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Part 17: Running Errands and Solo Adventures

Chapter 14:Running Errands and Solo Adventures

(Max) Okay then, what's your plan?
(Kidd) I hate having to do this... Lance!
(Lance) Oooooh! Tell me what to do!
(Kidd) Lance, if we have that Final Key, we'll be able to get into all sorts of tight, small, uncomfortable...
(Lance) It's south of Aliahan! GO GO GO GO!

(Kidd) I bet it's in there! Let's dive into it, heedless of consequences!
(Lance) OooooOOOoooh! That's what I like to hear!

They say Gaia's Pit lies deep in the Necrogond Mountains. The mountains are south of the Isis desert.
(Kidd) Let's go back and check out some of the towns we've been to - we can get into some closed off spaces now. First, back to Isis Castle!

Stop trying to defy him and head back to Aliahan... Before he kills you! Kekeke!

(Kidd) Small Medal 19: In a chest behind a locked door within Isis Castle. Actually, there's not a lot we can really do anything with the Final Key but those doors in Lancel, so let's go there.

But you have the Echo Flute, so finding it should be rather easy.
(Max) We have an Echo Flute?
(Kidd) I don't think so...
(Lance) I have a sort of a flute...
(Magal) Finish your sentence and I'll break it.
(Lance) Eeep!
I foresee... All the companions you've parted with will help you to fulfill your dreams.
(Kidd) Ahh, my secret dream of not needing any companions.

You'll have to do it alone though. Would you still like to attempt it?
(Kidd) It's like a dream come true, really.
Come with me!

(Kidd) Medal 20 - in the murky depths of Gaia's Navel.

(Kidd) There are a score of these faces, and they all say similar things. The path that leads to the treasure only has three faces, though.

(Kidd) The first of the orbs! It's blue! And the twenty-first Small Medal was right next to it!

Come on. Calm down... Now... Welcome back! I'm glad to see that you're safe! Did you complete the trial?
(Kidd) Behold the Blue Orb!
(Max) It is very blue.
Hah, you sure are a tough one. What bravery! I can only imagine what happened in there! Well, be on your way.
(Kidd) Wait! I just remembered a couple more doors we could open.

(Kidd) Small Medal 22 - In a sink in the prisoner tower of Romaly.
(Max) Why are you collecting all of those things, anyway?
(Kidd) Let me show you.

(Medal King) You've found more medals! I'll hang onto those for you! Here, have this Spiny Whip, Garter Belt...
(Lance) OoooOOOooh!
(Max) One more word, and I'll crack it.
(Medal King) And this Bladerang!
(Kidd) All of our current equipment is better than this stuff, and the Garter Belt is female-only equipment.
(Lance) That's where you and I disagree!
(Kidd) Keep talking like that, and I'll rip it off! But first, one last stop. Back to Tedanki at night!

The day that I would meet the hero... Here! Please take this orb!
(Kidd) It's delightfully green!
Take the scattered orbs to the south, to Liamland. You must place the six orbs on the altars there, to receive what you desire.
(Kidd) That reminds me...

(Bella) This town will be massive when I get down with it.
(Kidd) Good to hear! Well, we're off to find some more orbs.
(Bella) Orbs, eh? I'll keep my eyes open.

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