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Part 31: Post-Game Wrap-Up

Chapter 27:Post-Game Wrap-Up

(Kidd) Well, Dad's dead, but I have the feeling that there's one more adventure before I kill Zoma... let me go get Bella, Magal, and Valtiel... I have an idea. Back to the Dragon Queen's Castle!

Unless you're the hero! The hero can reach heaven from here.
(Kidd) Then let's do this!
(Valtiel) Bah! I was working on a way to seal Zoma's evil power into a living host... how will this help?
(Bella) ... Huh? What's with the new look, Valtiel? And what were you talking about?
(Valtiel) I found this hat in Zoma's castle somewhere, and I've been working on a... happiness formula.
(Magal) I need to complete my training so I can suplex the entire Edinbear army all at once!
(Kidd) Let's step into this light...

(Kidd) There's a cave over there! Let's go inside!
(Bella) Dibs on the gold!

(Magal) Dark Trolls are insane - they have huge amounts of HP and smash the crap out of you with those clubs. And on top of all that, they cast BiKill, meaning that they're doing even more damage!

(Kidd) ... The slayer of my father is now a common enemy? How we have fallen...

(Magal) Just two strong attacks with no waiting. Nothing special, but nothing to sneeze at, either.

(Bella) Kidd! These Metal Wyverns...
(Kidd) Metal Wyvern?
(Bella) Yes! Metal Wyverns! They're made with nanomachines...
(Kidd) ... Are those currently existing technology?
(Bella) No! It's mysterious! They don't have a Guard as insane as a Metal Babble, but it's still quite high. However, they don't give the insane XP that you get from the slimes either. The Balrogs are just lightweight demon enemies - they're probably quite dangerous if you let them survive, but they usually die in one attack.

(Kidd) This is increasingly familiar...
(Bella) I'm inclined to agree.

Are you playing, too?
(Kidd) I have no idea...

(Kidd) Wait, what?

(Bella) It's just a dark troll...
(Max) Or is it?
(Bella) Wha...?
(Max) Beat me up to make it look good... Shhh....
(Kidd) Ooookay...

You can reach God Dragon from this point. He will grant you any wish you choose... Well, good luck!

Take some of that medicine from the boiler. But please be careful! It's hot!
(Kidd) Ooooh! MedicOW!

You must be confident in your skills then... But how smart are you? Let's see how you handle a riddle! A town lies in ruins, and something shines beneath the cross... Know where it is? Come back here when you've solved it.
(Kidd) A town in ruins? That would be Tedanki!

(Magal) These are intensely powerful claws... even more so than the Dragon Claws!

(Kidd) Hey! We can just Return there now. Neato!

A town, surrounded by darkness. Something sleeps in the flowers...
(Bella) Flowers, eh? Central garden in Mercado.

(Kidd) Less impressive. What's the next thing?

I suppose they've been a little too easy, so how about a difficult one. Find the one who looks at the stars without ever glancing down.
(Valtiel) Muahahahaha, I know this one.
(Kidd) Muahahahaha?
(Valtiel) Let us go... to Aliahan. We're going southeast from there.

That's why the stars and sun appear to move and the horizon is rounded. But nobody believes me... But the world is round! And rotating in outer space!

(Kidd) Wow! This thing is a reusable item that casts HealUs!

I concede! You really are smart!
(Valtiel) Yessssss... yes...
As a reward, let me tell you something. There are 110 Small Medals scattered throughout the world.
(Kidd) I know, I know. We've found all of them that we need.
(Kidd) Tut tut! Off we go!

(Kidd) How many Baramguys are there?

The God Dragon posted:

I am God Dragon, ruler of the heavenly realm. I will grant you any wish you desire. But first, you must defeat me in battle! Are you prepared?
(Kidd) It's go time!

(Kidd) God Dragon will *wreck you*. He has all of the greatest hits from previous bosses, like Explodet, Freezing Pulse, automatic Sleep glare, or just hitting you. But he also has the devastating power to take a nap.
(Valtiel) His napping deals about 150 damage to every party member. He gets two actions per round and has absurd hit points! But eventually...

(Kidd) Thanks!

The God Dragon posted:

But it took you 38 rounds! I'm sorry, but I can't grant you a wish this time. Come back when you've become stronger, Kidd. Goodbye!
(Kidd) Son of a bitch. Okay. In the words of the greatest monster master that ever will exist... ONCE MORE! WITH GUSTO!

(Kidd) Blah blah blah let's just do this.

The God Dragon posted:

That was an incredible fight! I'll grant you a wish, but only one. What will you wish for?

(Kidd) ... Well, one of these things is not like the other.
(Valtiel) One of these things just doesn't belong.
(Magal) Can you find out which of these is not like the other...
(Bella) Cut it out! The new Pachisi track is just that - another Pachisi track with nifty stuff. The Naughty book will give you the Lewd personality, if male, or Sexy if female. But I think we're gonna go with...
(Kidd) Revive my father, please.

The God Dragon posted:

You wish that your father, Ortega, were alive?
(Kidd) Well, yes.

The God Dragon posted:

Then it shall be done! Return home to Aliahan and your father will be waiting for you! Goodbye!

Oh my goodness! Ortega! You're alive! Kidd, your father! He's come home!
(Ortega) You've grown quite a bit, Kidd. When I first left, you were just a baby... I'm sorry for worrying you until now... I'm so proud of you, for continuing my journey for peace!! I know you'll be successful where I failed, Kidd. Your mother and I are so proud of you, Aliahan's true hero.
(Kidd) Screw you, old man. I've rescued the world you've failed to save, then dispatched the monster that slew you in your arrogance. Now I'm going to go off to be the salvation of yet another world, and no bad will come of that. I'll be back for breakfast.
(Valtiel) Yesss.... nothing bad at all. Muahahahaha!

Next time, on Let's Play Dragon Quest 3:Nothing! Well, maybe I'll wrap up Pinky's Solo Quest, but that's it.

# of In-Game Days:137
# of Small Medals:81