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Part 8: A dungeon, an expected result, and a thankful change in translation.

Chapter 06: A dungeon, an expected result, and a thankful change in translation.

(Kidd) If I know anything about magic rubies that people want, it's that they're going to be in a cave nearby.

(Max) As you can see, there aren't an overabundance of different types of enemies around here. They're more powerful and a different color than their previous counterparts. The RabidHounds cast Defence, which lowers the defense of the entire party, so you have to be careful with it.

But why does it flow out of such an odd place? This place is full of sorrow...

(Kidd) Small Medal 06 - in a chest a few floors down in the Ruby Cave.

(Magal) This is the hot spring that the guy was talking about. It fully heals everyone and restores MP, but it's unwise to be reliant on such things... they won't be present for tougher dungeons and it's best to be ready for anything.

(Valtiel) Hrmm... Interesting. This is an accesory that pretty much everyone can use, and it'll raise the wearer's defense a little bit. But something about it changes their personality while it's worn. This one has a bizarrely romantic feel to it.
(Kidd) I might try it out when there are women in the party. The last thing I want is for any of you to be romantic.


(Lance) Awww.

(Kidd) This will be fun if we can find another Pachisi board. We completed the first one without any trouble, and they just don't really have any replay value.

(Kidd) Hey! There's a letter in here, but it's in what I have to assume is Elvish. Can anyone here read it?
(Valtiel) Hand it here. "Mother, please forgive me for leaving this world ahead of you. I know that love between an elf and human is forbidden. Life isn't worth living without him, and if our love is forbidden in this life... Then maybe God will give us his blessings in the next... Love, Ann."
(Kidd) Well, that's... that's just depressing.
(Max) A romance that was kept from blooming due to family issues. Truly, this is a unique circumstance!
(Magal) Pfft. It's not like they couldn't survive indefinitely with a healing spring right around the corener and all the monsters they could eat.
(Valtiel) We should get this back to the Elf Queen. Maybe she'll wake up Noaniels then.

(Kidd) Well, yes. We found it near where your daughter and her lover drowned themselves in an effort to be together forever.
What!? You say that Ann and that man threw themselves into the underground lake!? No! Why was I so hard on them... Here, please take this Waking Powder with you and spread it about Noaniels. That's what Ann would have wanted us to do... Oh, Ann! Please forgive your mother...
No! My son is dead!? My wife will be devastated... Please, say it isn't so!
(Kidd) Let's go drop this stuff off.

*yawn* Welcome to Noaniels.
Jeez! Did I really fall asleep out here? I'm so embarassed... But why did I do that? How long was I asleep for!?
I came here and then... Ugh! I can't remember a thing... I think I was heading east of Romaly to Ashalam, to find the Magic Key.
(Valtiel) Oooh! The Magic Key can open even more door than the Thieve's Key. It'll help us get around even more.
(Kidd) The shop is open! Let's check it out.

(Kidd) We picked up the Steel Swords we needed from Pachisi. The Wizard Staff is of limited use. While it's more powerful than Magal's current weapon, it drains MP with each attack. The Cloak of Evasion is great armor that everyone can use, so we'll be picking them up for all of our light armor party members. The Spider Web slows an enemy - it's just not very good.
(Magal) I need to resume my personal training. Mind if I take some time off?
(Valtiel) I would like to study some things as well, if you don't mind.
(Kidd) Let's swing by Ruida's for a moment and see what we can do then, shall we?

(Kidd) Valtiel and Magal needed to rest a while. Who's back?
(Ruida) Well... you're not going to like this.
(Kidd) Not going to like what?
(Ruida) Well, Sophia and Bella are still away.
(Kidd) So, who do you have?
(Ruida) Lance and JOKEBOT.
(Kidd) Really?
(Ruida) Really. Keep in mind, I want you to save the world. I'm not gonna lie to you about this stuff.
(Kidd) Any idea on a timeline for Bella and Sophia?
(Ruida) No clue on Bella - she was handling some sort of trade deal and went traveling on her own. Sophia's in town still handling some stuff with her family.
(Kidd) *sighs* Send 'em out, Ruida.
(Lance) Oh... you're back. I was just thinking about your...
(Kidd) Don't finish that sentence. Let's just go. We're heading east of Romaly to Ashalam.

(Max) The Catpire is just some sort of flying cat thing that isn't too special. Wild Apes are the creatures to beat of the area - deal with them carefully! They have a very high attack and great hit points, and can call out for more Wild Apes. Kill them quickly or they will make some serious trouble for you.

This town's know for our belly dancing. I hope you enjoy it.
(Kidd) I do!
(Max) Me too!
(Lance) Awww...
Cross-dressed bullies? I'm interested again!
(Kidd) We'll wait here until night, then see what's going on!

Next time on Let's Play Dragon Warrior 3: Double entendres!

Also: Bonus Question! What is the fortunate change of translation mentioned in the title?

# of In-Game Days: 33
# of Small Medals: 06