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Part 16: Traveling and Exploring

Chapter 13:Traveling and Exploring

(Kidd) Well, that's the only lead we have. Let's start exploring down the coast!
(Sophia) Yeah, about that. I need some time off.
(Kidd) Why's that?
(Sophia) I can deal with murdering hordes of monsters. I can tromp through tombs, dance through dungeons, and skate through cities. However, I'm not the biggest fan of ships - I need some time to recover from this nasty seasickness.
(Kidd) That seems fair.
(Valtiel) As for me, I need some time to focus my will on my next objectives. May I also have some time off?
(Kidd) No problems.

(Ruida) Thank the heavens! You're back! You need to take Lance along. He's freaking out the rest of the customers.
(Kidd) But...
(Ruida) No buts! Cross me and I'll cause the Adventurer's Guild to cut you off!
(Kidd) Okay, we'll bring him along.
(Lance) Oooooh! Goody!
(Max) I'm coming along as well.
(Kidd) Gambling fraud?
(Max) How could you say such a... yeah.
(Kidd) Well, we're going south of Portoga - we're looking for a city named Tedanki.
(Max) Hey! I think I have some family there. I'll be able to check in on them after all these years. That'll be nice.

They say that Baramos lives deep within the Necrogond Mountains.
(Kidd) Well, that's a vital tidbit, but how will we find the Necrogond Mountains?
East around the cape and up the river is a large volcano. Supposedly, it leads to the Necrogond Mountains. Unless you're very strong, I'd recommend avoiding it for now.
(Kidd) We're pretty strong - we should go for it!
(Max) Is it just me, or is this place extra creepy?
(Kidd) I can't tell - I always feel like this when Lance is around?
(Lance) Are you scared? Do you need... comforting?
(Kidd) NO!
(Magal) You want me to... put him to sleep?
(Lance) OOoooh! Hold me in your strong, manly arms!
(Magal) ... Well played.

Get out of here!

(Max) See the mysterious fog, the poisonous marsh, and the general state of disrepair?
(Kidd) Well, you're right. Let's see what the place looks like in the morning.

(Kidd) Okay, the town looks just as damaged and misty, but much more abandoned.

(Kidd) Hey! There's some graffiti next to this skeleton. "I wanted to give someone the orb that I had while I was still alive." Well, crap. That would be a problem if we actually needed those orbs. But we should be able to get to Baramos from here. ONWARD TO THE NECROGOND!

(Kidd) Well, there's no way to go farther inland - there's a lake in our way, and we can't drag that ship through the forest. Well, I guess we'll have to get all of those stupid orbs, unless we can find a way to make some land right here. Let's go and check out Tedanki again, see if we can't find some clues. Hrmm, where was it?
(Max) Here, let me point it out on the map.

(Kidd) Well, not before you mentioned it... but it seems pretty plausible now that you've pointed it out.
Clearly, you are mistaken.
(Kidd) Then we must agree to disagree. Good day sir!

You need to find the Final Key. Once you have done that, head to Lancel, which is just south of Baharata...
(Kidd) Well, let's see what we can find out in Lancel, then.

Lancel is quite a small town, but the shrine in the back is gigantic! It's our town's main attraction.
Supposedly, to get the Final Key, you need some kind of special water pitcher. But what could a pitcher possibly have to do with finding a key...
Ugh! There's no shrine here! It's supposed to be somewhere in this village, but I just can't find it!
I'm the item shop owner's daughter. Please buy some of our Invisibility Herbs.They're a mysterious herb that can make you invisible for a brief amount of time. I'm sure they'd probe to be useful on your journey.
(Kidd) Those sound like they'll be useful once. Let's pick up some.

It resembles a belly button on the world map, so we call it Gaia's Navel.

(Kidd) Small Medal 18 - hidden in an alleyway near the shrine in Lancel.
(Magal) Let's go check out my home town of Edinbear, shall we? It's a... pleasant place north of Portoga.

Hicks aren't welcome here! No shield... No sword... NO SERVICE!!! Now get the hell out of here!
(Magal) That's why I left... I hate those dicks.
(Kidd) Well, I have a plan for such an occasion! Let's eat some Invisibility Herbs!

(Kidd) Why is it that, no matter what, an adventurer is going to have to push boulders on to switches?

(Kidd) Now all we have to do is figure out where to use it... we could sail around and ask everyone, but I think I have another plan...

Next time, on Let's Play Dragon Quest 3: Another plan!

# of In-Game Days:80
# of Small Medals:18