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Part 18: The Exotic Land of Zipangu!

Chapter 15:The Exotic Land of Zipangu!

(Kidd) To Japan!
(Max) You mean Zipangu?
(Kidd) Probably the same thing!

(Kidd) See? It's on the island next to the Asia-like continent.

What'll I do? My only daughter is being offered to Orochi...
My older sister has been chosen as the next sacrifice!
I could be next! You've got to help us!

(Kidd) Yes! We are definitely looking for orbs!
Surely you're talking about Himiko's treasure then?
(Kidd) Then we should talk to... him? Her? These wacky people don't seem to have a strong gender identity the way we proper westerners do.
(Lance) I'm never going to leave!
(Kidd) Well, I'm certainly not going to try and make you stay with us.

(Yayoi) I beg you! Please! Release me! At least allow me to bid farewell to my home!
(Kidd) Ooookay. Let's investigate this, shall we?
(Magal) We need to bring down this monster who is stealing the youth of this town?
(Kidd) You seem different, Magal?
(Magal) I'm going to carve out my name in heroics and return to Edinbear in style.
(Max) Good for you!
(Magal) Then pummel the place to the ground.

(Kidd) Another small medal, #23, is in this pot. But check all of them, as there are a couple of nice things in here.

Himiko must also be growing tired of Orochi.
If you were able to slay Orochi, Himiko would surely rejoice...

(Kidd) #24, in another pot in Himiko's home.
People are offered as per Himiko's prophecy.
Recently, Himiko has acquired supernatural powers.

(Kidd) I don't think so... sir? Madam?
(Himiko) Forget it, don't answer that! You have such strange clothing... You foreigners must have heard of this country's dilemma. Well, we won't be needing any help from the likes of you! I absolutely despise foreigners!
(Magal) Well, in that case, fffff....
(Himiko) Please, leave this village at once!
(Kidd) ... Oookay.

(Max) Okay, so what are we doing?
(Kidd) We're killing Orochi and saving the town, of course.
(Magal) I want his head for a trophy!
(Lance) And the people will be so happy with us that I can stay here forever!
(Max) Double bonus!

(Lance) It's soooooo hot and sweaty down here.
(Kidd) Moving briskly along!

(Max) The Derangers are an odd monster. Half the time, they waste their turns. The other half of the time they cast Chaos and try to confuse someone.

(Kidd) Wow! This thing has an insane defense! On it's own, it's nearly twice my current defense! I'm putting it on right now!

(Kidd) Uh oh.

(Kidd) I'm so very confused about every aspect of my life right now!
(Lance) I'm dead, or I would be doing something right about now.

(Kidd) That'll show me to trust things I find lying in evil caves.

(Kidd) I think we're in the right place, sadly.

(Max) The Lava Men are the males of the species, though the females are a similar-looking monster also named Men.

(Kidd) Well, Magal...
(Magal) Yeah?
(Kidd) Since you called dibs, we'll let you have two heads.
(Lance) OoooOoooh! Think of how one would look as a codpiece!
(Max) Let's not!
(Kidd) But, to be fair, the Orochi is serious business. He has a ton of hit points, a simple but heavy attack, and a love of breathing fire. On top of all that, sometimes he acts twice per round! Tread cautiously with this guy, and eventually...

(Kidd) Oooh! He dropped a nice new sword!
(Max) He's getting away! After him!

What in the world happened to you!?
(Max) He looks like he had the crap beaten out of him by a... hrm, a toughie. It looks like a tiny male Hero, a small but lovable male fighter, an eensy but fruity cleric, and... Magal?
(Kidd) How can you tell all that?
(Max) I know fighting injuries pretty well, and Magal's name is written onto the back of his head in frost burns.
(Magal) Wait, I never use Icebolt... except againt the Orochi!
(Himiko) You are the only ones who have ever seen my true from. I'll let you live if you can keep your mouth shut, got it?
(Magal) I want at least two of your heads! READY YOURSELF FOR DEATH!
(Himiko) I see... Well then, allow me to see how well you taste!

(Kidd) It's Orochi again! This fight is quite difficult if you go for it immediately after fighting him in the cave, but much easier if you go and take a quick nap at a nearby inn. At any rate, eventually...

(Kidd) That's three! We just need three more now!

Next time: More cruising along the sea.
# of In-Game Days:86
# of Small Medals:23