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Part 12: That's Not the Only Reason

"Hmm... go to work, or go treasure hunting? That's not a hard choice."

"Although if I'd known about this maybe not!"


"The what now?"

"Ahhh. What kind of sadist set this place up?"

"There's a lot more running involved in this treasure hunting than I expected!"

"Phew.. but.. this isn't getting me anywhere.."

"AHA! Running is only a requirement if you're stupid."

"Come to daddy!"

"...what? Oh, come on. Some kind of bullshit morality lesson about greed? Torneko Taloon will have none of that."

"We'll see who's the clever one, Mr. Anonymous dungeon builder.."

"Victory, and safety for my sweet, sweet gold."

"Just having this safe makes me feel more like a hero."

"That's why I married you. Of course that wasn't the only reason.. Tee, Hee..."

"Honey! The boy's RIGHT here. We can at least send him out to play first."

"And... check."

"Hmm, funny.. this town isn't that far away. Why haven't I heard of it before?"

"What an oddly specific warning."

"Your offer is intriguing, but my wife is literally a few minutes walk from here."

"Broad swords for 10 gold? SOLD!"

"Well, it's up to you I guess.. everybody has their own idea of happiness."

"You also appear to have a tail. As I said, I'm not here to judge."

"I'm not into whatever you're doing here in this village so.. no. Although..."

"Yes, it was definitely too good to be true... and I'm not going to get out of this without going along with it."

"Laying out in a grassy field with only a vague idea of what happened last night. I feel like I'm 23 again."

"At least this broad sword is the real deal. Further south I go!"

"Hmm. Well, I don't think foxes could create an entire castle.."

"You've got NO idea."

"To speak to him, you must evade the guards."

"I think I have an inkling of who THAT might be."

"Opportunity knocks... it seems that there's a short supply here.."

"Unfortunately I'm heavy on weapons, but I'll keep it in mind."

"Meet me at night in the weapon shop's backyard."

"I REALLY hope this is a business opportunity."

"Well, isn't someone impressed with themselves? Fine, I'll just move on to the dungeons."

"Hmm... harder than I thought. I am REALLY getting sick of running."

"Just as expected... a plan is coming together."

"How stupid I was to get caught and sent prison. No more thieving for me."

"You're a merchant, right? Would you get me a Wing of Wyvern?"

"I'm an arms merchant, not dry goods..but I'll see what I can do."

"Hmm. Foxes hate dogs, missing engineer, missing son who owns.."

"Sounds like business for me!"

"I'm sure a lowly commoner can't help you with this problem."

"Umm.. yeah, about that.."

"And hand this letter to the Princess of Endor."

"I'll get back to you after I fix that bridge.

"Just remember, you owe me. BIG."

"Thanks a lot! Don't worry, I'll work hard when I return to the town."

"I really should have held on to him. Now I have to sneak out after a prisoner vanished."

"Hmm.. 18% above cost.. I think there's something here."

"My wife will hardly recognize me when I come home."

"I'll pay you to take me to the House of Healing. Will you?"

"For six gold? Your son can do it for free."

"That's too bad."

"Okay then, I want your dog. I promise, it's nothing weird."

"What? You just want to borrow my dog, Tov? No problem."

"He loves to hunt foxes. I'm sure he'll be a great help."

"If you don't, there's a puppy mill with your name on it."

And that's for not letting me just walk out of here!"

"Yeah... no. Let's talk a bit about what's in it for me."

"Now we're talking... let's.. uh-oh..."

"It's a hard trade to make, but I've got a good feeling about this."

"Yeah, they're kind of waiting for you to fix some bridges and I'm waiting for a chance to sell to both sides of this upcoming war."