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Part 4: New party members for a new continent.

Chapter 03: New party members for a new continent.

(Ruida) Oh, you're back. How are...
(Kidd) Okay. We're here. Lance, GET THE HELL OUT OF THE PARTY!
(Lance) I'll go, but we both know I'll be back one day.
(Bella) If you don't mind, I'm also gonna take some time off. I want to put this money to work.
(Kidd) Hold on a sec - I need three people. I can replace Lance with that thief that was mentioned previously. And we're having enough trouble without the liability that is Jokebot.
(Ruida) Well, a Mage started hanging out. Want to talk with him while I wake that Thief up?
(Kidd) Sure.
(Ruida) One sec... MAGAL! Work for you!
(Magal) Hello. I hope to help you all in your travels.
(Kidd) Yeah. We're going to be keeping this guy. He's not insane and can start fires with his mind.
(Valtiel) Someone asked for a rogue?
(Kidd) I did. Hello, I'm...
(Valtiel) Kidd?
(Kidd) Yes. And I'd like...
(Valtiel) For me to come with you on your world-saving adventure?
(Kidd) Okay, you're well informed.
(Valtiel) Better than you can know. Any thief can steal money and items. I've gone far beyond such petty things. I steal...
(Kidd) Sentences?
(Valtiel) ...Knowledge.
(Kidd) What the hell. Come along for a while. Let's get some scratch together and get you guys some equipment, then make our way to the Cave of Enticement.

Some time later...

(Kidd) I don't understand, though. Why is this cave enticing?
(Valtiel) I think it's because it's blocked. Since, as humans, we want what we can't have, the cave's denial to our desires makes us want it even more.

(Sophia) I want to go through there so much.
(Valtiel) See?
The Magic Ball could destroy the wall though...

(Kidd) And there's treasure already!

A Chest posted:

For whomever finds this... I present this map to you! I hope you find this to be helpful!
(Kidd) Hey! It's a map of the world. How useful!

(Sophia) The Antbear is a mixture of an Ant-Eater and a Bear. So it's much tougher than a standard aardvark.

(Magal) Oh! It's a traveler's gate. It should take us along to the next continent. Let's jump in.
(Kidd) I dunno. Maybe we should find a boat or something.
(Magal) No! Jump in!
(Kidd) I think it's best to hold off...
(Kidd) Diving in!

(Kidd) What the hell was that?
(Magal) What was what?
(Valtiel) Hey! There's a castle not too far away!

(Kidd) We started at the circular island on the bottom right, and we're probably now at where the feather is. But let's get into that castle for now.

Supposedly the Archfiend is plotting to destroy the world. I'm just not sure what to believe anymore...
This is just a rumor... But some brave heroes from Aliahan are coming to kill Baramos.
(Kidd) How do you know the name of Baramos? That's supposed to be a secret, isn't it?
Is it true that Archfiend Baramos is planning on conquering the world?
I would like to help you, but you are a foreigner. I wouldn't want to upset this country's king.
To the far north lies the village of Kazave.

(Kidd) Small Medal #05 - In a pot in a house in Romaly.

We've been expecting you!
There are very tough monsters in the east... If I were you, I'd head to the north first, and get some more experience.
I was attacked on my way here from Kazave and dropped all of my goods. I'm safe now, but my business is ruined. *sigh*

We're in a lot of trouble.

(Kidd) So very, deeply tired.
I have a favor to ask of you! Kandar stole our Golden Crown and escaped from the kingdom with it. Please help us get it back, and I'll recognize you as a true hero, Kidd!
(Kidd) Well, we need to go and prove that we're heroes. Sweet!

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# of In-Game Days: 17
# of Small Medals: 05