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Part 33: Chapter D: Solo Finale!

Chapter D:Solo Finale!

(Pinky) Well, scratch one end-boss!

You surely are no ordinary individual! Strength like that deserves to be rewarded!! Here, take this Bastard Sword!
(Pinky) Sweet! Not like I'll have anything to use it on, though...

(Pinky) Blah blah blah I'm going to kill you now. But first we'll need some suitable armor, a better sword, and most importantly a Rainbow Drop. And maybe some other orb...

(Pinky) Well, time to kill Zoma!

(Pinky) How could you not recognize me, Dad? I'm all alone and I'm wearing your helm! Oh well, moving along.

(Pinky) How nice! In that case, let me cordially welcome you to your grave!

(Pinky) And his grave as well!

(Pinky) This place is surprisingly crowded...

(Pinky) Seriously... what the hell? I'm not going to dig graves for all of you.

(Pinky) Okay, now what will I do with all of these corpses? Oh, there's a fire and I've fallen into a hole. Not my problem anymore.

(Pinky) A little. But now I'll kick back. Since I never really spent any money on equipment, I'm loaded now. Retirement time!

Author's note: I find it fitting that today the speedrun for the original version of Dragon Warrior 3 for the NES is published on SDA. So I'm going to go watch that now. I'll be keeping the thread open for a while as I polish it a bit before I submit it to the Archives, so if you have any questions or requests don't hesitate to ask.