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Part 6: A final addition before a tough fight.

Chapter 04: A final addition before a tough fight.

(Kidd) Let's check out the town a bit more before going after that crown, shall we?
(Sophia) Sorry, I have to go back home for a while. Need to spend a few weeks taking care of my sisters. Nobody else in my family can cook, and the old Anteater jerky's probably at low ebb by now.
(Kidd) Well then go on back to them. We'll find someone else to fill your slot for a while. Perhaps there's a bar-like place around here...

If you'd like to watch the match, then you should go place your bets at the counter.
Welcome to the exciting monster arena! Which monster will you place your bet on? If you choose correctly, you might win a lot of gold!

(Kidd) I think that the smart money is going to be on the slime.
(Valtiel) Really? Why?
(Kidd) They're symbolic.

(Kidd) See? Never doubt me.
(Valtiel) That would be true... IF A SLIME ACTUALLY WON!
(Kidd) Huh?
Curses! How could you know?
(Kidd) ... What?
(Max) I've been discovered!
Max! You broke in to fight the other monsters again!
(Max) ... yeah.
Then you're banned. You and those other adventurer-looking guys. You, your children, your children's children, and your children's children's children!
(Kidd) What? Why?
(Max) Don't sweat it. There's another casino in the desert somewhere... it's way better. They only kicked me out for a few weeks, and I think I'll be good for that one by the time we get back there. Mind if I tag along with you guys? I note that you're short the standard four for any adventuring party.
(Kidd) Any objections?
(Valtiel) As long as he knows what he's doing, sure.
(Magal) Well, I have to see HAAAA!
(Max) Hey! Don't shoot fire at me!
(Magal) He passes my "Able to Dodge Fire" requirement.
(Kidd) Then you're in. Let's get going north to Kazave.

If you go west from this village, you will come across the Tower of Shampane.
Even a very weak magician can bring down a monster by hitting a vital point with a Poison Dagger. Long ago, they used to sell them at the store.

(Kidd) This will be useful if we find a good game of Pachisi.

They say that he defeated a grizzly with his bare hands. I hope I can be like that some day...
(Kidd) Let's kill some monsters in the hills around this place.

(Max) The Army Crab is the worst monster of the area. Lots of hit points, defense, and strength. You have to use magic, and quite a bit of it, to kill 'em off quick.

(Max) The Dead Hound is an undead dog or wolf. They're the most common monster of the area, and always roam in packs.

(Max) The Rogue Nite is the tank of the area. Lots of HP and the ability to call Healers to combat makes him hard to kill. The Gas Clouds are another mid-range monster without anything of note.
(Valtiel) It's time to go for some... night work.

They say that I defeated a grizzly with my bare hands... But the truth is, I was using the Iron Claws! HAHAHAHA!
(Max) I don't see how that's so surprising. Hell, I'm using a pair. It's not like we Fighters can equip much - just the occasional light clothes and claws, really.

(Valtiel) Aha! Since it's night, the merchant went to sleep, leaving this poison dagger unguarded. Though I *could* use it, I'll let Magal have it...
(Magal) So, how poison resistant are all of you?
(Valtiel) If he promises to only use it on enemies.
(Magal) Ah well. It can still defeat enemies in one hit.

(Magal) It works, but it's not that impressive.

(Max) Egads! These are quite unusual around here. Bat Mans are half bat, half men creatures who fly around in tailored suits, looking for blood. They have a very high attack, but are quite weak against fire.

(Kidd) Really? Perhaps it is the thieves that stole the crown and went to Champane Tower that have taken residence here, in Champane Tower.

We'd better go tell the boss about them!!
(Kidd) After them!

(Kandar) Too bad you'll never catch us! Suckers!

(Magal) Curses! I hadn't trained you for pit traps that dump you into the room immediately below yet. I'm sorry, this one's on me.
(Kidd) After them again!

(Kidd) It's Kandar! And three individual henchmen
(Magal) I can't target them all, dammit! I'll just cast Increase a couple of times - since they all use physical attacks, that'll reduce their damage immensely.
(Valtiel) Take out the Henchmen as quick as you can! They hit nearly as hard as Kandar does, but have nowhere near the defense and hit points!

(Kandar) The crown is yours! Please, will you spare me?
(Kidd) Well, let me th...
(Magal) NO!
(Kandar) No, I beg you! Please, will you spare me?
(Kidd) Well, that depends. Will you keep repeating your plea for me to leave you alive?
(Kandar) Yes.
(Kidd) Off you go, then.
(Kandar) Thank you so much! I'll never forgive your gratitude!

(Kidd) Let's get this stupid thing back to Romaly, shall we?

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