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Part 21: Dungeon Busting and Adventures in Time Advancement!

Chapter 18:Dungeon Busting and Adventures in Time Advancement!

(Kidd) So, today we're going to go get the Mirror of Ra to reveal the false king of Samanosa for the monster he is. Then we can take the Change Staff to an old man for... what are we doing it for again?
(Max) Because helping old men is directly conducive to questing?
(Kidd) Good point! To the cave!
Hold it! I've gone as far as I want to go as a mere wizard. It's time that I enter my *true* vocation.

(Max) This... this is too weird. I'm gonna take some time off, okay?
(Kidd) No prob. Back to Ruida's.

(Ruida) Oh, you guys again. What's up this time?
(Max) I wanted to take some time and re-evaluate some of my life choices.
(Magal) And I wanted to kick some ass.
(Sophia) I need to come along a bit - mom's having *another* kid, and I need to raise some money for a house expansion.
(Kidd) Sure! Come on along. But be ready to give Magal a good smack when he goes mad with power.
(Magal) That'll never happen... until you least expect it.
(Kidd) Well, back to Samanosa and the Mirror of Ra!

(Kidd) Medal #29 - in the cave of the mirror of Ra.

(Sophia) Pro tip - The chests in this room are all mimics.

(Sophia) These guys are powerful. They have great attack, always act twice, and cast Defense with a distressing frequency. Treat them with caution. Happily, they have next to no defense or hit points themselves.

(Kidd) Medal #30 - deep within the murky depths of the cave.

(Kidd) It's easy to wander around this dungeon forever and never find the way to get to the Mirror. Here's the short version: Go down one set of stairs. A little south of those stairs, there's a little alcove with a hard-to-see hole. Dive right into that hole.

(Kidd) Now let's wait for the night and re-infiltrate the castle.
(Magal) What's with that weird suit we picked up?
(Kidd) I don't care that it has better defense than anything else we have - I've got a bad feeling about it.

So you've seen my true form...

(Sophia) The Boss Troll just smacks the crap out of you. He's basically a bigger, tougher version of the Skeletons we just saw - attacks twice a round, lots of attack, plenty of hit points. But play defensive and cast a lot of Increases, and you'll get on through.

I'm indebted to you. Please, take care of yourself!
(Kidd) Let's go and see what we can do with this Change Staff.

(Kidd) Hrm... now what can we do with this that isn't perverse?
(Magal) Wasn't there an elven shop that wouldn't sell to us because we're human?
(Kidd) Oh, that's true. Let's go and see if they have anything good.

(Kidd) HOLY CRAP! These people are the only salesmen of Wizard Rings, which are basically the only items that can recover MP. We buy enough to fill a medium-sized sack. But now that that's done, let's go to Greenlad!
My goodness! Where in the world did you get that!?
(Kidd) From a monster pretending to be the king of Samanosa.
Would you be willing to trade it for this Sailor's Bone that I have?
(Kidd) Sure! Maybe I'll figure out what it does at some point, too. That reminds me! I wonder how Bella's doing?

This is the town built by Bella.
(Kidd) Well, Jokebot got it right again... somehow.

(Kidd) I see that she got that theater built. I'll just leave while taking this big drink of water.

The toll is 50,000 gold. You have it, right?
(Kidd) *Spittakes* WHAAAT? We just came in here to see if our friend Bella was in!
You're friends with Bella? Oh, I'm sorry...

It leads to a cave where the Blue Orb is. A difficult trial awaits there.
(Kidd) True!

Bella has done such a great job building this town! But it might have been too much for the villagers... They're starting to feel as if Bella has overworked them. It could potentially ruin everything.
Bella overworks us! If this keeps up, this town will be the death of us.

(Bella) And we're just getting started.
(Kidd) Well, that's good to hear.
(Magal) And such enthusiasm!

(Kidd) Medal #31 - next to Bella in the new town of Bellaburg.

But it's at the top of the mountain! I doubt that anyone could make it there!
(Kidd) The hell we can't!

Later that night...

Please, I need to speak with Bella about the way the townsfolk feel. I need you to come as well.
(Kidd) Things seem to be going fairly poorly here. Let's check around a little more.

That's not a bad idea...
Things need to change around here...
That's it, we must rebel. Don't try to stop us. We'll do whatever it takes!
Bella's way of doing things is unbearable! We've had it!
Don't go spreading this around town!
(Kidd) What's going on?

But it's not just Bella's town anymore!
Some man came here the other day, trying to sell a Yellow Orb... Bella ended up buying it.
(Kidd) Sweet! We just need to talk to Bella, who is undoubtedly doing okay, and pick up that orb.

And now look who's locked up in it...

(Bella) I thought I'd do it for everyone, but I over did it... Ah, yes! Please look behind the chair in my house. I'm going to stay in here for a while and think about what I can do differently... The people will most likely forgive me. Please visit me again.

(Kidd) That only leaves the Silver Orb, but if it's in the Necrogond, we don't really need to get it, do we? We just need to find a way to get in there!

Next time:The Necrogond!
# of In-Game Days:104
# of Small Medals:31

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