where's the nearest repairman?
(Kidd) Well played.
(Bella) I have a plan - I just need to improve enough as a Dealer to move on.

(Max) GASP!
(Bella) EGADS!
(Kidd) Behold! The Metabble! Worth so much XP they've been all but hunted to extinction. You can only find them rarely, and only here in the cave of the Necrogond.

(Kidd) We will hunt them down until we find the last breeding pair. We will then put them someplace where they can roam free and happy... until their time comes as well.

(Bella) It's time for me to reach the logical progression of any true Dealer.

(Kidd) Change? How is that a change?

(Bella) Now let's go take some stuff!

(Bella) #41 - hidden in a flower bed in Romaly castle.

(Bella) #42 - within the rightmost grave in Kazave.

(Kidd) #43 - in a little cliffside alcove in the village of the elves.

(Kidd) #44 - on the first floor of the second Pachisi track, in the left square.

(Max) We seem to be looting a lot of graves...
(Kidd) Well, you know what they say - you can't take it with you.
(Bella) At best, you can hold on to it for our behalf.

(Kidd) #45 - in an upper room in Ashalam, behind a Magic Key door.

(Bella) #46 - Back in Romaly castle, in a bush out back.

(Kidd) Jokebot, if you would be so kind?

(Kidd) #48 - at the upper right statue in the Dharma lobby.

(Kidd) #49 - in the poison marsh of Tedanki! Now, we just need one more, and we can get the Ninja Suit!
(Bella) Oh, I have a couple of those Medals. Don't know from where, though.
(Kidd) Then lets pick up the Ninja Suit and head to Baramos Island!

(Kidd) Even in this horrid place, there are small medals. This one, #52, is underneath Baramos Castle.

(Kidd) You can't just go through the place, though - you have to go around the right side, or you'll never get anywhere.

(Kidd) #53 - before the throne that contains naught but a lonely corpse. The thing to do in this room is to leave through the big doors to the south.

(Baramos) But it is not yet time. You are not yet strong enough to defeat Baramos! You'll regret coming here!
(Kidd) We already do!
(Bella) Your breath is awful.
(Max) You're hideous in face and demeanor.
(Baramos) I'm going to feast on your innards!

(Kidd) Behold! Bara-
(Baramos) I can tell you what I can do in advance, and it will mean nothing, as your death is inevitable! I cast Explodet and Blazemost! I breathe scorching flames at my whim! I occasionally just Disperse someone all the way back to Ruida's just to be a dick! OR I CAN JUST PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE!
(Kidd) Which is why we lead off by casting Increase and Barrier a couple of times. It's not like you can remove our buffs! So!

(Baramos) And your meddling Jokebot, too! I'll... never... GHAAACK!!!!!!!

Mysterious Voice posted:

Kidd... Can you hear my voice? You did it!!! It's time for you to go home. Everybody's waiting for you...
(Kidd) Well, time for a victory lap!

(Kidd) A very short victory lap!

You did it, Kidd! You've defeated Baramos!
We can finally live in peace again...
You've done a great job, Kidd!
(Kidd) Hey! Don't leave out the rest of the party. They were integral.
All hail Kidd and the World Savers!
(Kidd) That work for you guys?
(Bella) I don't see why not. Dibs on the merchandising.
Hooray! Baramos is dead! Does that mean the monsters are all gone? Maybe I'll finally be able to play outside again...
Quickly now! Head into the castle! The king will surely be delighted to hear the good news!

Because of you, Aliahan will become world famous again, thank you!
You truly are Ortega's child and deserve your hero title!
(Kidd) Seriously? I save the world and I still get compared to my Dad?
Now... let us start the celebration!

Zoma posted:

I am Zoma. The ruler of the dark world. Soon, this world too will become wrapped in darkness. It's time to see you all suffer! Your suffering brings me joy... All living beings shall be demolished by me, as the world sinks deeper into despair. I am the bringer of destruction to all things! I'm looking forward to the day we meet, so I can kill you as well! Wahahaha!!!
(Kidd) Well. Fuck.

Next time:Well, evidently not postgame content, dammit.

# of In-Game Days:116
# of Small Medals:52

Fun fact:If you go through the pyramid again, perhaps to make sure you didn't miss a small medal, the encounter rate is still ridiculous if you stole the Golden Claw.

Also:Evidently, I picked up two Small Medals without noticing somewhere along the LP. Sorry about that!