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Part 19: Stereotypes!

Chapter 16:Stereotypes!

(Kidd) Now that that problem's solved, let's see how Bella is doing, shall we?

I have no doubt this town will become a huge success! I've never felt more certain about anything in my entire life!
Gaia Sword... a blade capable of destroying an entire mountain... I need to have it for myself! But I don't have the slightest idea of where it could be...
(Bella) Aah, Kidd! It's me, Bella.
(Kidd) You look busy. What have you been up to?
(Bella) I've been thinking about building a big theater...
(Kidd) That's a good idea... you're putting a lot of effort into this town.
(Bella) Yes, and it will all pay off... soon.
(Max) That seems a little sinister.
(Bella) Well, you know.
(Lance) Actually, I'm going back to the beautiful island of Zipangu for a vacation.
(Kidd) And I... I'm going to let you. Let's head back to Ruida's, Max and Magal!

(Kidd) Howdy, Ruida. As you can see, we're short one pervert.
(Ruida) So you are! JOKEBOT just woke up and said that he wanted to "continue accruing life experience" or something.
(Kidd) What the hell, I'm in a good mood! Send him out!
(Max) What?
(Magal) Whatever. Let's just go.

(Kidd) This place is a pain to navigate - you have to wander through a maze of rivers, but eventually...

We glad you make the journey here.
Our tribe always speak the truth.

(Kidd) Yep - A friend of mine is in charge of setting it up.
Then he must have successfully fulfilled his dream!

I heard that a great magician lives in a field somewhere on that island.
(Kidd) There's a small medal (for us, #24), in the pot behind you, so move aside.
The Thirsty Pitcher originally from our village. But men from east come here many moons ago and steal it.

(Kidd) There's another one that's here in this tile next to the well, but you can only pick it up during the day. And that's 25.

Forgive me! It was I who originally stole the pitcher! I'm originally from the castle town of Edinbear... I failed to catch my ship home and I've been stuck here ever since... Unfortunately, one of my colleagues stole the pitcher from me before they set sail.
(Kidd) Hrm... I've got a feeling... let's come back here at night.

There's supposedly a talking horse somewhere in the world though.
(Kidd) You mean Ed? He's right over there. You can see him from here!
(Max) What? Really?

You must find the Thirsty Pitcher. It will allow you to dry up the shoals in the sea to the west of us.
(Kidd) Now that we know how to get the Thirsty Pithcer and someone told us what to do with it, we can move on. Let's check out that southeast continent - we don't know anything about it so far.

(Kidd) Why would we do that? Let's go and trounce those pirates!
(Magal) YAAAAAH!

(Magal) AAAAaaah? Where is everyone?

(Kidd) Well, we'll come back later, but first...

(Kidd) #26 - in a barrel within the Pirates HQ.

(Max) Kongs, for some reason, are green. Other than that, they're just big gorilla-like enemies. The Shamen...
(Max) Shamans are total dicks. They cast Healmore and can summon Horks - take out the Shamans first!

You're the one who's going to kill Baramos, aren't you?
(Kidd) Wait, how does everyone know this name? Isn't it supposed to be a secret? But yeah, that's us.
We've heard so many good things about you. You're welcome to stay here whenever!
(Max) This really isn't how I expected this to go.
We only steal from scoundrels. Justice always prevails!
(Kidd) Huh. We get all our money from killing monsters and looting dungeons, so I don't think we can really judge.
You're looking for an orb? I think we found one during our pillages... Now, where did we put that thing...
(Kidd) Alright, let's talk to the man in charge!

(Kidd) Nah. I'm used to women being in charge.
You get right to the point, don't you? I like that a lot. Have you heard about Luzami? It's directly southwest of here, on a small island. It's a pretty isolated area. So, it's true that you've set out to defeat Baramos?
(Kidd) How does this stuff get around? I mean, we are doing it, but how does everyone know? I'd be scared if I wasn't delighted.
It's true!? Well, I don't know if you'll succeed... But I'm rootin for you! If you do, please come see us again!

We came across the Ghost Ship when we used the Sailor's Bone. We gave it to an old man in Greenlad.
(Kidd) Now where is that orb they mentioned? It isn't in here...

(Kidd) Maybe they hid it under this nearby rock!

(Kidd) Okay, that's Red, Purple, Blue and Green, so four Orbs out of six. Just two more to go!

Next time:Helpless, hopeless, and living in Greenlad.
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