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Part 11: Running Errands and Checking ARound

Chapter 09: Running Errands and Checking ARound

(Kidd) Let's see what fun we can have with this key, shall we?

(Max) Aww... I lost that bet.
(Kidd) I told you that she wouldn't sleep naked.
At any rate, I can't help you much, but... check around my bed.

(Kidd) Oooh! This is one of the handful of things that can recover MP on the fly. But enough of that. Let's go back to Ashalam.

but the only way east is through a secret tunnel that only the dwarves know about. Norud the dwarf pretends to not know the way through... I may have to see his friend, the king of Portoga.
(Kidd) That's a good tip. I'll need to get to Portoga at some time. I wonder where it is... let's go check out Romaly. They had a back area blocked off by a Magic Door.

If you had one, you'd be able to sail anywhere in the world!
(Kidd) Let's swing back by Aliahan for a bit though, first.

(Kidd) Medal #12 - in some guy's dresser in Aliahan castle.

(Kidd) So infinitely tired...
So go ahead and take these items! I'll just pretend I didn't see anything at all.
(Kidd) Well, that's unexpected. Thanks, Dad, wherever you are. In these chests are a couple of seeds, a Rune Staff, some gold, and a Hero Ring. The Rune Staff is a weapon for a Mage that isn't a poisoned needle, making it kind of pointless. The Hero Ring gives a nice attack boost, but changes the wearer's personality to Valiant, giving them a hefty strength boost with penalties to nearly everything else.

(Kidd) Small Medal #13 - in a vase in a guy's house in a swamp south of Isis. But there's one last thing I've been avoiding.

(Max) Then it's time for some sort of wacky disguise. I'll be around, Kidd. But not for some time. Not while I can costume as a monster and fight monsters in an arena.

(Ruida) Oh, it's you again. Sophia and Bella were waiting for you in the back.
(Kidd) Sweet! But that means I need to keep either JOKEBOT or Lance... Lance can heal, but Jokebot makes me want to kill myself less. So long, Lance.
(Lance) I'll get you yet, Kidd. See if I don't. But I'll wait here until you need me once again.
(Sophia) Yeah, sorry about that. But not really. Sis had slimepox, and you know how those are.
(Kidd) Horribly and oozy?
(Sophia) Yeah.
(Kidd) Well, I can understand that. But where have you been, Bella?
(Bella) Portoga! I had received a pepper shipment, and their king is crazy about the stuff.
(Kidd) It's off to the west, is it not?
(Bella) Listen to me and I'll never steer you wrong.
(Kidd) Really?
(Bella) As long as I get paid.
(Kidd) Ah.
(Bella) It's west of Romaly. There's a shrine we'll have to go through, though.

But you can only open it with a magic key.
(Kidd) Wait, how did you get through there, then?
(Bella) With my Magic Key, obviously.
(Kidd) You had a Magic Key the entire time?
(Bella) Sure! I inherited it from my father. Someone sold it to my family, many years ago, as a mistake. My ancestor set the price at more than the seller had, so we've kept it ever since. I assume the the guy went on to make another one that was better known.
(Kidd) Huh. Well, we got that Starry Ring and Golden Claws as well... though Max kept both of those, now that I think of it. Damn. Wish I had known about yours - would've saved some time. Well, moving along to Portoga.

(Sophia) Oh no! Druids! Druids can cast Gale, which damages the entire party pretty heavily. And they love casting it, so be cautious when you see them in large groups.

Ah, just once before I die, I'd like to finally know the taste of pepper.
The king loves pepper. It can be bought in the eastern end of the country. However, people are too afraid to make the dangerous trip to go purchase it...
What? You want a ship? Go ask the king.

I'd love to go there.
(Kidd) You liar. Class changes are impossible.
I know the truth. Would you like to hear it?
(Kidd) Please.
Haste makes waste! That's the truth.

I ask you, please go east and bring this pepper back for me. When you should return with the pepper... I will acknowledge you as true heroes and grant you my ship! Now take this letter, and show it to Norud. You'll find him in a cave to the east. He'll lead the way for you. Now be off, Kidd!
(Kidd) Well, it's off to get pepper, then!

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# of In-Game Days: 42
# of Small Medals: 13