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Part 9: We leave an annoying town and go to a much better one.

Chapter 07: We leave an annoying town and go to a much better one.

(Kidd) I've never had a massage, before... okay!
Yay! You'll love it! Follow me!

(Lance) If I had a nickel for every time I heard that...
Just you, sexy, okay?
(Kidd) Well, okay.

Here, let me turn off the lights.
(Kidd) I think I like where this is going...
I'm turning them off now...

*puff-puff* *puff-puff*
(Kidd) This is...
*puff-puff* *puff-puff*
(Kidd) It's so soothing...
Hey, sweetie. My puff-puff was nice, eh?
(Kidd) Wait, what? You sound a lot more masculine than you did a few minutes ago...

Hah! I just couldn't resist!
How is your shoulder feeling now? Is the stiffness gone? I'm glad to hear it! Please come again!

(Kidd) We will never speak of this again.
(Lance) So, not into the...
(Kidd) Never. Again.
(Max) Okay, I guess. Let's get going.

(Kidd) I feel better now. More masculine.
(Lance) Oooooh! Yes you are!
(Kidd) There are no pleasures for me in this town.

(Kidd) This is a weapon shop open only at night. It's unique in this town for reasons I'll display shortly.

He ended up not needing it though. He was strong enough to force the doors open by himself!
(Kidd) So goddamned tired!
When you buy an item in this town, don't let them know how bad you want it. If you have a needy look, they'll try to sell you the goods at a higher price.
(Kidd) Let's see if we can work this.

(JOKEBOT) SCANNING - NO MERCHANT OR THIEF AVAILABLE IN PARTY: JOKEBOT BARGAINING AND ITEM PROTOCOLS ACTIVATED. **HI HI! You come buying? You can sell too! I, Mr. Jokebot, boing, can do all for you!**

(Kidd) The problem is that there are no set prices. It's all down to haggling. They have a few things worth getting, though, like the Holy Spear and the Black Coat, since you can pick them up quite early. Let's demo with the Holy Spear, as an example.

(JOKEBOT) **Ha! Ha! Ha! I would assume that you are the Jokebot at that price! I will offer you this very shiny penny for your spear and nothing more than that!**
You're quite the bargainer. I'll sell it to you for 18400 gold. Is that okay?
(JOKEBOT) ** It is not! Who would ever want to pay such a price for such an inferior weapon? I might go as high as two pennies for this pleasant looking piece, though.**
I can't afford to go any lower...
(JOKEBOT) ** But thou must!**
But for you, I'll make an exception! It will cost you 9200 gold! That's my final offer. Is that okay?
(JOKEBOT) ** 9200 is well above the actual value of such a weapon, even if it was in acceptable condiiton. Which it is not. Three shiny pennies is as high as I will go.**
Oh, you're cruel... Then I'll sell it yo uoi for 4600 gold! Is that okay?
(JOKEBOT) ** That spear is worth 2300 gold. I will not go higher. **
I see... Take care then!
(Kidd) And that's the problem. They sell at double the actual price if you haggle with them for a while. But that's moot - we're gonna go to Isis. But first...

(Kidd) More Pachisi! We pick up a strength seed...

(Kidd) #07, found on the second Pachisi track in a vase.

(Kidd) #08, in a chest at the end of the second Pachisi track. There's a Morning Star right next to it. Lance can use it, but nobody else that's with us right now can.

(Max) The Hell Crabs are awful. They have an insane defense and are immune to most magic. They also like to cast Increase and augment their defense *even more*. They're just a pain.

(Max) The Flamapede has a firebreath attack which assaults the entire party - be careful! It can take you out pretty quickly, especially when it shows up in groups.

Have you met this country's beautiful queen yet?

(Kidd) Small medal #09 - in a pot in the weapons store

(Kidd) Well I'll be, Jokebot was absolutely right. We can get Holy Spears at half the price we could in Ashalam.
To the north lies the Pyramid. I want to go there, but it's a sacred temple built thousands of years ago... If you get too close to it, or steal some of it's treasure, you'll surely be cursed!
(Max) There's no such thing as "mysterious pyramid curses!"

Next time, on Let's Play Dragon Quest 3: Max gets cursed!

# of In-Game Days: 36
# of Small Medals: 09