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Part 5: Chapter A: A New Beginning! Also, we learn the difference between a male hero and a female hero.

Chapter A: A New Beginning! Also, we learn the difference between a male hero and a female hero.

Voice:- It is I, the ruler of everything. Soon, Pinky, you will stand before me as a great hero... But before that happens, I want to find out what kind of person you are... Answer me honestly. Are you ready?
(Pinky) Fer sure!
Voice:- Are victories only acheived through combat?
(Pinky) Off course!
Voice:- Do you prefer to use magic over weapons?
(Pinky) Naw.
Voice:- Do random strangers bore you when they start talking to you?
(Pinky) Yes you are. Thanks for bringing it up.
Voice:- Do you believe that fortune tellers can predict the future?
(Pinky) Of course not!
Voice:- Would you consider yourself to be physically active?
(Pinky) Hee hee hee... yes.
Voice:- Would you say that you get angry rather easily?
(Pinky) I'm pretty mellow, so no.
Voice:- Can you easily forgive a broken promise?
(Pinky) People promise me things all the time. It's no biggie.
Voice:- Do you believe that a higher being exists?
(Pinky) Nope. Just dreams.
Voice:- Do you easily become obsessed over something?
(Pinky) Shoes!
Voice:- Do you always save your favorite part of a meal for last?
(Pinky) No, sometimes you just need to eat dessert first.
Voice:- If you would stumble over a rock, would you blame yourself for falling instead of the rock?
(Pinky) Yeah, I know when things are my fault.
Voice:- I think I understand your personality now. Now, let's see how you do with this...

(Queen) It would be useless to our neighboring country. I certainly deserve that jewel! What should we do? The country is in a state of turmoil. Our neighboring country is going to invade us. His Majesty knows about this and is launching a preemptive attack! Soon it will be time to...

(King) Fortunately, we have discovered their plans based on information obtained by your queen! To prevent chaos in our kingdom, I have decided to launch a preemptive strike! Your thoughts, General Hanvil?
(Hanvil) Sire! Should the intelligence be false, you'd certainly be questioned...
(King) Don't worry! My wife would never lie to me! ... You think she wouldn't lie to me, right?
(Hanvil) Certainly!
(King) Very well! Then go forth, brave soldiers!
(Hanvil) Sire!

(Chancellor) Hmm? I haven't seen you before... I suppose at this point, anyone will do!? Please consider this... If the king carries out an ill-fated plan, do you think he'll be dethroned?
(Pinky) If it's ill-fated, then he'll be removed fer sure!
(Chancellor) Do do you think the king's decree is infallible?
(Pinky) It had better be, I guess.
(Chancellor) Perhaps it would be best if you stood down.
(Pinky) You make no sense. I'll go talk to the king.

(Pinky) Sure I will!
So, you are no soldier... Then please, be gone!
(Pinky) Away I go!

Voice:- Pinky, you have got a dirty mind. Now that I have pointed this out, you suddenly begin to blush... Because of that, I suspect that you must know that it's the truth. You just can't stop thinking about guys... Whenever you have free time, that is all that you think about. You write the names of your secret lovers in the corners of all of your books. You stare at them and smile without knowing it, and make yourself look creepy. "Am I really?", you often think. I'd say that it's pretty clear you are. You have a dirty mind. But it makes you a fairly care free individual, which is considered to be health. This is your personality. Soon, morning will come, and you will wake from your slumber. I look forward to meeting you someday.

Okay, since this is a side-story, I won't be showing anything other than differences. This is a female character. Want proof?

(Pinky) What?
Uhhhh.... I mean daughter. There's no mistaking it, you're surely his child.

Then we go and get our new party. We have:

Blinky! A Macho Jester

Inky! A Silly Jester

and Clyde! A Foolish Jester

And now, the problems with Jesters.

In addition to their mostly awful stats, they randomly pull this crap instead of what they're supposed to do in combat. Nothing much new happens for these guys between Reeve and Romaly.

But these guys will be keeping pace with the actual party as best they can.