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Part 15: So very tired.

Chapter 12: So very tired.

(Kidd) As much fun as it would be to keep two sages around, you both look too much alike to be kept in the party at the same time.
(Valtiel) Aww.
(Kidd) Let's see who's free back at Ruida's.

(Ruida) Oh! Jokebot! Something called a "Security Suite" came in a package for you.
(Magal) Good! I'm coming along. I'm sick of being weak. It's time for me to become STRONG!
(Kidd) Let's check on Bella before doing anything else.

(Bella) I think I'll build a shop here...
(Kidd) Good to see that you're doing so well.
(Bella) You can head off - nothing to see here yet. Though come back soon!
(Kidd) We will.
(Bella) Bring money.
(Kidd) Oookay.
(Magal) I need to train for Dharma.
(Kidd) Well, there's a lot of land up there that we haven't checked out yet - let's explore.

(Sophia) I'm not sure why they have such a fancy name - They're just bears. They're big and tough and hit really hard.

(Kidd) To the east of Dharma, there's another stand-alone inn.

(Kidd) Medal 16 - in a tiny inn east of Dharma.

(Magal) These Demonites are interesting for an odd reason - they know some of the most powerful magic in existance, but lack the MP to use them. They do try so hard, though. But they're too weak and flabby!

(Kidd) What an odd thing to advertise.
Did you come here by ship?
(Magal) No! We walked here! Uphill both ways!
My goodness!! You came here by foot?
Oh, Pokapa! Popota really wants to see you.
Yo! Pokapa! You're back!
(Kidd) Who's Pokapa?
What? You say you're not Pokapa? But you look exactly like him...
(Kidd) Oh no! An evil twin!
(Sophia) But everyone seems pretty nice here, and they seemed to like him. Maybe he's a good twin.
(Valtiel) Which would mean...
(Kidd) I'm not an evil twin! We need to look into this immediately!

Oh my god, it's you! Pokapa! You've returned! It's so good to see you again!

(Kidd) Why yes, yes we are!
Ah!!! Pokapa came from there too! I think they called him Ortega there... I recall Pokapa saying that he regretted leaving his son behind.
(Kidd) So, everyone who called me Pokapa was just comparing me to my father? FFFFFFFF...
What!? You're his son?
(Kidd) YES.
I see, so you're just like Pokapa.
So Pokapa is... I mean, Ortega is doing well?
(Kidd) Oh, you hadn't heard? He fell into a volcano while fighting a monster.
That's a shame... I'm really sorry to hear that.
(Valtiel) Wait a second... *Sniff* There's also a small medal in one of those pots.

I want you to have his helmet. It doesn't fit me anyways. I think he'd be happy if you used it. So please, I want you to have it.
(Kidd) Aww, thanks. That's actually quite sweet.

You're actually Ortega's child!
(Sophia) You fool! That kid was just barely able to get him calmed down!
(Magal) I'll get him in a choke hold!
I believe this helmet belongs to you now. You're going to make your father proud.
(Kidd) SOOOOO...very....tired...

(Kidd) Huh? Where am I?
(Magal) See? I told you he'd wake up sometime today.
(Sophia) Okay, here's the 10G, then.
(Kidd) Where are we? Where did this hat come from?
(Valtiel) We're in the lighthouse just south of Portoga.
I'll teach you all about the world.
Somewhere else...
I think I like where this is going
But back at the lighthouse...
Rowing south along the coast from here will bring you to the cape of Tedanki. Keep going west from there and you'll eventually reach Lancel and Aliahan. Once there, if you head north you'll reach the island of Zipangu. And supposedly, if one could gather all six of the orbs... They could travel anywhere in this world without need of a ship! So head south, and don't forget everything that I just said!
(Kidd) Thanks, lighthouse keeper! On to Tedanki!

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# of In-Game Days: 75
# of Small Medals: 17