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Part 7: King for a Day.

Chapter 05: King for a Day.

(Kidd) Let's get this Gold Crown back to the king, shall we?

You're a true hero! You'd make a great king! If you agree, the throne will be yours immediately! So, how about it? Would you like to become this country's new ruler?
(Kidd) Well, I do have a few things to do first, like stopping an Archdemon, so I'll have to give it a pass.
You'll never have this chance again! I won't let you reconsider this. For the last time, would you like to be this country's new ruler? If you agree, the throne will be yours immediately! So how about it? Would you like to become this country's new ruler?
(Kidd) No!
You sure are a stubborn one! I for one never let my will get the best of me! If you agree, the throne will be yours immediately! So how about it? Would you like to become this country's new ruler?
(Kidd) Well... no.
My goodness!! You still won't accept my offer! But you'd make the perfect ruler! If you agree, the throne will be yours immediately! So how about it? Would you like to become this country's new ruler?
(Kidd) You make a great point... but I have to go take care of this stuff.
I'm running out of ways to convince you, aren't I? If you agree, the throne will be yours immediately! So how about it? Would you like to become this country's new ruler?
(Kidd) Alright... I'll do it.
Wow! I was gonna stop after that. Well, then it is done! Henceforth, Kidd shall rule as king of this castle!

The next day...

(King Kidd) Thank you.
I've already heard about how you became the new king. So new we must ask you not to leave the town.
King Kidd!! You look magnificent! You'll make a great ruler!

*sigh* He must be up to his old tricks again...
So you're the new king? I heard you let Kandar escape though! How could you do that!? He should be the one locked up in here, not me!!!
All Hail, King Kidd! The flame that keeps life's candle burning.

You'll certainly help to bring some life back into our withering country!
Your Highness! Please, you must save the village of Noaniels, to the north of here! It's already been a couple of years since I last heard from my cousin in Noaniels. I really hope that everything is okay over in that town...
(King Kidd) Then let's go and save them!

(King Kidd) Being royal has now become inconvenient. I need to re-establish the previous monarch as King.

By the way, the former king was headed downstairs. He seemed a little bit too happy...
(King Kidd) Downstairs we go.

Commoners sure have it good... I never knew that gambling could be so much fun! Are you enjoying being the new ruler of Romaly?
(King Kidd) I'd have more fun if I didn't have anything to do. I need to rescue Noaniels and kill Baramos and whatnot.
Oh? You've grown tired of it already?
(King Kidd) Like I said, not so much that I'm tired that I have other stuff to do first. I can be king of Romaly some other time.
I see... I won't make you continue doing something you dislike. It was fun while it lasted, but I need my rest. And you must continue your travels, Kidd!

The experience alone should have been worth it. You never know, maybe you will actually become a king some day. I wouldn't be surprised if that happened. Now be gone, and good luck on your adventure
(Kidd) Actually, now that I'm a free citizen again, I'm going to go gamble. But not at that casino...

One game of Pachisi will be one ticket. Would you like to try it?
(Kidd) Would I!?
Then please, give me your ticket. You will be given 10 turns to complete this board. Good luck!
(Kidd) Okay, here's how this works. I'm gonna go out alone onto this large game board. I have 10 turns to reach the end of it. Each turn a dice is rolled, and I can move up to that number of spaces.

(Kidd) Each space does something different. Plains and forests have occasional encounters, treasure chests contain treasure, and so on. There's also an item store...

(Kidd) They have better weapons and armor than the rest of the area, if you can manage to land on it.

(Kidd) If you fall into that chute, you lose and are kicked out of the game. You have lost your ticket and should feel awful about yourself. That slime panel has a tough encounter for the area...

(Kidd) It's a Vampire. It's a black Bat Man and is pretty nasty, but has the same basic problems as it's lesser counterpart - I.E., not a lot of hit points. But not too far from that...

Well done! Now, claim your prizes and exit through that hole. But don't fall down there before claiming your prizes, or else you would have to do it all over again!
(Kidd) We get a Steel Sword and 500 gold. But it was fun, and that's what counts!

(Kidd) What a sleepy guy. But it's nighttime, so that makes sense.
(Valtiel) Everyone's asleep, though... and mostly outside and standing up. Not usual. Let's check around some more.

If they don't get it back, this village will be cursed forever. The elven village is near a cave in the western forest.
(Kidd) (Kidd) Then let's check out that village, shall we?

Please go away! My mother will be furious if she sees me talking to humans!
It's my son's fault that our entire village was put to sleep. He eloped with the elven princess... I've tried to make amends with the elves, but they still turn their heads from me. What should I do!?
I refuse to sell to humans! Please get away from here!
Aaah! It's a human! Stay away from me!

What? The village of Noaniels? Yes, we're responsible for that. Long ago, my daughter Ann fell in love with a human. She stole our treasure, the Dream Ruby, and left with him, never to return... Elves and human's don't belong together, but she refused to listen! I bet he stole the Dream Ruby from her and she couldn't make it back here. I bet she regrets her actions now! Ah!!! I can't stand humans!!! Go away!!!
(Kidd) Let's go get that ruby, shall we?

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