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Shugojin posted:

Nooooo do the bonus Pachisi track.


(Kidd) Screw resurrecting Dad, I wanna go play Pachisi. Off to Zipangu!

(Kidd) There's another Starry Ring down here now.

(Kidd) This may take a while...

(Kidd) And there's another level above this?

(Kidd) All these paths are a lie - you need to step into the whirlpool.

(Kidd) And there's another floor above this?

(Kidd) You see a lot of repeats of stuff you can get from the Medal King down here.

(Kidd) Wait... I've already been here... how did I get turned around?

(Kidd) Between the Tight Bikini and the God Dragon offering us porn, the deities must be perverts.

(Kidd) That's three Starry rings now that I don't really need them.

(Kidd) Wow! The Goddess Ring gives a massive Wisdom boost and regenerates your MP when you walk, while the Mystery Bolero reduces the cost of all spells you cast by 1/2. But let's make sure we didn't miss anything...

(Kidd) Seriously! What's the point?

(Kidd) ... Are these just random drops now?

(Kidd) Changestaffs for everybody, evidently! The Thor Sword casts FireVolt, a powerful fire spell. And that's the Final Pachisi track.

Next time, on Let's Play Dragon Quest 3:Pinky's Solo Quest, but that's all! Final Pinky post by Sunday.