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Part 12: Chapter B: A Similar Post-Beginning

Chapter B: A Similar Post-Beginning

So, last time Inky, Pinky, Blinky, and Clyde got to Romaly. So now they need to go and get the Golden Crown from Kandar.

You're a true hero! You'd make a great king! If you agree, the throne will be yours immediately! So how about it? Would you like to become this country's new ruler?
(Pinky) Would I ever!
You will!? Then Pinky is the new king! WAIT! You're a woman!! Romaly's never had a woman for a ruler before... but you did defeat Kandar! That alone would make you a great queen! I suppose this will be the day that Romaly has its first queen!!

(Pinky) Wow! This dress looks more different than kingly robes than my normal adventuring gear looks like male adventuring gear.
You're superb, Pinky! The former king was too naive. Men too often overlook many of the duties that women view as important... I know you won't do that though!
You're the rumored queen, eh? A woman's really ruiling Romaly... And you let Kandar escape!? Women are too soft to rule.
(Pinky) I feel certain that, other than that, everything would be pretty much the same as it would be if I was a man. Now let's go to Noaniels and fix their problem, then head over to Assaram.

(Pinky) However, we couldn't do anything special there. Girls can't get puff-puffed, evidently. So we went to Isis, and checked out the room under the castle.

(Pinky) Well, if I say no you'll just run away, so yes.
Are you also the one who opened my treasure chest?
(Pinky) Once again, if I say no, nothing will happen, so yes.
You seem to be an honest person... Very well then, you may have my treasure!

(Pinky) No difference here, either. I'm also noted as acceptable to "satisfy the queen", just like a man would be.